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Jon Downes over at had posted this interesting picture this past Monday. According to Jon, the photo appeared in a paranormal Buffalo newsgroup a few weeks ago. Here’s the information that was sent with with photograph:

Alabama Bigfoot Print?

On December 28th, I was hiking with two friends in the Cheaha Wilderness in Alabama and came upon this footprint in the snow. We were all skeptical of what it might be, but kept following tracks down the trail. We didn’t know what to think. This isn’t an area associated with Bigfoot and you really don’t find many people trying to fake them around here. The heel looked a little small to me to be an actual Bigfoot, so we were perplexed.
–Craig M. Fincher

Quite a detailed photograph. I’ve not seen any more recent news on Bigfoot sightings around Alabama, so if anything comes up, I’ll be sure to post it up.

  • Looks like it could be a bear print going one way and possibly a deer print (heel) in the opposite direction. The rest could be just melted snow as it does look to be melting. Further, once snow starts to melt any number of modifications can happen naturally. Don’t see any claw marks for bear though. Proportionately doesn’t look consistent with past alleged BF prints.

    This is definitely a tough one Javier. Good find! I’ve been looking for a good one to post all day and somehow missed that on my Bigfoot scan.

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  • TheTandyMan

    Yeah I agree with Scott, looks more elongated than previous ones that have surfaced. However, this could be the melting ice distorting it. Looking at the heel section it almost looks like a tread pattern but again this could just be the way the water has refrozen after melting.

  • Nobbles

    Chinese lanterns made those prints, obviously.

  • It’s tough to say from the photo, but does it look like a print from something as big and heavy as a bigfoot (even a small one) ought to be? Should it be deeper? Or is the ground beneath frozen?

  • Hucksterfoot

    I’m not claiming it’s a black bear print, but a thought – Overlapping bear prints, direct register walk (The bear stepping onto it’s own step). The Black bear hind foot overlaps the front foot – landing on and slightly behind the front foot. Keep in mind the Claws don’t always register or this detail is gone in the melting snow. The elliptical looking heel is from the bears rear foot, Plus the melting snow doesn’t help. :]

  • A.J. Ciani

    This was originally posted on the Coast to Coast AM website around the end of December, and then at the Bigfoot Forums. It was concluded to be from a pair of toed shoes, which have recently become popular among the open spaces athletic types.

    I would also suggest that people should be at least somewhat familiar with animal prints before attempting to identify what is a very obvious human print as having been created by something else along with a non-physical process. “It’s a bear print” and “an effect of melting snow,” are the cliche comments of the pathological skeptic.

    The edges of the print are clearly defined, indicating that it was made probably within a day of the photograph, maybe even within a few hours.

    For educational purposes, bear toes are all approximately the same size, and equally spaced. This print clearly has decreasing toe size from a big toe down to a little toe. A double registry print would show the toes of the rear foot overlaying the pad of the front foot. As some did properly notice, the heel is rather narrow for a typical bigfoot print. There is also an apparent arch, which is a solely human characteristic.

    Anyway, it happens to be a shoe print, and we fully expect to see more of them.

  • bigpunkdrummer

    To many questions. First thing that strikes me odd is the guy’s foot is like a inch and a half in front of the print and his heel is raised up, which makes the print look bigger. If he was flat footed, lined up correctly I don’t think the print would look that big.

  • AJ,

    1. I said it “could be a bear print”, I never claimed it was. As for bears, I’ve seen many, many bears in the wild as well as their prints. Bear tracks can take on all sorts of configurations in snow. Furthermore, Huckster is accurate in what he says about a Black Bear’s gait.

