‘Horse & Groom’ Pub Ghost Photo

The above image supposedly shows a ghost that haunts the “Horse & Groom” pub in England. After he initially sensed that there was something odd in the pub, Bowers returned to the pub and managed to snap the picture of what he thinks could be the ghost that is haunting the pub.

Full source: braintreeandwithamtimes.co.uk

Spooky images have been captured on camera.

Alarm engineer Ron Bowers took these pictures at the Horse and Groom pub in Rayne Road, Braintree.

The 52-year-old says his mediumship is with the camera, and he became interested in the 1782 pub after “sensing something” on a visit several years ago.

He recently returned to look into this paranormal experience after an invitation by landlord Kevin Prince.

Last year medium Patricia Putt visited the pub and picked up on the spirits of children, soldiers, servants and even a brown dog.

The image looks like an action-figure that was held too close to that camera, causing the blurred image of a human silhouette. Could this be a ghost that was captured during an investigation, or some trick photography?

Well a little Google search on “Ron Bowers” reveals a bit more information to help us decide.

Ron Bowers comes up listed as a “Psychic Photographer” over at the NightWatchmanChronicles web site. Bowers’ evidence that is posted on the website seems to be similar in nature. Almost all photos displayed resemble the blurred human shape we see above, or they show some anomaly that looks superimposed.

Below is an image from the NightWatchmanChronicles web site, in which supposedly shows the image of the ghost of a little girl.

Spirit photography was a big business during the late 19th century. Psychics would claim to be able to photograph a loved one who has recently died for a price. Many of the photos, were crude attempts at capitalizing on a person’s sorrow.

It all becomes a bit clearer now as I see that there are several books for sale on the website.