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  • show me the out takes

    I’m to spooked to go to bed now haven’t told that story in quite some time now don’t want it to reemerge from the power of suggestion but here’s another since you have me up…this incident occurred in a different house;my wife was away (same girl from when i was 18)again i had the house to my self i was board watching TV so i stood to stretch walked over to my front door to peek out the little peek hole and it appeared two spot lights were hanging over the neighbors house across the street i ran to my window to make sure i wasn’t seeing things and plain as day in the night sky were two lights hovering above the house i ran to grab my camera,ran back to the window and began filming these lights in the sky suddenly something dropped from one of the lights it looked as though it touched down in the back yard across the street i rush and shut all the lights off ran back to the peek hole first and peeked out.what i saw in front of my front door appeared to be a ball of white colored Christmas lights you know like the kind that you wrap around a bush or the kind you hang in and out door tree,just hovering on my porch i ran to a window and looked out but the porch was clear this lasted for a minute or 2 the lights slowly moved away til they were gone the next day i told my wife about it she wanted to see for her self but when we replayed it,it was weird…it was like I or some thing had my camera and was running around my house filming nothing but the floor in a very disorientated manner she looked at me in disbelief.i was as confused as she…nothing on the tape…no sound no lights nothing but me running around my house with the camera filming the floors.

  • skyfish

    I just found this site. This is reminding me of a time when i heard a buzzing in my left ear. I was lying on my right side preparing to go to sleep. This happened one night when I was interrupted by a phone call just as I was drifting off to sleep. A friend told me Ammaji was in town and would be giving darshan the next day. I had never seen Ammaji before or ever received darshan from anyone but I was interested to go.

    So I laid back down and began to go to sleep again, this time lying on my right side–I usually lie on my stomach. My eyes were closed but I was not asleep yet, I heard a buzzing in my right ear and then it was as if something was–it was not as if something entered my ear but more my ear opened out to another plane, perhaps like a pathway was created. I felt an energy or presense coming over me and I felt like I was fighting to keep it from entering me and it was like we were all over my bed, even upside down–or like my head was where my feet were and just a lot of movement and then it stopped and I opened my eyes and I had not moved. I was still lying on my right side, my head still on the pillow. Then the buzzing began again and my ear started to reach out or open and I thought Oh No not that again and it stopped. And then I went to sleep.

    Nothing like this had ever happened to me before. I mention the phone call because I wondered if this was really something malevalent I had to fight off or something more benign that I was simply afraid of because it was unknown. Well, better safe than sorry. It did leave quickly when I said No. But I was a meditator and student of healing very used to feeling I was working with spirit guides who I was not afraid to allow to enter me so I felt there must be some reason I felt this energy should not be allow in.

    I have heard of at least two other people who had experiences beginning with a buzzing or ringing in their ears. One asked a Sufi teacher from the middle east about it and he said it was a jinn. In middle eastern lore jinn are beings who have never been human so they are not ghosts. They can be good or bad and are sometimes connected to the natural world like nature spirits. They can be demons or perceived as such if they are bad jinn. Jinn are still developing, like people and that is why they can be good or bad. I think of them as living in a sort of parrallel universe that is sort of the same world. One person who had this experience felt the energy on top of her–this would happen as she was going to sleep and happened to her many times. I think she finally got rid of this spirit or whatever it was but it happened over many years.

    I have had a few other ghostly experiences but I think I have said enough for know. I am intrigued by the unusual feeling with the ears. I have also experienced reaching out with my ears energetically in more positive ways so I think there is some sort of pathway to other planes that can be created through the ear.


  • skyfish

    Whoops, Did not reread before posting–buzzing in left ear–the one facing up.

  • Miragirl

    I was 18,driving home late one night from a date. I was about 3 blocks from home and as I turned a corner, my headlights picked up something standing on the sidewalk. My immediate impression was a small white bulldog but it had a man’s face! I know what I saw but my mind refused to comprehend it right away. I thought about it when I got home but again, dismissed it because it just couldn’t be! I didn’t think about it anymore. Then, when the second version of “Invasion of the Bodysnatchers” came out, the one with Donald Southerland, I decided to watch it on cable. I liked the first version so I wanted to compare it. Well, if you’ve seen it, you know where I’m going. There it was on the small screen, the bulldog with the man’s face trying to make people scream. When I saw it, I thought my heart stopped, I was terrified. The memory of seeing that came rushing back and I was overwhelmed,trying to babble it out to my family why I was pacing the floor flailing my arms. I am still convinced that I saw the creature, even before the screenwriters made it up. Can’t explain it, just know it.

