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A recent video posted on Brazil’s G1 News website has most of Brazil’s UFO community talking.

The video shows some men traveling in route to Bauru, in São Paulo, Brazil, when the spot the supposed UFO craft off in the distance. Managing to capture the UFO on their video camera, they are amazed as the object drifts behind a could and starts a dazzling display of bright bursts of light. Suddenly they can see how two other lights drop from the craft onto the earth.

Full source: G1

The expert in video editing, Philip Cavaca says it is mounting a well made, but it is a mistake. “you can tell that the UFO was moved, which is un-noticeable to the naked eye” he says. According to him, freezing the image you can see the exact moment when it happens.

I would have to agree with Mr. Cavaca. Although I’ve seen several convincing videos on the internet throughout the years, someone somewhere comes forward to reveal it to be done by computer software. My opinion is that this might be the case on this one. If you notice around the 1:02 -1:03 mark you can tell when the UFO shifts a few hundred feet up, as the truck covers the craft. Editing mistake?

After the truck passes:

What do you guys think?

  • PCWilliams,

    Great job in stabilizing the video. Now that I’m not getting dizzy, the “UFO” off in the distance does seem to “jump” a bit more.
    I say hoax.


  • terry the censor

    It looked pretty good until it lit up and descended.

    Is there a non-Facebook look at the stabilised video? (I’m made entirely of anti-social-network-matter and FB would be destroyed if I logged on.)

  • Jen

    LMFAO! wow…love the stabilized video…they really thought they could get away with that, eh? XP

  • Importing the video into a PAL secuence (25 frames/sec) the UFO dissapears exactly on, (SAMPTE code). But AT THE SAME TIME_ the cloud behind appears with A LOT of pixelation there.

    The rest of the nearby images don’t have THAT pixelation. Why? Maybe the UFO could have been deliberately DELETED on that frame before delivering the tape to the detetive virtual team. in order to make easier its debunking. If this isn’t the ORIGINAL recording we’re loosing our time.

    But most of all:

    Do you REALLY believe that this is an AD Viral that went wrong… for a Pizza PACKAGING company??

    And the one who initially posted the video in YouTube didn’t even know the authors??

    Have you seen ‘Atitude Media Box’ CLOSED web site?? And its YouTube channel launching on 21 february 2011??

    Have you REALLY read the article that where the alleged authors -André Angélico: Video operator and 3D designer; and the layout creator: Jônata Evangelista- … refer us their “strategies”??? And do you REALLY believe those arguments??

    Meanwhile the Fox news article sates that a video editing “expert” -Phillip Cavaca- has stated that the video is fake. And… who the fuck is Phillip Cavaca??? If you google that, there are only hundreds of references about this issue concerning to his name. Isn’t is suspicious??

    Another “marketing ops UFO based”? -Like Galicia UFO 2009 with Terra, and Pendelton studios celebrating their “41,99999” annyversary of Orson Wells radio broadcast “War of Worlds”??

    WHERE are the REAL cameramen of this events???

    Nobody knows??? Then: ALL IS SAID.

  • Tim

    Notice people say,why arent people slowing down to see what theyre doing. Thats why we have such bad traffic in America. Keep your eyes on the road people and do the speed limit! 🙂 And the ufo? What ufo?

  • PCWilliams

    Terry The Censor, here it is on YouTube:

  • terry the censor

    Thanks PCW. I don’t make a lot of the jump but I’d be interested to see more video analysis. But that aside, I often wonder the same thing with these kind of videos — why don’t the witnesses chase the damn thing? Instead of getting closer or going to the site where something takes off/lands/drops, why are video makers so content to run to youtube first?

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  • Coolkama