Video: UFO Over Vancouver

Posted by Xavier Ortega | February 24, 2011 4

The following video was shot by a resident of Vancouver. In it, a strange pulsation, and what appears to be, oscillating light can be seen hovering in the night sky. Sandy Curtis shot the video and submitted it to KGW news. The strange lights were witnessed be several other residents.

Full source: KGW News

by Viewer Sandy Curtis
VANCOUVER, Wash. — An east Vancouver neighbor captured video of what appears to be a blinking object Sunday hovering in Sunday’s night sky.

Video shot by KGW viewer Sandy Curtis shows blinking red and green lights in the dark.

Tweets and an email to KGW also referenced sightings of an unidentified object in the sky over Vancouver.

The Columbian reported several people came out of their homes off Southeast 192nd Avenue in the Clear Meadows neighborhood around 7 p.m. Dispatchers told the newspaper Monday that they had a report of an object sighting in east Vancouver.

The National UFO Reporting Center in Seattle told the Columbian they did not get any UFO reports; nor did the National Weather Service in Portland.

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  • Zuru

    I always wonder why UFO’s are always blinking green, blue , red or white. If they are from another time and space, wouldn’t there be an array of other colors unkown to us, at least on a different spectrum?

  • Taylor

    If there are colors that the human eye has not yet perceived, it is because the human eye is not naturally equipped to see them.

  • A Seattle Weekly report debunked this one as being a star, possibly Sirius. I’m kind of unsure about this one.

    At this time of year in the northern hemisphere, Arcturus is out, rising up later in the evening, and Arcturus is a big, bright red giant. It’s more noticeable than Sirius, but either star, especially when closer to the horizon, can blink and twinkle like CRAZY from atmospheric distortion. Look how much the atmosphere can distort and color something as bright and white as our moon:

    Arcturus actually spooked me a bit a few weeks ago, because it was flashing red, white, blue like some kind of big bright craft. An hour later, it was higher in the sky, wasn’t twinkling so much or nearly as luminous, I could identify Spica and Virgo nearby it and tell it was definitely Arcturus.

    The thing about this video, though, is you can’t tell if the lights are actually oscillating or if the object is moving because you have no objects for reference and the camera is shaking so much. You do hear the people comment on the object being like “wings on a plane”, which is weird. With several witnesses who believed it to be a craft, it may be this thing wasn’t a star after all. It’d be nice if more people had tripods handy when they were going to film UFOs.

    Zuru- Even if the UFOs were displaying colors in another spectrum, a regular camera probably wouldn’t pick it up, anyway. That’s why we invented infrared and UV cameras. And Taylor is right; we see within the “visible spectrum” (ROYGBIV) for a reason. It’s visible to us. 😉

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