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According to the following DailyMail article, the first proper crop circle of the season sprouted in Wiltshire, UK.

The 100 foot circle was discovered overnight in a field of oil seed rape. No information given if there will be a follow up investigation, but I don’t doubt that some Ufologist is already at the site taking samples.
Although a lot of the crop circles have been debunked as hoaxes or art projects, there are still those that remain unexplained. Those are the circles that appear over night, at times within only a few hours, and there are the ones that appeared centuries ago. The phenomena is not new.

The unseasonably warm spring weather has not only brought forward many summer flowers – it has sparked the usual round of crop circles.

An elaborate 100ft circle which appeared overnight has caused a stir after it was found in a field of oil seed rape near Silbury Hill, Wiltshire.

The extraordinary floral creation is comprised of six interlocking ‘petal’ like crescents.

The ancient site, the tallest prehistoric man-made mound in Europe, is considered a hot spot for the bizarre phenomena and this new design proves the crop circle season is now under way.

Expert Lucy Pringle, widely known as an international authority on crop circles, believes this is the first ‘proper’ design of the year.

She added: ‘The start of the season is always exciting, I never know what’s going to happen for the rest of the year.

‘The latest circle is a floral pattern, I’ve never seen this before. There’s never been one identical to another.’

Miss Pringle, from Petersfield, Hants, is a founder member of the Centre for Crop Circle Studies.

She has conducted years of research in to the physiological and psychological effects reported by people after visiting the formations.

She says her findings suggest there are measured changes in human hormones and brain activity following contact with the circles.

The new ‘floral’ design is the latest in a long line of patterns to be spotted in the UK over the years.

Previous formations have included stars, triangles, birds, complicated three dimensional geometric shapes and even intricate patterns with hidden mathematical codes.

One, discovered in 2008 near Wroughton in Wiltshire, was thought to represent the first ten digits of pi, the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter.

  • Scientia

    My apologies for not getting the following post to you as early as I was expecting. Some interesting ‘discoveries’ on DNA occurred during the writing of the Arecibo Reply which I looked into further and will share with you.

    I also wrote a post on an interesting Extraterrestrial crop formation in Poirino, Italy which readers should hopefully find enlightening. Scroll to the end of the page.

    The BEST Thing Humanity can do is get EXCITED! Confidence is HIgh!!!

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    The Arecibo Message was broadcast from the Earth’s largest single dish transmitter, the 305 meter (1000 feet) Arecibo radio telescope, which is located in Puerto Rico, USA on November 16, 1974 (USA Message). The radio telescope is the one shown in the movie GoldenEye and the message was sent towards a cluster of stars called M13 in the Hercules constellation.

    The USA Message consisted of 1679 ‘binary bits’ of information and was sent at a frequency of 2,380 MHz. The number 1679 was selected because it was a multiple of two primes 23 and 73 which meant that there was only way to visually read the message 23 columns along and 73 rows down. If the message was read the other way it provided no meaning.

    The transmission frequency is important as it SETS the physical length of one Unit in the USA Message. The frequency of 2,380 MHz means a wavelength of 12.5963 cm or 4.9592 inches for the signal which is equivalent to 1 Unit in the message. The calculation is the ‘speed’ of light which is 299,792,458 m/s divided by the signal frequency of 2,380,000,000 Hz which equals about 0.126 meters. So if the message says something is 10 Units in physical reality it is about 1.26 meters or 4 feet 1.59 inches. So you get the picture that the frequency at which the USA Message was sent and hence received is important for two values namely the height of a human person and the diameter of the radio telescope.

    Click on the link below if you want to get the full picture but basically what meaning the USA Message contains, apart from the implied ‘Hi, we are here’, is the following:

    (i) the numbers 1 to 10 are set out in binary;
    (ii) the 5 elements found in DNA;
    (iii) the number of individual atoms of the 5 elements which are found in each of the four DNA nucleotides;
    (iv) the total number of nucleotide pairs found in the DNA of a human person;
    (v) a visual representation of the arrangement of the nucleotides in a ‘U’ shaped DNA ‘helix’;
    (vi) a picture of a human person with a small head and large body;
    (vii) the physical height of a human person;
    (viii) the human population number as at November 1974;
    (ix) a graphic representation of the Solar System and on which planet human people are found;
    (x) a graphic of the transmitting radio telescope; and
    (xi) the physical diameter of the radio telescope dish.