    2. I do not cliche anything unless Javier tells me to.

    3. Using Coast to Coast as an authority on any subject is not my idea of reputability.

    4. I am an avid BF enthusiast and have been for 35 years. Don’t make assumptions about people until you know them.

    5. Have a nice day!

  • Hucksterfoot

    @.J. Ciani
    Well A.J. Ciani (I did a quick look and added light comment, a quick thought. Actually didn’t really want to delve into it too much)
    You are correct about the toes, and I clearly see this toe detail in the photo. I also see the arc is all wrong for a Black Bear. This is what I was going to follow up with anyways. That being said, even though this print looks like a pretty clean register; we don’t always see such cookie cutter type prints and the toes do not always register so cleanly – Doesn’t always leave what the foot actually looks like.
    As far as seeing the toes in overlapping prints – Yes, but quite often they don’t show so easily, and are only noticed with a closer inspection, or this detail has eroded away from the elements, rain, or melting snow. Also, debris can cause issues in a print.
    I’m not so sure as to say that there was no change to this print due to the elements (melting snow). To me that big toe has been distorted. Anyways, that could have been from the fresh register, the foot lifting out, or from all sorts of things after the fact. But it’s reasonable that you think it’s fairly fresh.
    I agree with Scott McMan, that all sorts of configurations can happen when a living thing registers its foot into snow, mud, sand, substrate or whatever. Usually they are fluid and sometimes messy things. These single pictures that we quite often see with Bigfoot prints are a hard call sometimes. I know with bear tracks, that these overlapping prints can sometimes fool one to think that it was left behind from either a human or a Bigfoot, and if one can follow these overlapped tracks, they will usually find that these tracks change, (the gait of the animal changes) like – into an overstep, lets say, where the hind foot registers ahead of the front foot, then one can definitely see the more distinct bear sign. But someone could choose an ambiguous overlapped print from this trackway, take a photo and claim it could be from a Bigfoot.

    Back to the Bear prints:
    Keep in mind also, that the inner little toe does not always register, or is not noticeable, or is very faint and we don’t always see the perfect print. If you want to get technical, about the Bear toes; they’re not really approximately the same size. The outer big toe is distinctly bigger than the inner small toe. To me anyways.

    By the way! What real “verifiable Bigfoot print” do you have to compare the heel to? Should I compare it to a Wallace track. lol
    Plus, about heels, they usually show some drag, where the heel drags (or the heel slide ) before the foot registers. Thus distorting what one might think is part of the real foot. These prints don’t always look exactly like the foot that makes them. Something to consider when looking at Bigfoot prints or casts. lol :]

  • Could very well be a fake Huckster. I didn’t really study it too much either but now that I do I am more inclined to lean toward a possible fabricated prosthetic of sorts.

    Then again I can still see Bear as a possibility. Looking at the smallest toe you can see what may be a claw print at the very tip. I think it’s very possible that a Bear may have made a print within a print.

    As for toed shoes in the Alabama woods? Not bloody likely. In fact I did a search for such shoes and if I am to understand our friend AJ, he is contending that such shoes have a toe pattern built into them? Anyway, my search turned up nothing that fits the description. If such a shoe exists I’d like to see it as it sounds interesting.

    If I am misunderstanding his statement then I apologize and would love to understand what he really meant.

  • I’ll be darned, I did find them! Pretty cool too.

    However, I still don’t believe this is the case based on the size of the print if it is in fact a single print.

  • I don’t mean to keep going here and I don’t want to get off topic but I just spent about 15 minutes that the Vibram website and I was very impressed. I plan to visit my local store and try some on. After all, I am the ath*cough*let*cough*ic type.

  • Hucksterfoot

    @Scott McMan
    Ya those shoes are cool
    Seems to me I was reading somewhere about how these shoes are just going to add a new frustration, so to speak, to anyone out there researching. :]
    I can almost see what might be impressions from the bottom of one of these shoes. Not sure if it’s just the substrate and ice?
    Even though this person’s foot is placed a bit ahead and beside; it’s still not the best way to scale this. Not sure if they knew this. Wish they had of placed a coin, or a Bic lighter down beside it. Something one can use to scale it better. Should always be done with these photos. :]
    Normally I go digging for more info, but I still haven’t yet. Like try to find out what the size of this persons boot in the picture. Then again it doesn’t look unusually large. Not that a younger Bigfoot couldn’t have a smaller foot. lol. Still nice to get an better idea of the size.
    Good link on those shoes. They look funny but look comfy. Though that arc and outline does look like the bottom of that shoe. Well then, it looks like a print we see so often associated with Bigfoot.

    Not as clean as the photo here, but alleged Bigfoot prints in the snow

    The first bear print picture – The toes by themselves are interesting, Anyways.

    And finally here – Look around 0:28 – in the snow. lol

  • Some interesting stuff Huckster.

    I too was wondering about that person’s shoe size. I guess we could ask the guy his shoe size.