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Every so often I come across a movie that changes my perspective of life, more directly, my own life. Whether it’s a small change or a big life altering change, evolution is what makes us human. I’m not talking about biological evolution, but the evolution we welcome during the perils of life.

Life can stress a person out like noting else. Typical day to day things like your career, family or even your future seem to spiral out of control at times. You think to yourself, Man…life can be so hard.
Then you pop in a DVD like ‘Fight Club’ and then you realize that things aren’t that difficult. Things aren’t that serious.

Then there are those who can’t seem to shake it off. Brad Pitt blowing up a city won’t do it for them. Their only thoughts are of suicide and that’s where the perils of life get you. When you’ve reached that point, no film can bring you back.

The Bridge is a documentary done by Eric Steel and is an honest portrayal of suicide. More specifically, it’s a film about people who commit suicide by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. It’s possibly one of the most haunting and eye-opening films that I’ve seen. The cinematography and scenery makes this a difficult film to watch. The life stories of the subjects make it difficult to forget.

The site of the most suicides in the world, the Golden Gate Bridge is the focal point of the film. Mr. Steel camps out for months in efforts to film the jumper’s last act on earth. Mr. Steel then tracks down the family members and interviews them in order to tell the life story of the jumpers. Depression, schizophrenia and mental disorders are topics that are talked about.

Besides the dark and morbid subject matter, the film is a great eye-opener for everyone. Most of us know someone who suffers from heavy depression and sometimes, it’s the subtle things they say that is their way of reaching out for help.

The Bridge deals with psychological issues and the human dynamics of everyday life. Told in a story with no happy ending, but conveys an important message.

  • RednGreen

    I saw this sometime back. Very haunting, and like you said Javier, difficult to watch at times, knowing what is about to happen.

    Um, happy Good Friday everyone. lol

  • Ashma

    awesomme! im from the bay! sooo im familiar with this bridge! its really pretty at night tho…well and kinda creepy since is it a suicide bridge.

  • SocialButterfly1976

    I’ve previously seen this too and it’s very eye opening. 🙁

  • Sounds familiar….I could go to IMDB or I could be lazy and just ask you for a quick synopsis of the film, Red.

    OK, just give with the info girlie!

  • RednGreen

    I’ll be happy to 🙂

    To be blunt, it is about people committing suicide by jumping off the bridge. In addition to showing footage of people who are actually standing there, clearly pondering their life and if they are ready to end it then and there, it also follows the stories of a couple of different jumpers, and interviews with people who knew them. I don’t want to give anything away, but there is one guy in particular who has an amazing story to tell.

    I recommend it, but it is dark, so be prepared.

  • Fiachna

    I saw this too, it took me about 3 or 4 months to bring myself to watch it, very powerful.

  • As a parent who lost a son from this bridge I don’t know when I will ever watch this, but I’m glad eric made this movie toincrease awareness about suicide and why we need prevention at this site. Too bad the public doesn’t want it and think 30 lives a year are An acceptable cost.

  • RednGreen

    Dayna, I am so sorry. I appreciated the movie for the very reason you mentioned. I knew people jumped, but had no idea it was so many. To me, 30 is a huge number. I hope you are able to find healing and peace.

  • Danya,

    My heart goes out to you. No life lost to suicide is an acceptable sacrifice.

    May God comfort you with love.

    Thanks for sharing,


  • Thanks Red! I knew you’d come thru! You’re my favorite person….Till you’re not around. Then I just choose someone else, LOL!

  • Istanbul_Chick

    Wow. Thanks for sharing this with us, Javier. I wasn’t going to watch because it seemed too, well, depressing.

    It’s a shame that our country doesn’t have a better mental health care policy.

    There are two suspension bridges like the Golden Gate that span the Asian and European sides of Istanbul. They are closed to pedestrian traffic for exactly this reason.

    I just looked at the site for the Golden Gate Bridge and they are starting the plans for a suicide deterrent system.

    Sadly, though, like in Istanbul, if someone is so far down in those sad and dark places in their soul they will find another way of doing it.

  • sloinker

    My condolences to you Dayna. I was unfortunate enough to be assigned temporary duty for a couple of weeks at the Fort Point Coast Guard station in SF while I was a Coastie. There were three calls for jumpers while I was there. One was a false alarm, one wasn’t found after jumping but the third one was rounded up by us and transferred to the coroner at the dock. What I saw for myself and the anguish among my fellow Coaties will never leave me. Good drugs and counseling along with family intervention are the paths that must be used to prevent these senseless tragedies. Even with saying that, sometimes there is just nothing to be done if the person is too intent on his purposes.

  • Sean

    This is one of the most interesting films I’ve ever seen. Such a moving film that really puts a face to so many sad stories that you read about in your daily life, but never get the chance to really connect to. I found myself in tears time and time again. My heart goes out to the families involved and (sadly) those families that will be involved.