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No, it’s not a zombie puppy. So don’t worry about an outbreak of zombie dogs. This is actually about a Near Death Experience (NDE) from a dog. The puppy, Wall-E, had gone through the process of euthanasia and was examined and pronounced dead. Along with other dogs, they were placed in a trash bin. I know…horrible.

A few days later, someone noticed that one of the puppies was still alive. Somehow, even though euthanized and checked, the dog had came back to life. So in essence, Wall-E, experienced death for a few hours.

Although this is generally a sad thing, this story brings up a lot of questions of NDEs. We know of the pleasant scenery most people report when they die and come back to life (some, not so pleasant), but what about animals? Do they just see empty fields to run through and squirrels to chase? Maybe an endless loop of tummy rubs and treats?

Full source: NYDaily News

A puppy euthanized by veterinarians has risen from the “dead.”

The black-and-white pooch was one of five young dogs “put to sleep” Saturday at a shelter in Sulphur, Okla., News 9 in Oklahoma City reported. Each dog was checked and confirmed to be dead, then the 3-month-old and his four siblings were placed in a trash bin.

On Sunday morning, an animal control officer looked into the bin and discovered that the one pup somehow survived.

“He was just as healthy as could be,” Scott Prall told News 9.

The puppies were selected to be euthanized because of illness, as well as overcrowding due to limited shelter space in the state, said Amanda Kloski, a veterinarian in Oklahoma who has been caring for the puppy since his resurrection.

Kloski created a profile for the small dog, named Wall-E after the Pixar film character. A woman in Pennsylvania then took up the cause, working to find the puppy a home.

“He is a delightful Pup, about 3 months old, is surprisingly healthy except for a heavy infestation of Hookworm for which he is undergoing treatment,” Marcia Machtiger wrote in a special website she created for the animal.

She stresses that if a home for Wall-E isn’t found soon, he could wind up back at the shelter — where he very well might end up being euthanized again.

However, Kloski writes that “hundreds” of families already have volunteered to give Wall-E a place to live.

“We have NEVER had the problem (or BLESSING) of more than one family wishing to adopt a dog,” she wrote on PetFinder. “Most of our dogs do not get this chance or opportunity even ONCE.”

  • Nobbles

    Awwwwwwww, <3

  • Jen

    that’s amazing. i hope he has a good life ahead of him. ^_^

  • Apparently thousands of people volunteered to adopt him which doesn’t really make sense since if all those people went to their local shelter and adopted an animal it would put a pretty sizable dent in the homeless animal problem.

    I just don’t understand people sometimes. I suppose it’s just a lot of talk.

  • Jen

    thousands of people want him only because he cheated death…which makes him special, i suppose. but there are many ways to explain this. easiest of which, he didn’t receive the correct dose but enough to slow the heart down.

  • Valkyrie

    I LOVE dogs!!! I hope this lil guy lives a long and wonderful life.

  • bigpunkdrummer

    Scott i saw on the news a few weeks ago here in Kentucky about a county in the southeast (I’m in Louisville) that had a segment on about I think 72 dogs (could be wrong on the number, if anything, it’s higher than 72) that were going to be euthanized within in the next day or two. Each and every single dog got adopted. (It’s a small county too). I just don’t understand why when they show animals in need on the news they always get adopted but if not, people turn a blind eye as if they have no idea there are 1000’s of poor animals getting euthanized each and every day.

  • Jen


    yeah, it’s shameful…