Amazing Footage Overlooked?

Posted by Scott McMan | April 11, 2011 29

Yes, once again, here I am on an excursion for a suitable GT article. I had gone thru the usual CGI’s, Jokes and just plain waste of time videos when I came across this Youtube upload from last month. It got fewer than 2500 hits which is a terrible shame in my opinion because I think there may be something to it. I tend to look at only those videos uploaded in the last 3 days but for some reason this happen to be next in the que after the one I had just watched.

As I half perused the video with one eye while viewing the Reelz miniseries on the Kennedy’s with the other; suddenly I saw something that forced all my attention to this video. There before me was what appeared to be the face of Bigfoot. Was this pareidolia, was I not focusing? Surprisingly it seemed to be neither, or at least not enough to convince me that I should move on. No, there was definitely something there, a face….quite possibly the face of Sasquatch.

Now I was very interested as I viewed the entire video, no less than 4 times in fact. What made it even more intriguing was that the mouth actually closes, or does it? I mean this can’t be just shadows or tree bark, right? Bigfoot here is gritting his teeth at us and then closes his mouth. I could swear it is so. However, as any good blogger should, I’m going to leave it up to you the reader.

The video itself is done by Youtuber joebblack1963. His real name is Scott and he has been doing amateur research on Bigfoot for a couple of years. This particular video was done in the Bakers Creek area of East Tennessee.

Now that you’ve seen the video I think you’ll agree that it’s worth discussion. On the other hand I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t come clean with everything. Our videographer Scott does make some pretty hefty claims; the biggest of which is that he has been interacting with Bigfoot since 2009.

Since I started this odyssey back in 2009 I have had the good fortune to document Bigfoot in photographs, video, and physical evidence (Footprints and Hair). I have a group of Bigfoot that I have had interaction with now since 2009. The more I learn about them the more I realize how little I know.

I did watch a couple of his other videos as I wondered why he was pointing his camera randomly into the trees and zooming in and out. It does appear that this is a technique he uses a lot even in videos that are just showing set ups he does in the woods. Another point in favor of the subject video is that Scott claims to have only just noticed this “face” after reviewing videos from the previous year. Yes, apparently he took this footage in March of last year. Furthermore, just like Tim Stover from my Bigfoot video of last week, I found Scott to seemingly be just as dedicated, maybe even more so.

Now I’m not going to make any claims myself but I am very impressed by this. If it is pareidolia, it’s a darn good one. Apparently it fell thru the viral cracks of the abyss which we call the interwebs. How did we miss this while other more comical videos got attention? Who knows? Wrong timing on the wrong day I guess. It’s here now though, so lets give it the once over and see if we can’t come to some sort of consensus.

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