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The bird count in Arkansas is much higher than previously reported. What initially was estimated to be around 1,000 dead birds that fell from the sky on New Year’s Eve has now been upped to 3,000.
The mystery remains as to what could have caused these birds to fall from the sky. Many claim that they birds could have been poisoned. Others suggest that fireworks could have been responsible for the deaths; but now more startling news are coming forward.

The DailyMail is reporting that 100,000 dead fishes washed ashore on the banks of an Arkansas River. The 20-mile stretch was littered with thousands of dead Drum fish.


Disease is said to have killed the fish, but with the recent hoopla of the 3,000 or so dead black birds in the same state, this story has conspiracy theorists’ heads spinning.

To add more to the mystery, a report came out today that around 1,500 endangered and protected ‘Sooty Shearwater’ (Puffinus griseus) birds have been found dead in the coast of Chile.
Near the sectors of Mela & Colmuyao, officials found nearly 1,500 dead birds and are puzzled as to why they have died.

One would think that there might be some ‘Twilight Zone’ type of goings-on in Arkansas and Chile. With the impeding year of 2012 fast approaching, you can’t help but read various chats online about this being a possible precursor to a worldly apocalypse. If one thing is for certain, history does repeat itself. (well that and death & taxes)

Remember the Y2K hysteria?

If one was to look a little bit into the history of these cases, we can quickly come to the realization that these types of things occur on a yearly basis. Most of the times the media doesn’t even catch it. So what’s so special this time around? Just the fact that it occurred right before the new year.

Chile has had reports of thousands of the endangered Shearwater birds mysteriously dying. What was attributed to a possible poisoning by a plant species that was re-introduced, the website reported the death of the birds last year. Almost no one else heard about it.

Just a few days ago, Chilean officials found more of these dead birds and the media was quick to jump on it.

Now, more and more sites are trying desperately to tie these stories together, as if reporting that species of animals are committing suicide throughout the world. Another ‘apocalypse hysteria’ is being spun.
I’ll tell you this much, the day I come home and I find my dog trying to jump out the window of my building is the day that I stock up on ammo and astronaut food.

  • Marcin

    Cnce there was 1999 – since 999 is like inverted 666…

    Then came the year 2000 panic…

    When that failed, some tried to raise the topic again with 2001 – because after all that’s the official year actually beginning 21st century, and yet that came to pass as well…

    Haven’t heard much about any year number related panic since, but as we all know, 2012 is ever so impending and approaching fast 🙂
    These mass deaths of poor animals are only fueling the hype of all those wannabe doomsayers…

    Can only wonder what they will come up with when they make fine and safely into 2013 ;). Oh, wait never mind – it will be about the “13” again 😐

  • bigpunkdrummer

    We’re getting reports of dead birds here in Kentucky now too. I haven’t seen any myself.

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  • bigpunkdrummer

    If so and you want to examine it, I’ll ship you one. Wait, that’s probably not legal.

    Seriously lets hope it stops now. The more species that start dropping, the more chaotic the world will come (mostly by religious nuts- no offense to religious nuts).

  • David R

    Something is definitely going on. No longer a coincidence. Now Sweden, Brazil and Australia with bird and fish kills? Silly for biologist to say that some are birds flying into power lines. Since when do birds become electrocuted even landing on a power line. We’ve all seen birds resting on lines. It’s only if they touch a wire and ground where its possible. That is usually only a problem for big birds that are big enough to make contact. Of course they could mean they flew into wires and died. I guess the birds are doing some tricky kamikaze dives now?

    Maybe this is the beginning of the final countdown of events leading up to 2012? 🙂


    Dead fish are coming ashore in the Chesapeake……many dead young fish…….

  • The two bird stories are unrelated. Blackbirds are land birds (eat seeds) and shearwaters are ocean birds (eat fish). I might buy the baro-trauma (fireworks?) story about the blackbirds, but for the seabirds – Bycatch is likely the cruel reality.

    Those shearwaters look suspiciously like the ones that came in about 6 months ago off South American coast..sorry to blow the 2012 theory..but Bycatch in fisheries is most likely culprit. Yep – people fishing with monofilament gill nets in coastal waters catch birds as well as fish and the fish die, the birds drown, they keep the fish, toss the birds, end up on the beach, end of story. Where does your seafood come from?

  • David R

    Well my last cache of seafood came home with me after a few trips out for Tuna and Bottomfish with a friend last Fall.

    Anyway if the sea birds were bycatch, then there would likely be markings on the birds to fit the cause.

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  • Anonymous
  • aka

    Back in 1994, there was an E.Coli outbreak which affected the air ducts of birds and it killed thousands of them. I never read about that until today. Wonder if a chemical was released in the air by natural causes that are affecting only specific types of species? Where’s Mulder and Scully when you need them? Lol

  • Rossita

    Yeah! Its End Of The World!!! (Kiamat) Harap semua umat Islam dan Kita Semua akan bertaubat!!!

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