I grew up in rural NWPA, surrounded in forest. I took an early interest in cryprozoology and sharks and have read many books on various crypto subjects such as Bigfoot and Megalodon over the years. I am not a professional writer or a journalist, but I do the best I can. I have a quirky, obscurely dry and sometimes sarcastic sense of humor than can get me in trouble. Some love me and some hate me, but I am who I am.

Here I am just looking for subjects for an article when I happened upon this guy on Youtube who seems to be a real Bigfoot fan. So much so that he has started his own Bigfoot research organization and has been at it since 1992. Tim Stover is his name and his organization is known as TCSjr Bigfoot which covers the state of Ohio.

It seems that Tim’s exhaustive hunt may have paid off because on March 10th of this year Tim was doing night surveillance with a thermal video camera when something bipedal walked thru his cameras field of view.

I’m by no means saying that this is the elusive Bigfoot but how many people wander thru the night darkened forest 2 miles off of the nearest road with no light of any kind to guide them? Furthermore, in my opinion Tim in no way strikes me as someone who gets his kicks from creating hoaxed Bigfoot videos. He does seem like a guy who has put in literally hundreds of hours in research and stake outs. Add to that doing it at night, sometimes up in tree stands with temps near freezing and you’ve got one serious Bigfoot hunter.

While I’ve posted this video I don’t think I’ll end it there. I’m going to keep an eye on Tim’s Youtube page and who knows, maybe it’ll get even better next time. Just to let everyone know Tim does have other videos of his field research to give you an idea of how he does a night surveillance.

I don’t know if this video shows man or beast but it is on two legs, that’s for sure.

  • KL

    Thank you Scott.

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  • terry the censor

    Watch some of his other videos. Yike.


  • Henry Paterson

    I disagree that he caught himself on video. This object is pretty uniformly warm. On that cold a night a person is going to be wearing some form of insulation that will cause exposed parts like face and hands to show warmer than body mass.

    At least he recognized his mistakes.

  • D

    The heat signature is not uniform. At one point an object shows up that is long and narrow. What is strange is that it shows up as warmer than everything else. Thought it could be a rifle possibly that someone had tucked in their coat. Shows up around 1:29.5. I have no feelings on bigfoot one way or another. If bigfoot exists and is a hominid, it probably is smart enough (and wild enough) to stay away from us. The Coelecant was thought to exist until one was caught. Possibly same situation with Bigfoot.

  • D,

    Thanks for the observation and let me say that you do seem quite neutral on the subject.

    Now, I will tell you that all thermal cameras are not created equally. Furthermore the setting you use will have an impact on the imaging. Also, heat signatures on a good camera will show different colors for warmer or colder regions. In other words, the closer to the heart and/or brain the more intense the red coloring. Some settings will however show the entire subject as the same signature. this is also true of cheaper cameras lacking frills.

    Now, you did comment thinking that one heat signature may be a rifle. The only problem with that is it would have to have been fired within 5 minutes or so to show any kind of heat. Otherwise it will show very cool.

    Regarding your comment on the Coelecant, I can do you one better. There was a very recent discovery of a 6-1/2 foot lizard that was not known to exist. So yes, large animals can go unseen for quite a long time.