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Stewart examines the trampled fence

Crescent City, CA. A resident of this remote part of California claims that a Bigfoot trampled over his fence, ripped open a peacock pen and took some of his birds. Why a Bigfoot you say? Kirk Stewart found several long hairs clinging on to the fence, where the supposed creature trampled it down. Oh, and not to mention the way the pen was opened up:

I was thinking it was a bear, up until I had seen how it opened the pen,” said Stewart.

As he assessed the damage, Stewart said he happened upon a clump of about 16 hairs attached to one of the barbs on his fence. They were about 7 inches long with a fine texture and a slight curl.

“The hairs are the smoking gun,” he said.

The hair samples were given to North America Bigfoot Search, or NABS. Upon visual inspection, the article states that NABS found the hairs to be of a primate. Further testing will be done in order to corroborate this.

Excited? I’ll be posting the results as soon as I find any updates on this.

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Full source: Triplicate

Written by Anthony Skeens, The Triplicate

Take a 3-mile excursion up a winding mountain road near Gasquet, go down a driveway lined with heavy brush, and there’s a meadow.

In that meadow roam horses, cows, cats, and occasionally, the landowner believes, Bigfoot.

Kirk Stewart, the owner of a residence on French Hill Road, is still waiting on detailed analysis of hair samples he collected after a night three years ago when he thinks Bigfoot broke through a wire fence, plucked about seven of his peacocks and then made off with them.

The next morning, Stewart said he found a trampled fence and a piece of his peacock pen peeled off. He also noticed feathers on the ground and on a tree limb about 7 feet high.

“I was thinking it was a bear, up until I had seen how it opened the pen,” said Stewart.

As he assessed the damage, Stewart said he happened upon a clump of about 16 hairs attached to one of the barbs on his fence. They were about 7 inches long with a fine texture and a slight curl.

“The hairs are the smoking gun,” he said.

Stewart sent them to the North America Bigfoot Search. A preliminary analysis determined them to be from a primate, according to a book by the organization’s director.

A more detailed analysis is expected within six months, it said.
‘One of the hottest places’

NABS claims to use scientific methods to investigate possible incidents involving Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch, a purportedly ape-like creature whose existence is discounted by a majority of scientists.

NABS was created about six years ago by a group of private donors who wanted to find answers to their childhood curiosities about whether Bigfoot exists, said David Paulides, director of the organization based in Los Gatos, Calif.

It has collected dozens of hair samples from around the country to genetically analyze them. Along with Stewart’s samples, NABS has received hair samples from Hoopa, northern Humboldt County near Bluff Creek, and Oregon.

“(Del Norte) has to be one of the hottest places in the world” for Bigfoot reports, said Paulides in a telephone interview with The Triplicate.

He’s especially interested in Stewart’s property, where the resident said several other things have happened that seem Bigfoot-related.

“I’ve been at his property several times,” said Paulides. “ What’s going on there is very strange.”

Stewart said he made a cast of a giant footprint he found on his property on a different occasion than the 2008 peacock disappearance.

It’s about 7 inches wide and about 17 inches long.

In 2007, Stewart was throwing a birthday party for his son, when he heard a loud yell coming from near his melon patch.

When Stewart later went to the patch, he said he found a line of about 50 melons that had been pried open, he said.

There were circular holes in the melons with fingernail indentations, he said, adding there was also a big indentation in one of the large tires that housed the melons.

Perhaps Bigfoot used it as a resting place while gorging on melons, Stewart speculated.

“If I ever had him over for dinner, I’d cook peacocks and cut honeydew melons,” joked Stewart as he walked around his property recently.

“I believe it’s what they call a Bigfoot,” he said. “It’s not some long-haired hippie running around.”

Stewart said he has yet to sign a contract with NABS releasing his rights to the hair samples.

He said he makes his living farming his property. He also has a lawsuit pending against Del Norte County seeking the cash value of marijuana plants confiscated from his land even though he had a valid medical marijuana caregiver license.

The drug-related charges against Stewart were dismissed, but he’s currently on probation for being a felon in possession of a firearm.
‘In reality there’s thousands (of Bigfoots)’

Before it started collecting hair samples, NABS set out to gather anecdotal evidence from people who claimed to have encountered Bigfoot.

Through commonalities in the evidence gathered, Paulides said he was able to profile behavioral attributes of the creature.

“We named food sources,” said Paulides. “Bigfoot eats mushrooms. That’s a food source people didn’t really think about. Also, there’s a series of green shrubs and ferns and water plants.”

NABS has also hypothesized Bigfoot is not going to be far from water.

After gathering anecdotal information, NABS had a forensic artist draw sketches of Bigfoot that people who claimed to have seen it described.

The facial features of Bigfoot are more humanlike than previously suggested and its hair color runs the color spectrum similar to human hair, said Paulides.

“We flew right into the face of old-time researchers,” he said.

Paulides included anecdotal evidence and the forensic sketches in his book, “Tribal Bigfoot.”

Stewart was featured in the book, as were several other people from Del Norte and Humboldt counties.

While the book released in 2009 was being written, NABS was in the beginning stages of hair sample analysis.

A letter about a preliminary laboratory analysis of Stewart’s sample was published in the book.

The letter states that an expert examined the hair and found it to be from an animal of primate origin.

Since then, dozens more hair samples have been submitted for evaluation, and NABS hopes to have results soon, Paulides said.

The research has taken longer than expected due to the complexity of genetically tracing the hairs, Paulides said.

“That’s probably one of the reasons no one has tried to jump through the hurdles that we’re jumping through,” said Paulides. “It’s much more complicated than anyone thought.”

Paulides anticipates having the analysis completed within the next six months.

The work will be published in a report written by a group of scientists who will scrutinize the findings, Paulides said.

“I think if you have any scientific acumen to you and you’re an educated person then it’s hard to ignore science,” said Paulides. “In reality there’s thousands of (Bigfoots). They’re much more common than anyone realizes.”

“The forrest floor is so efficient at disposing of things,” said Paulides, adding that he’s spent thousands of hours in the woods, but has never seen a fully intact skeleton of a mountain lion.

“If we can prove theres a primate out there that’s bipedal and it has been ignored by science for eternity and we can now show it exists,” said Paulides, “I don’t care what kind of evolutionary belief system you have, I believe that will alter the course of science.”

Read more: Triplicate

  • So, the BF used a single finger to meticulously puncture the melons and dig the fruit out but had to trample the pen to get 7, count ’em 7 Peacocks? 1 Peacock plausible, 2 maybe but 7?

    I think the guy was smokin too much. He seems to have several earmarks of being one of those kooks that comes to the township meetings to make strange proposals and then sues everyone for no suitable reason.

  • Hucksterfoot

    So, Bigfoot yelling in a melon patch is a highly evasive stealth maneuver.
    Evasive Like a Navy Seal slipping into your garden. A silent insertion to perform a little surgical strike in the peacock pen.
    Little did they (Stealth Bigfoots) know that the cows and cats had a counter measure planned for this very anticipated event.
    Those were not peacocks in that pen that night. No, the peacocks were safely relocated behind the wood pile, and carefully crafted feathered mushrooms stood in their place. Awaiting, like decoys. Not just ordinary mushrooms. These covert cows had a mushroom heep operation, stewing away in a neglected corner of a field.
    …Pfft! These stealth Bigfoots thought it all had something to do with the cats in the melon patch. The honeydew diversion mission worked like a charm.

  • Hucksterfoot

    Sorry…Didn’t realize the first post (unfinished) was submitted.
    Disregard the first one, or second one, whatever. lol 🙂

  • JR.

    Numerous reports in B.C. suggest Bigfoot knows about marijauna and is attracted to the scent. There are some grow-ops that have been abandoned because the operators became unnerved.

  • So, if they are Bigfoot hairs, the DNA test comes back as unknown or unknown primate and everyone shrugs their shoulders and goes home.

  • Well duh ScaryTrue. Unknown hair samples are unknown. If they were classified “Bigfoot” hair samples they would no longer be unknown. Of course somebody would need to classify exactly what a Bigfoot is and what it’s hair is like. You need to capture or kill one to do that. Otherwise, all you are doing is chasing ghosts.

  • Sean

    The whole thing sounds like hippies to me. Setting animals that are not indigenous to the area free, so they can live their natural lives. Always good for the ecosystem. And then eating a bunch of melons with their hands? Could be the munchies taking hold of them. Yep, sounds like he’s got an infestation of good old California hippies. All he has to do is plan a mock protest and they should come running.

  • Robert

    Growing and smoking marijuana will not make you a uncredible person.I saw something near Patrick creek California back in Jan 2006 that I cant explain or never forget.I am sure there are many people who have had there own experience out in the forest.

  • Anonymous

    So when do we get the results?

  • Greg

    If they were able to get strong DNA from these samples and the hairs come up unkown origin its practicaly a slam dunk that its a bigfoot, there is simply not very much “unkown” dna out there, the samples of almost of every “known” animal has been taken and collected especially in North America ( not all but most )so joe blow gets some hair samples in the Pacific Northwest in a reported bigfoot habitat and the dna results come back (unknown Primate) or even (unknown species)…take it to the bank.