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  • BC

    Fascinating story. I was thinking this morning about how most of the weird psi related events that I’ve experienced happened when I was around 12- I suspect that’s a common age for people to experience these sorts of things. Wonder if one of the boys was unwittingly generating it- perhaps the 11 year old friend. Thrown rocks are fairly common in poltergeist cases. I’d be interested to know if Scott has experienced any other inexplicable events. Forward this episode of Arthur C. Clarke’s Mysterious World which deals with poltergeists to 1:45

  • VC

    BC, care to share your 12-yr-old-you psi related events?

  • PeterL

    I recall reading some book that described other odd events where things fell out of the sky like frogs or fish, etc. They usually explained it as a specific type of tornado that pulled the objects very high into the sky and then having them fall in mass on an area.

  • Quite often such things happen as the result of a tornado or micro burst.

    Such wind anomalies can pick up objects and even animals or fish (water spouts) and throw them over great distances.

  • pharmakos

    I am a believer in paranormal things. I have seen UFO’s , and have an open mind. I also used to play with explosives as a kid. A good blast of say , 50 lbs of anfo can throw rocks well over a mile. Depending on the wind direction it may be possible the rocks were thrown father away than the sound could be heard. The story even says in was in an area where mining was taking place. even if the mine was closed , some people could have been having fun with explosives illegally , I used to do that kind of stuff as a kid.

  • Glenda

    When I was about 9 or 10 years old, several large rocks approximatly grapefruit sized fell down all around me and since I was stuck in thorns- I was in the woods-I could not run. One of my friends was with me and she will not talk about it even to this day.

  • Might be space rocks! Might be gold falling down on you! Next time it happens, see if they are magnetic and heavier then normal rocks and have them tested at a lab! They could be worth thousands, that is what I heard! Maybe the Gods or UFO entities are sending you a gift!It could be good stuff! Smile when they do and thank them also!

  • Leave them a gift of tabaco..That is what the Natives would do to thank them!

  • LXR

    Inappropriate photo: There is no connection between the contents of the submitted article and the photo of the “moving rock racetrack” in the lead photo. These “floating stones” in the photo are in one place in the world (Death Valley) whereas the “falling stones” associated with poltergeists are reported as world-wide phenomena.

    There is a suitable explanation for the racetrack playa, although not obvious at first, which “seems” to make it mysterious.

    There is no suitable explanation for the poltergeist falling rocks.

    Searches for “moving rock racetrack” will all lead you to the same geographical locality. Otherwise, after reading the Wikipedia article, follow some of its external links.

  • Thoth Amon

    I’m thinking Bigfoot. They have been known (or surmised) to throw rocks and boulders.

  • Max

    Some alien was riding his UFO with some rocks in it cause he was interested in our planet earth but by mistake he pressed the button “ADFKASPFKAF[KASFSA[FKALSFLAKSFL;ASK” Which means “Dump” and thats what really happened.

  • Scott Smith

    The “mine” was not what you might be imagining, it was simply large gravel pit with a small portable conveyor set up parked next to the edge, an excavator would scoop gravel from the ground/hole, dump it onto the conveyor, and be conveyed up an open belt up into a dump truck parked under the opposite end to be hauled away. This setup was about 200 yards away from where we were fishing. Not only that, this operation had long since been abandoned and was not active then, all that remained was the old conveyor. There was never any blasting done in the area for mining purposes so that rules that out. BTW, to this day I have not experienced anything unexplainable. I am not a big believer in paranormal, the rocks from the sky story is absolutely true, unexaggerated and unembellished. I wish I knew what the heck it was all about but so far a reasonable explaination has eluded me.