Friday Video: “Bigfoot – The Definitive Guide”

I finally had a chance to sit down and watch this History Channel special titled “Bigfoot – The Definitive Guide”.

My opinion? Meh! It was OK.

I found it interesting when they dug into Patterson’s life and ulterior motives. This is something that is not new to me, but seeing how the group presented and discussed the Patterson film was a good watch. It’s always a good point made when they bring up the complexity of the supposed “monkey costume”. Back in the 60s, obtaining such an elaborate costume could be almost impossible. I mean…come on…Planet of the Apes?

Don’t get me wrong, they were good costumes, but in no way could compare to the supposed female anatomically correct costume that could supposedly explain the creature in the Patterson film. Other than that, I found the eyewitness accounts interesting and kind scary actually. That woman being chased through the forrest by a Bigfoot in heat? Oh god…

I do wish they would have given more background and updated information on the “X woman” find and the supposed Russian encounter with a prehistoric man. I found that to be a little bit annoying, how a “Definitive guide” would not research the Russian encounter a bit further.

It was a long show, about 2 hours. Thankfully TiVo was there to skip through all the horrible History Channel show promos. Pawn Stars? really? are we that bored that we would watch this stuff? Call me crazy but I’ll stick to my late night reruns of Popeye on the Boomerang Channel.