  • Marti

    It’s amazing that so many people have so similar experiences. If they are all real, why isn’t there a professional help which would allow us to deal with it. Someone has to know enough about it to tell us what exactly we should do. I experience similar things almost every night. It started few years ago. One night when I was almost asleep I felt someone’s presence in my room. I was alone. It felt like it was really external and it wasn’t me. It came like a wave of a disturbing feeling, a mixture of fear, danger, presence and paralysis. It felt like it was something which could think and it clearly was aimed at me. I remember I tried to look around my room. It was dark, but I was pretty sure I saw a dark shadow of someone standing at the opposite wall. It was just silhouette. Because of my fear I looked around very quickly, it wasn’t more than one second. Once I saw it I covered myself with sheets and started telling in my head “go away, I don’t want to see you” and I think I started praying. I don’t know why but I had a feeling that it was my grandpa who died few days before that night. Because it was really scary and evil I didn’t believe it was him. I was fighting it. My friend told me that she saw her grandma’s ghost once and she felt considerably protected then. She also heard stories about ghosts hurting people. This is why I was opposing it despite the fact that it could be my grandpa. He was a good, humble man so it didn’t feel like him. I have similar experience every night. I don’t look anymore but I sense a lot. Sometimes really strong, sometimes insignificant. I sleep well when I am tired or drunk (occasionally, I am not an alcoholic). I was living alone in my room then. Two years later I moved in with my new girlfriend to 1 bedroom flat. First night the lowest of the wall mounted shelf fell down. It was really loud and woke us up. I knew it was slack and not properly mounted but shouldn’t fall down that easy. Next night or few nights later a big travel suitcase fell down from the wardrobe to our bed hitting my girlfriend’s legs. The wardrobe partly broke down because of the weight of the suitcase. Next night the same wardrobe collapsed on our bed. It can be explained in other way but it’s quite coincidence that it happened in such a short time right after we moved in. I slept very badly almost every night. I had a feeling that something doesn’t want us there. Every night I fall asleep and after an hour I suddenly wake up and feel that intense, scary feeling, someone’s presence and buzzing in my ears. I hear some noises like single tap or small object falling on the floor, maybe someone’s steps. I sometimes feel like there is a pressure on the site of my mattress like someone is sitting there slowly. Few times springs in my mattress suddenly released like someone jumped off the bed. I sometimes feel like really delicate weight is placed on top of my sheets. It’s really weird. I can’t say something is touching me in 100%. For a long time I thought that it may be some of the beginning of schizophrenia or sleep disorder or because I smoked too much. But it feels real, especially that when it comes, my girlfriend starts moving nervously and kicks with her legs like she wanted to get rid of something when she is asleep. I think I heard some whispers once or twice. Female I think. There was also one night when I had nightmare. I remember I was attacked by something. I remember a wrinkled nonhuman (demon) greenish face which seemed to eat my face. I was struggling with it and finally I fought it off by attacking it back and by biting its face. I woke up breathing heavily and manically biting the air in front of me. I was furious. I still had that feeling of fear and someone’s presence but I was more angry than scared. It gave me more self confidence. There are also nights that I try to control it and turn it into positive energy. In high school I tried autohypnosis and since then I know how to focus and relax whole body in a matter of minutes. I also tried meditation and read books about the power of subconscious. By combining this together I feel more confident. I am not that scared of that feeling anymore but I feel it is not right and every night I have to deal with it. And again, is it really evil or we fight it because it is something we don’t understand and we are afraid of?

  • sloinker

    It is amazing what the brain can conjure up with a little suggestion and pre-disposition. What it boils down to is you want to believe and your brain accomodates your wants. I on the other hand think it’s B.S. and have no evil ethereal nightime visits except for the wife.