Alien Abduction of Woman Caught on CCTV?

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Well, it would seem that the in thing now is to show evidence of the unnatural happening on CCTV. This story is no exception as a woman claims to have been abducted and is so fearful of it happening again that she installs CCTV to monitor her bedroom.

The whole thing began in December of 2010 when a woman contacted which is a site that investigates UFOs and related phenomena. Frankly I don’t remember them before this but that doesn’t mean anything as I look at hundreds of sites every week. They do look to be a website worth visiting in the future.

Moving on, the woman who they refer to as Sonia proceeds to make some bold claims. Sonia says that she not only witnessed a UFO but was abducted. She describes in great detail being inside an alien craft while they performed several procedures on her with her own daughter present no less. In fact she insists that a Black Helicopter with dark looking occupants was buzzing her home prior to her UFO experience. Both the helicopter and the UFO which she describes as oval and bright orange/white seemed to be in the exact same location when she witnessed them from her third floor window.

What happens next is Sonia being abducted in the CCTV footage. She disappears from her bed by literally melting into it and then reappearing 13 minutes later.

Lets go to the source for more on this story:

Our Story begins on the 2nd of December 2010. Sonia (We have changed her name to protect her identity) says in her own words “I couldn’t sleep the night it happened the first time, I felt restless. So I go up to check the kids and stretch my legs. That’s when I saw a bright light in the back of the neighboring field. I watched as it got closer, seeming to just moss the trees.”

” I felt as though it was watching me and remember clearly thinking that, but for some reason it didn’t bother me.” Sonia continues: ” I turned to see if there were any lights behind me in the room to see if some reflection could be coming from that way, although I was in a totally dark room. There were no lights, no reflections. When I turned back around, the light was very close to my house and I could see it clearly as I watched it from the third floor window. It seemed to hover about 15 feet off the ground. Strangely I didn’t feel scared.” During our interview she recalled that the object was oval shaped and elongated and was approximately the length of 15 cars put end to end. It was very bright and it had an orangish-white colour to it. Strangely enough she did not recall the UFO event until she was talking about her abduction experience a couple of days later to her Aunt on the telephone.

She recalls that a few days previous to the UFo encounter she had witnessed a black helicopter hovering over the adjacent field to her house. (The same field where the UFO was spotted) Sonia says: “They were hovering at an even height with my house and looking into my third story living room.” She described the occupants as wearing dark suits but what was most bizzare was the intense way that they stared at her through her window. In our opinion this has the hallmark of a classic MIB (Men in Black) encounter. Later during the night after the UFO encounter Sonia was lying in be still unable to sleep when her youngest daughter came in to her room and complained that something was pulling at her leg. Sonia told her daughter that it was perhaps the cat playing with her leg and told her to go back and snuggle up with her older sister.

It was shortly after that incident whilst still awake that Sonia suddenly recalled finding herself lying on her back on something flat in a different place than her room. Her older daughter was kneeling beside her pushing the hair out of Sonia’s face. She recalls her daughter saying, “It’s your turn now mum, don’t be scared, they wont hurt you.”

Sonia then felt herself being pulled by her heel as if down a tunnel and then found herself in yet another room which was criss-crossed with greenish yellow laser like holographic grid lines suspended in the air. She felt like she was floating and also felt like something was poking or prodding her. She described to us as “hearing a strange rhythmic sound which was similar to techno music but more machine like.”

She was subjected to several medical procedures and at times felt terrified. But each time she felt this fear Sonia says, “something covered my brain and reassured me and calmed me down by indicating or was telepathically told don’t be scared.” Sonia, who has suffered from back problems for several years, was very anxious that her conically bad back was going to be injured as her body was manipulated and her legs were being moved. She says that she was told that her back would not be hurt. Sonia says that she was aware of a holographic screen of some sort where she was able to see some of the medical procedures being done. Towards the end of the experience she recalls seeing a very tall creature and because her son is so tall she thought it could be him but was unsure as to why she would see him or if it was really him.

