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“Pear-shaped” UFO? Don’t they mean “bell-shaped” ?

I’ve heard of plenty of oddly described UFOs across the world. Cigar, lemon, disc, bell, triangle, rectangle, cross….the list goes on and on. According to STV News, a Scottish man reported a “pear-shaped” UFO while driving about. According to UFO expert, Ron Halliday, the number of sightings in the East Kilbride area have increased. This could be the new ‘UFO hotspot’.

Anyone from Scotland heard of the sighting?

Full source: STV

A motorist on the East Kilbride Expressway has reported spotting a mysterious object in the sky.

George King reported the mystery on the UK UFO Sightings website, following his unexplained sighting on Sunday, January 2 at around 8pm.

He said: “I was sitting in my car, facing west, when I noticed two orange lights – one smaller than the other – flying low.

“I thought it was a police helicopter but it kept coming with no noise and suddenly shot up skywards right in front of me.

“I jumped out of car to phone my son and to the left of me I saw a large, pear-shaped, bubble type thing heading towards Hamilton/Strathaven.”

UFO expert and author Ron Halliday said: “There have been a number of sightings in the East Kilbride area, certainly since the beginning of this Millennium. It is somewhat of a hotspot for UFO activity, with a regular series of sightings.

“It is an intriguing sighting. There have been a number of odd objects seen in that area, strange things such as a coffin shaped UFO. Lights in the sky and moving off at a high speed both fit the patterns of a typical UFO report.

“Pear shaped is a new one to me, although ‘bubble’ shaped things are often described as looking like space crafts.”

  • PCWilliams

    My very first thoughts were, “street lamp, cell phone camera”.

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  • lucas

    What i thought when i first looked at it was car lights in the road or something of the sort but i think i will have to agree with @PCWilliams

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  • paul

    Seen a orangy light very high in sky at glasgow parkhead at 930pm it was as high as a jet but moving faster and caught my attention by the side wobble it seemd to do i looked and waited for typical plane lights flashes but moved different it was hard to determin shape but oval was the light a solid light when it flew overhead and away hey shape of light remained exactly same unlike helicopter spot light very strange.

  • Sean

    Has anyone checked to see if the Scottish government was testing their new Glowing Pear Jet that evening? First golf, now they’ve invested flying, glowing fruit!? Those wacky Scots…

  • Alex

    another Scot that witnessed the event described it as “shaped like the front of ye jock strap”

  • Paul Shishis

    Interesting by shape eh !
    The bigger question is who pilots these crafts