    Anyway, fast forward 25 years to 1999. This is the year that the USA Message was re-transmitted at a radio frequency of 5,010 MHz by the 70 meter (230 feet) Yevpatoria RT-70 radio telescope in Yevpatoria, Ukraine (the Human Message).

    This re-transmission was at a higher frequency than the original 3,280 MHz for the USA Message. This is important for anyone that received the message because it makes the average ‘human’s’ height and the radio telescope diameter in the message over two times smaller from a real physical perspective.

    The calculation is 299,792,458 m/s divided by 5,010,000,000 Hz which gives a Unit length of 5.9839 cm or 2.3559 inches. So one of the things the Human Message is saying because of its higher frequency is that human people are on average about 84 cm or 2 feet 9 inches tall rather than the original message units which would have meant a height of about 1.76 meters or 5 feet 9 inches. Note that a human person is represented as 14 Units in height in the message.

    It is understood that the Human Message was sent 4 times by the Yevpatoria RT-70 radio telescope and one of those times either the Earth’s Moon or Mars was in the way of the re-transmissions which occurred between May and July 1999.

    So why is the Human Message important? Well I’m glad you asked.


    The following year in August 2000 an interesting Crop Circle or as I like to call it an Extraterrestrial Living Matter (ELM) formation was found in a field next to the Chilbolton Observatory, a 25 meter (82 feet) meteorological radar, in Chilbolton, UK. This large detailed Extraterrestrial crop formation contained a visual representation of an Extraterrestrial Communication Device’ which had a large center circle with decreasingly smaller half-circles forming at each side.

    Well the really interesting part, the following year 2001 again in August and in the SAME field in Chilbolton as the above ‘Communication Device’ formation, the Extraterrestrial people ‘sent’ a reply to the Human Message in the form of another ELM or crop formation (the Extraterrestrial Reply). For photos of the Extraterrestrial Communication Device and the Extraterrestrial Reply refer to:

    The Extraterrestrial Reply was pointing towards the Chilbolton Observatory to indicate this is in response to Humanity’s radio signal message. An important point about the Extraterrestrial Reply is that this massive August formation was set out in a 23 row by 73 column grid and contained 1679 ‘bits’ which was the same number of bits as the Human Message and was displayed in ‘dark’ and ‘light’ hues in the plants.

    The Extraterrestrial Reply had some interesting details in it. The most important are:

    1. The Extraterrestrial people included a ‘joke’ by adding the element Silicon (atomic number 14) as part of the constituent elements of their nucleotides even though Silicon wasn’t actually used in the chemical make-up for the nucleotides 🙂 This is probably in response to the ‘super-human’ DNA nucleotide pair total.

    2. The Extraterrestrial DNA nucleotide pair total (or genome number) is 4,294,966,110 which is 524,288 more than the ‘enhanced-human’ genome number that was sent of 4,294,441,822. Current human thinking is that a human person’s genome total is about 3 to 3.2 billion nucleotide pairs. So an extra about 1.1 to 1.3 billion nucleotide pairs were added to the human genome number making humans appear more complex from an evolutionary standpoint. Giving the people who composed the message the benefit of the doubt, let’s say it was a joke.

    Note that the Extraterrestrial people in their message included the first bit of their genome number as a ‘1’ rather than a ‘0’ which makes their genome have an ‘odd’ total but it seems as though that is just another joke in response to the ‘complex-human’ genome number. One last point is that the Extraterrestrial genome number is probably not a billion more than the actual Human genome but is approximately half a million or about 0.02% more. For those interested, I will provide the probable total in my next post.

    3. The DNA ‘helix’ is visually represented by a 5-lined ‘zigzag’ comprised of 15 nucleotide pairs. What the Extraterrestrial message is clearly saying is that there are 15 nucleotide pairs per turn of the DNA ‘helix’ and not the way it is represented in the Human Message of 10.5 nucleotide pairs per turn. The Extraterrestrial people use ‘V’s to represent the nucleotide pairs in a ‘helical’ form and not ‘U’s like the Human Message. The Extraterrestrial Reply like the Human Message has the Carbon element column running though the middle of the person.