Under hypnosis she was able to see more clearly the creature and described the figure as being tall, skinny with long arms and legs. It had a big head with large round eyes which were dark but appeared to be similar to humans. Strangely the torso and legs didn’t appear to go together but rather meshed together as though it had no waist.

At this point near the end of her experience, Sonia feels as though there was some urgency for the procedures to end and everything was done quite quickly from this point on, in a big rush.

There are some very personal details of this experience that Sonia has requested that we leave out. Suffice it to say that they were not pleasant.

Just as suddenly as Sonia found herself out of her room and in this strange place, she found herself back in her room having been returned from wherever she had been. Sonia continues: “It just seemed as though I was back in my room on my own bed with my husband beside me. It felt like I had left and returned. I was fully aware of what was going on and lying in a different position than when I had been taken, without any clothes on!”

So far this is quite a story but this isn’t all. Next you will witness the actual CCTV footage of ‘Sonia’s’ alleged 13 minute disappearance.

On the fourth night after the initial encounter Sonia’s anxiety had built to sheer terror. She didn’t know how to cope with the fear so her husband, who was becoming more and more concerned about her distress and to assure Sonia that she wasn’t being taken, set up a CCTV camera in their bedroom to allay her fears. Nothing happened the first night but on the second night – 6 days after her first experience, Sonia was taken again but this time it was as she slept.

In the morning she recalled the events of being taken and told her husband who showed Sonia how to view the CCTV footage as he needed to go to work. He believed that the footage would show nothing more than them sleeping which would reassure her. However, to her dismay, as she checked through the footage, she saw something that would change her life forever. She told us, “I was watching it and then it came to a part where I seemed to have disappeared.”

“My husband was at work and my daughters were at home as well as my son. I started to yell because I didn’t know what else to do. It completely shocked me.” Both Sonia’s oldest daughter and son, who is by nature skeptical watched the video in shock (although at first Sonia’s daughter laughed and asked her how she made herself disappear. But when told it was from the camera footage, she was astonished). “I called my husband, totally freaked out by now and he came home right away. He also watched it in shock We operated somewhat in Zombie mode for weeks afterwards. My son, my husband and myself stayed awake until early morning every night and then tried to cope throughout the day with little or no sleep.”

If you watch the footage, it appears to show Sonia and her husband soundly asleep in their bed. But suddenly Sonia seems to ‘melt’ into the mattress and totally dissappear. Nothing happenes on the footage for another 13 minutes, (the tape on our site is fast forwarded to save time) until she appears to materialize back into the bed and pulls the sheet over herself. Her husband turns over and they return to sleep.

Cosmic Conspiracies does not allow embedding of their video, hence the link. The footage that you see is of the original CCTV monitor as they were unable to transfer the file code to PC.

Abduction Footage

To this day Sonia’s strange encounters continue. There are other strange events happening in the family home wihch all of the family members have witnessed. Strange etherial wolves have been seen in the house and loud cougar like growling near the doors. Knocking on the doors and banging on the outside doors has also been heard. The family members attribute these odd things to ‘Jinn’. Muslims believe that Jinn are a creation made from smokeless flame of fire that live on a different plane/dimension and are not bound to space and time in the same way as humans. But like humans, they are crated by God.

As GT readers know, I can’t let anything slide without putting my 2 copper coins in. I don’t know Sonia nor do I want to make a statement either way on this story. What I will do is offer an unbiased observation.

My initial flag is regarding Sonia’s position during her “abduction”. It certainly looks to me like Sonia literally climbs up onto her knees with her head down on the bed. Is this to add drama? Had she just been lying flat would we have noticed the “melting” into the bed surface? Another issue is that both Sonia and her husband seem to be completely covered prior to the disappearance. In fact I don’t see a hand, foot or face from under the spread.

I’ll stop there and let our readers draw their own conclusions. However, I would like to thank Cosmic Conspiracies for their cooperation in allowing me to reproduce documentation from their site.

