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Saying that I’m familiar with Billy Meier’s incredibly detailed photographs of alien crafts, is like saying that I’m familiar with “American Idol”. Meier’s photographs have transcended from Ufology to modern pop culture. Much like how “American Idol” went from a barely known british show, to a worldwide phenomena.

Remember the famous “I want to believe” poster that hung on the back wall of agent Mulder’s office in The X-Files? That’s a cropped Meier photograph.

When I first came across Meier’s photographs I was instantly captivated and could not believe how detailed they were. I’ve never laid eyes across such focused and detailed photos of UFOs ever before. Then I started to dig into Meier’s stories. I came across a lot of articles in regards to Meier’s claims. Claims like how he is a chosen prophet. Chosen by the extraterrestrials. About how Meier has boarded the UFOs and traveled through our solar system, taking pictures of saturn from the cockpit of the UFO. Other claims are a bit more silly. If you can imagine.

There were also the photographs of when Meier supposedly traveled back in time, with the help of the Plejaran beings. The extraterrestrials I was talking about. Boarding a Plejaran space ship, Meier went back in time. Back to the time when dinosaurs roamed & ruled this joint. Of course, the one-armed man always carried his camera and managed to photograph a Pteranodon. I believe Meier lost his arm in a traffic accident in 1965. Regardless, the man managed to capture this images.

So as I started to uncover more and more of Meier’s incredible claims, I started to doubt it more and more. I quickly chucked the case aside, and didn’t bother with it.

years later, I ran across an article on the website, Forgetomori. The article laid out the detailed debunking that had released. A very, very detailed report on how Meier hoaxed his photographs. Lids of barrels that were strewn about on his property, made for excellent UFOs.

Recently, Ryan Morris from Flying Saucers Cafe hosted an Ufology talk presented by Michael Horn. The official representative for Billy Meier here in America.

I first came in contact with Randy Morris when he started his UFO Radar website. He and I exchanged pleasantries through email a couple of times before. It wasn’t until I got his newsletter a few days ago announcing the talk. So I decided to hop on down to Santa Monica straight from work on a Friday. An hour and a half  later, I arrived in Santa Monica. Which was only like 20 miles from where I was from. L.A. traffic is that brutal.

I picked up my girlfriend from work and made our way down a few blocks from where she works. To the Flying Saucers Cafe.

I briefly introduced myself to Ryan and settled in the back of the cafe. Ready to listen and observe. My girlfriend, checking out the UFO artwork, seemed bored and aloof. At least she had art to entertain her. Minutes later, Horn makes his was through the crowd of 50 or so people. Ryan stands aside after presenting him, and Horn steps in front of the crowd.

Slicing in right to the story, he almost immediately starts talking about Meier’s prophecy and of Horn’s new book that just came out.

An hour later into his talk, I was fighting hard to keep interest in what Horn was talking about. His talk seemed dry and lacked charisma. Which made it a bit difficult for me to follow. My girlfriend was playing with the mugs and cups that were in a shelf. She lost interest in his lecture and started to examine the pottery.

Still Mr. Horn kept on talking about Meier’s prophetic messages from the  Plejaran and how we are destined to die by being crushed by a meteor that is heading to Earth, or the fact that we are “hollowing out the Earth” by digging and consuming precious minerals and that one day the earth will cave in on itself. Those cups looked pretty cool. They had the cafe logo and were a black with alien green inner coating…

So halfway through his lecture, I started to sense that everyone in the coffee house was really digging his story and becoming more and more intrigued. I made the decision to ask a skeptical question right away. Before he really go into the time traveling stuff and won over the people there.

I raised my hand and shouted out:

“Mr. Horn, my name is Javier and I run the website GhostTheory”

“Huh? what site?”


Uhm…what was the site again?

“I run GhostTheory!!”

“Uh…OK…what’s your question?”

“I just want to hear your opinion…or thoughts about the countless articles that are out there on the internet that debunk Mr. Meier’s claims.”

“Ah! Well yes. There are a lot of them…”

Horn then starts to say how every single one of those claims did not have any proof to them. That how the people from the film processing place Meier used to take his cameras to, had said that they never noticed anything strange about the photos. That there were never any mock photos or photos of the prototype UFO models that people claimed the Meier had used.

