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Jon Downes over at had posted this interesting picture this past Monday. According to Jon, the photo appeared in a paranormal Buffalo newsgroup a few weeks ago. Here’s the information that was sent with with photograph:

Alabama Bigfoot Print?

On December 28th, I was hiking with two friends in the Cheaha Wilderness in Alabama and came upon this footprint in the snow. We were all skeptical of what it might be, but kept following tracks down the trail. We didn’t know what to think. This isn’t an area associated with Bigfoot and you really don’t find many people trying to fake them around here. The heel looked a little small to me to be an actual Bigfoot, so we were perplexed.
–Craig M. Fincher

Quite a detailed photograph. I’ve not seen any more recent news on Bigfoot sightings around Alabama, so if anything comes up, I’ll be sure to post it up.

  • Hucksterfoot

    I also want to clarify – That when I said
    “I also see the arc is all wrong for a Black Bear.”
    back a few …I was referring to the toe arc. The arc shape of the toes.
    My last post, I was referring to the arch at the left side of the foot. lol. :]
    I am much better making pictures with funny lines on them.

    Scroll down to – “Compare your foot template with the foot shape and foot arch diagrams below.”
    I have Morton foot. Is that bad? LOL.

  • CraigWhoSawPrint

    In this part of Alabama, there is not a significant bear population. So, you can count out bear prints. Plus these tracks continued down the trail. When we found them, we thought someone was goofing around and maybe, they were. What made me second guess that was after leaving the trail and following deer tracks, we circled back onto the trail and began walking the way we came. We fond the tracks again and saw where they walked off the trail down a steep embankment. All I could do at that point is scratch my head and wonder what was going on. This could be a hoax or who knows, a small bigfoot??? Boot size was a size 9. I am sure there is an explanation, but I don’t have one.

  • Jplayer

    This area is actually a pretty hot area for bigfoot activity in Alabama. Sipsey Wilderness/Bankhead National Forrest is the other. The local woodsman and all the “old country folks” in the area know about them. They’ve known for a while.