Quoted material was reproduced with permission from with original story written by: Dave Cosnette

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I grew up in rural NWPA, surrounded in forest. I took an early interest in cryprozoology and sharks and have read many books on various crypto subjects such as Bigfoot and Megalodon over the years. I am not a professional writer or a journalist, but I do the best I can. I have a quirky, obscurely dry and sometimes sarcastic sense of humor than can get me in trouble. Some love me and some hate me, but I am who I am.

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  • fizixnut

    see better videos of this sort of occurance on David Copperfield’s acts.

  • Lea9

    I’m not sure about his at all.

    Doesn’t it seem a little weird how she’s sleeping flat out and so stiff…it made me think of a blow-up doll or something and the way she/it rolls into a ball and then disappears.

    Looks like someone’s trying to finesse it somehow. Something is off about this…

  • JJherts

    As a researcher I would like to have investigated the bed. At College I slept in a double bed made of two singles. It was really easy to slip down the middle. Let’s say the bed was two singles pushed together. It would seem ‘Sonia’ slid in between the beds and then climbed back on in her sleep (or semi sleep). This would be the case if each bed had separate mattress hugging sheets or even a large sheet, and this could only happen if it was a hoax.
    Her movements on return look as if she is climbing back into bed – after sliding out no doubt!
    This is too short a clip to truthfully say that this is an abduction.
    I sincerely hope it is not a hoax as this puts the whole Alien Existence into jeopardy.
    But it look s like hoax to me! Sorry Sonia, You have blown it and Oprah has retired!
    Best not spend those millions yet!

  • probably a true story, but were the perpetrators really aliens, or rather humans performing a secret surveillance project on the population, and she and her doughter being elected as guinea pigs in the project?

    Please also read this:

  • Tt

    Don’took like she’s disappeared anywhere at all as she was kneeling on all fours seconds before supposedly sinking and then fell flat giving a strange appearance of disappearing but in fact still there and a bit of a coincidence that the husband rolls over the second she reappears

  • Richard

    “Sonia and her husband seem to be completely covered prior to the disappearance”

    It’s just the angle and the quality of the video.
    The husband’s head and arm are uncovered and his foot is poorly covered (you can see the bottom of it).
    For the same reason that it is difficult to see the husband’s head and arm (the poor quality and low angle) it would be difficult to see any of Sonia’s protruding appendages as well.
    Regarding Sonia’s change of position:
    The initial phase of the abduction process may very well have begun and caused discomfort which caused her want to assume this position. The initial position of her body was already producing a mound sufficient enough to show the disappearance of her body.
    My concern is the manner in which the blanket drops.
    It would be unusual for that type of blanket to rapidly drop flat like that. You should only get such an effect with time-lapse photography or an assisting force (like a vacuum), but that’s not strong evidence against the credibility of the video. It would be nice if we could contact her and run a test using that actual blanket.
    Just a note:
    A peculiar rise and fall of the blanket occurs at the top of the blanket after the rest of the blanket has already collapsed. There’s also a peculiar rise and movement that occurs at the bottom of the blanket right after that.

  • anomynous

    i have researched alien stories and encounters for the past 5 years and concluded that aliens do EXIST ,but after viewing this viewing with other friends of mine for hours we all votes that it was fake as you see in the video when she so called disappeared there was a peep where she was either used a trick slid beside the bed but if she did she would have had a lot of motion but whenn she did came back it looks like she had RISEN UP i clearly say that the video is false.

  • We would happily do an article on your research, methods and results. Can you include sources?

  • It is something new and interesting news i read ever. I can not believe that Alien alive but after read the above post i’ll think about it.

  • Leo

    Guys I am here because last night and I am not kidding, I was paralized something that happen before but last night it was more intense, I am going to explain first what happen before I got paralized, on my left ear it started like an strong sound like airplain and quikly became more loud like strong wind with a very acute sound, I dont know well how to explain but it was very disturbing, inmediatly I started to panic, then I saw entering on my room two things like people and they standed in front of my face, they were with same hight and they were very short, I could see there heads and body I couldnt identified them well because of darkness in my room, I was trying to call my roomate screaming desperate but it was imposible, then they star doing somethin in my ear, all that probably last like 20 second, it was scary and, when I woke up my face was very pale and my left ear was humming with acute sound and it las for hours even until I woke up in the morning at nine o’clock. I dont know if that dream or a nightmare but it was very real for me. :/

  • Look up hypnagogia, or sleep paralysis.