I started to raise my hand again to ask him specifically about the photos from forgetomori and how they showed the lids that were used in the UFO models.

But before I could, I noticed that Horn had already deviated from my question and was talking about more prophecies from Meier and mentioned his book again. I knew I wasn’t going to get the answers I was looking for.

So I signaled to my girlfriend to sneak out. We made our way through a few people in the back and left through the back door of the cafe.

I found it disappointing that I did not hear the answers I wanted to hear. Then again, when do people actually hear what they want while exploring Ufology?

Overall I wanted a chance to ask Mr. Horn skeptical questions in order to hear why someone would dedicate a chunk of their life to proselytizing such claims and prophecies. With the constant topic digression and plugs of his own new book, I quickly understood why.

By the way, that photograph of the supposed Pteranodon that Meier took when traveling back in time, is from the book Life before man written by  Zdenek V. Spinar.

  • david

    Biggest paranormal hoax in history? well that may be the case JC

    irregardless of the authenticity, dont let this Meier story get under your collar, I would try nuetrality, it does wonders for your health.

    here’s a tip, from someone who dosent really care whether the meier case is genuine or not.

    If you are so opposed to the story, dont HELP the story by throwing obvious defamatory/biased remarks based on a narrow scope in response to someones reasoning and questioning, because anyone on the www can read this and will get clued up to the sort of thinking that can give credence to the case and the sort of thinking that does not. As a consequence, people might want to delve further into the contacts and perhaps become imbued! 😉 you dont want that, so, maybe be mindfull of your thoughts and words etc

    DIG IT! hahaha

    i love this forum

  • david

    of course i know there is biased remarks in support of the case aswell, so something to think about for all concerned

  • J.C.

    I love this forum to David.

    It usually exposes that absolute whacko’s who can’t seem to form any critical thinking skills.

    The Meier case just tells me that there will always be people that believe in false prophets. They are usually very lost, very sad individuals who are missing something from their lives so they grasp at a straw-man phony prophet to fill that void.


  • @J.C. – Sounds a lot like religion. Interesting. 😉

  • david

    so self assured, wish i had that quality.

    what would you say to this phoney prophet then in reality?

  • mahigitam

    I have dig deep enough to be aware of all the sides in the Meier case. I am convinced that the case is not what it seems to be that made from a superficial enquiry. Well regarding WCUFO & Pteradon Photo topics, clear revealing explanations have been putforward from FIGU’s side. If you are interested, i wouldlike share the points with you. Contact me through my mail.

  • Jeremiah

    I have reviewed your pictures and this page. First of all when seriously looked the trash can cover in no way even resembles the cake ship photo. nor does the prehistoric bird. There is far more proof that Billy is Genuine. Is this the best you can???
    I can see the space brothers and sisters will be a huge surprise to you
    when you finally wake up!!! Let go of you ego and LOVE!!!

  • Fa Vang
  • spfx

    Kiss it, Jerry baby, and get your head out of your ass to smell the roses.

  • Ken King

    I think Billy Meier may have originally filmed a real UFO once or twice. But Billy’s imagination and ego took over and he snapped. But now because of his hoaxed photographs and tall tales (predictions) we can’t take anything presented by him with any serious thought.

  • joseph

    I’ve been talking to Mr. Horn recently for some of these same reasons. Why would you dedicate such a portion of your life to this Billy Meier story? He seems like a nice possibly naive man with a good heart that like the Billy Meier “cult followers” just want to believe in something larger than themselves. People want to be the ones who have the answers and maybe make an extra few bucks a months selling self published books. The debunking efforts are extensive and crystal clear. Only half of Billy Meier’s 26K pages of alien prophetic writings have been translated (I wonder why) and even the disclaimer accompanying their translations them states that they are impossible to translate. Big picture…it’s just innocent “new age drivel”. Let people have their fantasies. Let people believe in something bigger if it gives them hope. Mr. Horn, if you read this, I’m sorry but I still respect you because you seem like a very kind human and we need more of those in this world.

  • joseph

    as for the biggest paranormal hoax in history…come on, JC Year zero takes the cake.