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GT reader Paul R. forwarded me this video that was shot in Russia of a supposed levitation act caught on camera.

The video was shot by a Russian man, who appears to be playing with his dog in the local woods. Upon chasing his dog around some bushes, his camera catches a few seconds of an adult and a young child a few yards away. The adult is standing facing the child, while we can see that the child seems to be levitating right in front of the adult. Yea, you read that right.

I’m not a believer in levitation. Well let me rephrase that: I don’t believe that living creatures can levitate.

This video, although creepy, looks very real. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is a viral video for some upcoming film. Maybe even a well done hoax. Regardless of my speculations, this is pretty cool!

Anyone know more information on this video?

  • realist

    by your statement, it shows we ARE still learning every day, person.

  • mystery9

    ok i`d like to comment on the video.
    If it is real footage that for whatever reasons people in higher places would rather not be seen by `general’ public then it would be wise to be skeptical of `enhanced copies’ which seem to show flaws in the footage. There is research on the law of attraction a meta- physic  principle/law which opens up this kind of thing as potentially possible.

    also after reading a comment on a you-tube account about the video which pointed out a ghost like appearance of a man with a stick moving across the screen at i think the time 1.55 of the video I could quite clearly see this which I am intrigued by.

    I would like to know more information about the video, origin/location ….

  • If you look in the background when he first rounds the bend there is a “ghostly” image of a man behind the girl walking side to side with his arm up, holding what looks like a rope running straight up and over the frame of the camera. It looks like a failed attempt at green screening. I do believe in paranormal phenomenon but, this raises a lot of questions.
    1. Why was he walking with a video camera on? I own dogs and know a lot of others who do, none of use just randomly record our dogs walking around.
    2. What is that phantasm in the background? 
    3. Although the girls body is arched, she could be in the position to mask a wire or what not in the back ground.

    Also right before the camera drops down for the first time, you can see the men walk towards the right of the girl in a large arch, his arm still raised grasping the rope. I believe he was walking over to the girl to help her down.

    When the camera cuts down to the snow, that is a perfect moment for and EDIT on this video. I believe what we are seeing is an elaborate hoax. If not, then why not stay focus on them? You also never see the little girl completely “levitate” down.