  • a friend

    Not to scare u dude but those were demonic forces. Aliens are nothing but demon spirits in disguise. They are evil and they lie. If you do not believe in God, then they will continue to haunt you. What you experienced was very real. If u do believe in Jesus, anoint your houses doors and windows with oil in the name of Jesus Christ and command any demon to leave in the name of Jesus

  • joel

    where can i find the video tape?

  • Rory MacNeil

    Mention Jesus Christ around the soulless drak eyed fucks and see what happens

  • jake

    I have a lifetime of ObEs and some rare alien encounters. The mechanics of the precursor ObE and the mechanics of Abduction are similar,, sometimes identical.. Loud sound, paralysis, strobing energetic sensations, vibrations,, energetic after effects,, sense of presence in the room,, seeing the presence in the room.. There is the ‘Dweller on the Threshold’ phenomenon, which are not aliens or demons, but Autoscopic Phenomenon..

    Beyond the ‘Dweller’ phenomenon,, there are inter and extra dimensional beings,, mostly malevolant bastards… Demons, if you must use Biblical Termanology… Invoking the name of a Diety or Archangel will only work if one deeply believes in these beings… Many of these beings are non-physical, astral beings. Some of them are actual physical beings that are Astral Projecting,, and have gained mastery over the mechanics of the Astral… Some of them are physical beings abducting people physically…

    I wrote a book about my experiences,, It is free,, You can download or view it from here….

    This is a real phenomenon that is going to take much more thought to sort out… Djin type ETs are nasty buggers, yet very real….

    Love to all

  • You are describing sleep paralysis, hypnogogia.

  • jake

    Sleep paralysis occurs for everyone.. Hypnogogic illusory visuals and sensations fall into specific catagories.. The fully conscious OBE is another catagory unto itself….

    My freind,, YOU are describing sleep paralysis, hpnogogia… I am describing fully consious OBEs.. BIG DIFFERENCE..

    I drop into trance easily… Sleep paralysis sets in when muscle tone drops and the Hypnogogic Hallucinations are obvious discharges.. NOT the same as OBE… lol….

    Many of my OBEs are coming into wakefulness from sleep. That isn’t even the hypnogogic state. It is the HypnoPompic state… Yes the same type of ‘hallucinations’ can occur,, but it is much different phasing into sleep, than phasing back into wakefulness,, and you can tell the difference if you pay attention.. To pass off other experiences as hallucinations is really ignoring about 95% of the information gleaned from being beyond the physical body…

    I am REFERRING to Hypnogogic ‘visuals’,,, but i am talking about fully conscious obeS.. :) Perfectly verifyable and amazing… You shouldn’t naysay… :)

    I’ve been told i was hallucinating my whole life… hahahaha… You can’t compare hypnogogic hallucinations to a full on OBE… It is described in neuropsychological circles as two completely different types of Hallucination.. In fact,,, the word HALLUCINATION was never intended to denote that an ‘experiential’ element was involved.. They definately have different words for a full blown hallucination… Hypnogogic hallucinations will be brief sensory stimuli that you can,, litterally,,, watch them taper off if you are in a good deep trance… They discharge just like random thoughts do…

    If you wait for them to pass,,, you can delve into deeper states of being,,, including but not limited to… OBE..

    Thank you Henry,,, But i noted the difference manymany years ago.. There is MUCH more updated information than brushing them aside and calling them Hallucinations… lol.. There ARE hypnogogic hallucinations… You can’t lump OBEs in with that,, not anymore, my friend.. You should update your ‘facts’.. Do a little more research…

    Do you simply tell folks they are hallucinating,, as a solution??


    Cheers to all….

  • steve

    Owning a sleep number bed with duel bladders I could fake this all day long. Just have the remote in your hand and let the air out of your side and the other side stays inflated. The foam edges around the bladder keeps the sides up. Nothing but someone looking for their 15 MI uses of fame.

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