    An EXCELLENT point made by the Extraterrestrial people is that the underlying geometry of the DNA ‘helix’ is PENTAGONAL!

    This reminds me of the movie line ‘Number 5 is ALIVE!’.

    The 15-base pair per turn of the DNA ‘helix’ is VERIFIED by the repeating 6-base pair pattern in Telomeres and interested readers should refer to my next post for details. The above obviously has GREAT implications for the way that Humanity presently thinks the DNA and also RNA ‘helices’ are formed! Molecular bond lengths and angles as well as and element atomic radii will have to be updated to be congruent with tighter DNA and RNA ‘helices’.

    Someone should let the IUPAC and scientists in general know about the 15-base pair DNA ‘helix’ so that this knowledge can be standardized.

    Side Note: During the writing of this post two Extraterrestrial crop formations were reported on July 4, 2011 which are located in Wiltshire in the UK and appear to be linked to what is happening at moment in relation to DNA. I will provide details in my next post.

    4. The Extraterrestrial people are on average 100.8 cm or about 3 feet 7 inches tall with a large head and large eyes. The Extraterrestrial people obviously deduced the correct UNIT size of 12.60 cm in the Human Message. They superimposed some additional detail to the picture of the Extraterrestrial person in form of a mouth and what appears to be an emblem on their chest.

    5. The Extraterrestrial population number is 12,876,429,182 (12.9 billion). They also added some additional information in the population section, by adding a ‘smiley’ face to the population binary number. They did this not by changing any of the ‘bits’ value but by superimposing an ^ as a nose and a curved line for a mouth. The eyes were already 0 ‘bits’ in the population number. It’s like saying ‘Happy greetings from the Extraterrestrial population’. Interesting to note that the Extraterrestrial population number (as at August 2001) is to the person and the Human Message population number as at (November 1974) of 4,292,853,750 (4.3 billion) is to the nearest, what appears to be, 10th person.

    6. The planets Earth, Mars, and four moons of Jupiter were superscripted in the message indicating that this is where they live. Refer to the following link for Extraterrestrial infrastructure and installations on Mars.

    7. The ‘Communication Device’ in the Extraterrestrial Reply is a less detailed version of the previous year’s Extraterrestrial ‘Communication Device’ crop formation. The Communication Device has a signal range diameter of about 1,363.93 meters (4474 feet 10 inches) if exact frequency calculations are used.

    Typically, ELM or Crop Circle formations are created by pods or pod pairs that are much smaller in ‘physical’ size than their signal range. Video of these pods creating a formation in about 20 seconds can be seen at the following link:

    I compiled the binary number translations for the Human Message and the Extraterrestrial Reply by re-creating both 1679 bit messages in visual form to perform the analysis. Other people on the Internet have completed their own analyses but their numbers are either different for some parts of the message of they do not provide values.

    So there it is friends, the long awaited reply from our neighbors and friends who are GOOD, the Extraterrestrial people. Humanity just had to wait another 10 years from when the Extraterrestrial Reply was ‘sent’ to better understand it.


    I would also like to take this opportunity to conduct an EXPERIMENT with the Extraterrestrial people to see if they can be PROVEN to exist ‘a priori’ (before the fact). It has been PROVEN from the evidence (i.e. the huge number of third party documents, photos, videos etc) that Extraterrestrial people exist ‘a posteriori’ (after the fact).

    What I propose is that (a) the Extraterrestrial people have the means and know-how to monitor communications, including the Internet; and (b) if so they are monitoring this communication and I would like to ask them to create an ELM Formation (Crop Circle) that is proximate to Stonehenge in the UK which contains the following information coded in ASCII and delivered some time before the next Solstice:

    (i) The 8-letter word Scientia;
    (ii) The name Extraterrestrial people would like to be called in the English language; and
    (iii) The number of Earth years they have inhabited the Solar System.

    Let’s see how the experiment progresses and whether the Extraterrestrial people once and for ALL, before and after the fact, can be PROVEN to exist to Humanity.

    The BEST thing Humanity can do is get EXCITED! Confidence is HIgh!!!

  • