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The Vault” aptly named, is an online website were the FBI has uploaded some of their X files for the public to read. Reports on ESP, animal mutilation and even ‘Project Bluebook’ can be found under the Unexplained Phenomena section of The Vault.

Interesting enough, one cable titled “Roswell UFO” reports on the infamous Roswell case, but does not show what everyone would expect. Or Maybe some people did expect this from the feds. The cable states that the Air Force informed the Dallas FBI branch that a flying disc was recovered in Roswell New Mexico on July 8th, 1947. The recovered disc was said to be “hexagonal in shape and was suspended from a balloon by cable“.

The cable then goes on to state that the object resembles a high-altitude weather balloon with a radar, and that it was being transported to Wright Field Base for examination.The cable ends with the line ” No further investigation being conducted.

In itself, the cable does not say much about the Roswell incident other than what the Air Force reported to be a crashed weather balloon. This of course does not fit into what many people have claimed to have seen that day in 1947.

But don’t fret, there also was another cable released through The Vault. This cable talks about an incident which occurred on March 22nd, 1950. The report was from special agent Guy Hottel from the Washington field office and was directed toward the Director of FBI, Edgar Hoover. This cable is of interest, for it reports of crashed saucers and alien beings.

The cable goes on to say that an Air Force investigator reported that three flying saucers had crashed in New Mexico and had been recovered. Each disc was said to contain three humanoid looking creatures that measured about 3 feet in length. The aliens were described as “3 feet tall, dressed in metallic cloth of very fine texture. Each body was bandaged in a manner similar to the blackout suits used by speed flyers and test pilots.

Creeped out? I am.

The cable concludes that the informant thinks that the high-powered radar equipment used in New Mexico could have caused these UFOs to come crashing down. Although this is three years after the reported Roswell incident, the fact that such a cable exists in the hands of the FBI should raise some alarms in your head. If these things are just weather balloons, then why do these cables talk about disc-shaped objects and 3 foot tall beings? More importantly is this last cable. It was directed towards J. Edgar Hoover.

  • Any idea when The Vault went live? I haven’t dug into its contents yet — does the site actually go into the “why” of why they’re choosing to release this? Is this just another step of full disclosure, or…?

  • PS: The document in The Vault about ESP is fascinating stuff…

  • bigpunkdrummer

    Interesting ‘they fess up to’ finding aliens in 1950, yet still deny Roswell.

  • terry the censor
  • terry the censor,

    If I would’ve have know they were gonna quote me, I’d use a more witty line 🙂


  • Abdi Ahmed

    they are reliving this, because in 2011 a lot countries trying to send a rocket to space and their are space telescope observer telling us three spaceship headed for us, are from some planet and they will be with in 8 month…..

  • arrow-head

    man is it freaky clicking around on the FBeye website. This particular story, though, is amazing. Is this not the full-on admission of the governments knowledge of alien life? I would be amazed if this is not the beginning of what many of us knew was coming

  • hw_paterson

    There is plenty of deniability here.
    The mention of flying saucers is third person, and the mention of occupants of human shape, three feet tall could easily be passed off as describing midgets.

    Is this evidence in favor of accounts of Roswell being a UFO crash site, yes. Is this an admission on the part of government? Nope, as it is easily denied.

  • AbombUFO

    “The Vault” is pretty cool……NICE!

  • terry the censor

    Sensible Canadian Paul Kimball discusses the dubious informant of the memo.

  • nani :)

    woah im getting a lot for my essay 😀

  • ever wonder why govt release papers are blacked out

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  • ITank

    well, five years past, and today we`ve got a new portion of truth from goverment.