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Chilean workers believe to have unearthed the bones of a Chupacabras

In the city of Pucón, Chile, workers were stopped dead in their tracks as they accidentally dug up a bizarre skeleton. The remains are said to be out of this world. Described as having a cat-like head and the tail of a rat, the remains were accompanied by other smaller skulls of local rodents.

According to the news website, La Cuarta, The family whose house was being remodeled (or demolished) were made aware of the finding and are terrified to death on what was revealed. The family is now looking for an expert opinion to help identify the skeleton. According to La Cuarta, the workers found the remains as they were removing the flooring of the house. The skeletal structure appears to be 30 centimeters long — so around 1 foot–.

The remains are being showed around town, and many speculate as to what type of animal it belonged to. Cries of Chupacabras! are naturally heard in such cases were people are presented with ghastly skeletal remains.

While not very convincing, the photograph of the skeleton does resemble the typical bipedal Chupacabras that has been reported since the early 90s. The fact that it was reported to be a mere 30 centimeters long should be a major clue as to what animal this skeleton belongs to.

Although I’m not an expert on such matters, I think this is just the skeleton of an ordinary house cat.

Full source: LaCuarta

Una familia de Pucón está aterrada por el hallazgo de unas osamentas, que se produjo cuando unos maestros demolían su (siniestra) casa, ubicada en calle Arauco 1030.

Los dueños del terreno esperan que alguien les diga a qué monstruo corresponden los huesos.

Según explicaron los trabajadores, cuando retiraban el piso de la antigua casa encontraron los restos de unos 30 centímetros de largo. Eran dos extremidades traseras unidas a una cola parecida a la de un ratón, y a una cabeza pequeña semejante a un gato o güiña de grandes colmillos. Además, encontraron de yapa dos cráneos pequeños junto a los restos.

Nadie ha podido explicar de qué se trata el esqueleto encontrado y, por mientras, Carabineros de la Novena Comisaría de Pucón los mantienen en sus dependencias a la espera de derivarlas a algún servicio especializado capaz de identificar certeramente las porquerías.

Por ahora, el mito de una diabólica criatura que habría muerto en la zona recorre las calles de esa comuna de la Araucanía generando especulaciones.

La hipótesis del chupacabras se ha escuchado varias veces, ya que algunos vecinos han afirmado que “no es la primera vez que esqueletos como estos son avistados en la zona, generando el nerviosismo entre los puconinos que juran que los restos se parecen harto a ese bicho del maldito demonio”.

Translated by Google:

A family of Pucón is landfall by the find of some skeletons, that was produced when some teachers demolished their (sinister) house, located in street Arauco 1030.

The owners of the land expect that someone tell them what monster correspond the bones.

They as explained the workers, when they withdrew the flat of the old house they found the remainders of some 30 centimeters of long.  They were two rear extremities you united to a queue seemed to that of a mouse, and to a similar small head to a cat or güiña of large eyeteeth.  Besides, they found of extra two small skulls next to the remainders.

Nobody has been able to explain of what does he treat the skeleton found and, by while, Riflemen of the Ninth Precinct of Pucón maintain them in their dependences to the wait to derive them to some capable service specialized to identify certainly the messes.

For now, the myth of a diabolic creature that would have died in the zone travels through the streets of that comuna of the Araucanía generating speculations.

The hypothesis of the chupacabras has listened several times, since some neighbors have affirmed that “is not the first time that skeletons as these are sighted in the zone, generating the agitation among the puconinos that swear that the remainders seem enough to that bug of the damned devil”.

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  • I feel bad for the Chupacabra. Every bit of roadkill or dead cat that gets dug up is supposed to be one. At least Bigfoot doesn’t have this kind of overexposure.

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