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Interestingly enough, some of the best videos regarding the paranormal aren’t the ones with elaborate documentaries or reports attached to them. When people report poltergeist activity, the report usually consists of noises, bumps in the night, objects being moved around and possible voices.

When I see videos of objects being thrown about in someone’s home, I immediately think “Hoax”. If the video was captured by CCTV cameras and shows security guards responding to the ghostly hullabaloo, then one might tend to lend a more open mentality to such video.

The video above is just that type of video. Submitted anonymously to the Ghost Investigators Society, the video shows some plates flying off from a cupboard and crashing on the floor. Moments later two security guards are investigating the noise. Read the full description of the events below.

Full source: YouTube

The following video was sent to The G.I.S. via by a man who wants to remain anonymous (for obvious reasons). He has very generously granted us permission to share this video with all of you on the condition that no names or facility names be used.

To put the video in context, an officer had heard a loud crashing noise in the kitchen area of this facility, upon investigating he discovered a plate had been thrown from the cabinet onto the floor. The beginning of this video clearly shows the plate being tossed from the kitchen cabinet and landing on the ground. This is then followed by two officers investigating and trying to explain the occurrence. The original video was over 10 minutes long so it has been edited for time but is available on request. Below is the officers original email with redacted identifying information. (Also NOTE the plate being thrown has been looped two times at the end of the video for clarity.)

“I hope you don’t mind me sending this to you, but i thought it might interest you. I’ve heard your investigators in the past on Jimmy Chunga’s old radio program. The video below is taken from the security camera system at a correctional facility in Ogden, UT. I work for the Utah Department __ ________, as a _______ Officer. We have a facility in West Ogden. We’ve been having a number of unexplained occurrences over the years, but this is the first one caught on tape, that I am aware of. I’d be happy to provide more details concerning the footage, or other incidents if needed. I hope to get your reaction and thoughts to this. Thanks for your time.

Just a quick explanation about some of the background behind the building. We’ve had two fairly recent “completed” suicides. The building houses over 150 individuals , most of which are parolees released from prison and some probationers coming to us from jails. We have residential substance programs and a sex offender treatment program there. In short, a lot of maladjusted individuals with problems. Not to mention some genuinely evil folks as well. I’ll have to send you some more info about some of the other phenomenon we’ve had there in the near future.”

  • Nick

    I thought it might be just falling as well, but if you look closely, a falling plate would have first hit the cabinet below, then spun before hitting the floor. However, it also looks like there’s a big pile of crap right underneath it that the plate could have slid down in that missing frame.
    @Scott McMan: I think Kimm is referring to the fact the camera itself only records in one second intervals instead of being continuous, not the fact that this clip was edited for time.
    I agree with everyone else that without being able to see the actual site, it looks interesting, but it could actually just be a falling plate that slid down a pile of crap and crashed to the floor. I’m guessing from the description this particular facility is not exactly posh, so…giant rats? ;n)

  • Brad

    OK just because I had to try, I re watched the video beginning several times. This is what caught my attention. First the direction the “plate” flys off the shelf, not straight forward toward the hall area, but angled down and to left nearer the hidden kitchen area. Odd.

    #2, Time stamp :03 a dark area appears inside the cabinet and then the white plate is visible and fly’s off the shelf, as if it wasn’t there but placed graphically but done unprofessional(fake). If the plate were on top as they suggest you should be able to see it right away, this glitch is the digital interference.

    Just my humble opinion.