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I’m usually pretty good at smelling hoaxes online. One look at a photograph or a few seconds of a video is all I need to figure out if it’s a hoax or not. But when I was forwarded this video, I found it difficult to say that it was a downright hoax.

The video starts with some people filming from the inside of a car. The driver is seen pointing outside and saying “it’s a saucer, a saucer.” They scuffle out of the vehicle and for a mere few seconds we can see the classic UFO saucer disc off in the distance. It almost appears to be hovering above the IKEA store. Does IKEA sell UFOs? Didn’t think so…

Then there’s the following statement that appears alongside this video that was posted on YouTube:

Tuvimos que parar el coche, se sentía un vacío en el ambiente, no de silencio sino como que faltara algo… de repente un grupo de gente delante nuestro apuntaba hacia arriba y suerte que estábamos con la cámara… tampoco hay mucho material porque tras ese vacío se desconectó todo, el móvil, el reloj, el coche, y por supuesto la cámara

Quienes me conocen saben que aunque me gusta la ufología no soy cazador de OVNIs, necesito salir de dudas y saber lo que he / hemos visto, y si tenéis gráficas u otros vídeos por favor decidme dónde los estáis colgando

Can’t read Spanish? Here, let me translate that for you:

We had to stop the car, there was an emptiness in the ambiance, not of silence but missing something… suddenly a group of people that were in front of us were pointing up and luckily we had a camera…there’s not a lot of material because of that emptiness, everything seemed to be disconnected [not working], the cellphone, watches, car and of course the camera.

Whoever knows me, knows that although I do like Ufology, I’m not a UFO hunter. I need to end all doubt and figure out what I/we saw. If you have any graphics [photo analysis] or other videos please let me know where they are linked”

To me, the video and online statements are to be taken at face value. I can’t say for certain that the video and the associated statement both are legit, I can’t also say that they’re both a hoax. Typical with these videos, right?

When it comes so such video evidence, I think the best solution is to dutifully investigate all witnesses involved by looking into their personalities, social life, personal life and such psychological assessments. But to find people to actually do the tedious work in Ufology is rare. This is why most videos online are taken for what they are. It’s the word of the camera man you must take.

  • Mikkel

    Ikea 51

  • Anonymous

    Fake – UFO vanishes at 0.11

  • bigpunkdrummer

    I see a lot of witnesses, are there any news reports about the sighting or just the video? It felt kind of ‘Blair Witch-y’ at the beginning. Hard to see the object for more than a second (apart from the still frame) and if there are so many people watching there is sure to be another video to show up soon, right? I mean that’s everyone’s first hunch now a days: “get phone out, shoot video”.

    I noticed as Anon says it does disappear at :11, however it also appears as if it ‘shot off at a quick speed’ which we’ve seen a million times in all kinds of ‘UFO’ videos.

  • DrAlen77

    At approx. 8 sec. in a store front, you can see the reflection of three to four more people who seem to be observing the object. (I can’t slow down vid from here to scrutinize the reflection.)
    If that old man walking toward the camera operator had turned and and appeared startled, that would have sealed it for me.

  • remixthis

    If it is a UFO they came a long way for an IKEA sale!

  • Buliwif

    If you look carefully, the sunlight is coming in from the left in the video. Everyone is lit on the left side…. The UFO appears to be lit on the right side….

  • John

    This is a recent (and successful)viral video for ikea

  • Tim

    If there were that many people standing and looking at the UFO, surely there would be more pictures or footage of the craft.

    I know the report says that “everything seemed to be disconnected [not working], the cellphone, watches, car and of course the camera” so how did they get the footage?

    Did IKEA suffer from major electrical interferences?

    I want it to be real but i’m thinking FAKE!

  • Brett

    So if a real actual UFO appears, why bother filming it if everyone is just going to cry FAKE. If something that looked like the Enterprise for example entered the sky and I film it, it’s just going to look like CGI isn’t it.

  • hw_paterson

    Why such a short video?
    Did they run out of film?
    The first thing I wonder is, due to the proximity of the Ikea and the fact that both objects were hanging in the sky above it , was there a promotion of some sort going on?

  • R

    Hey, its a flying Billy!

    neh, i call bs.

  • John

    Google it! Its a viral video..why is there even a debate here? Cheap advertising simple as that!

  • PCWilliams

    These short, choppy, jerky-movement videos drive me nuts. When i see something this poorly shot i can’t help but wonder what they’re trying to hide by being so jerky. There’s simply not enough here to say it is a UFO. We just don’t know. My first thought was, it’s probably a promotional blimp for ikea. I see them flying above stores down here. Stores tether a mini-blimp to their stores as a promotional tool. But that doesn’t explain why it disappeared momentarily. Either way, fake. Everything stopped working? Cellphones, watches, cars and cameras? Not if you slow down the video … everybody and everything else in the video, except these panicked fools, seems to be moving along business-as-usual.

  • Lindsay

    looks like a helicopter. no one else in this video is even paying attention to it other than the people in the car. HOAX!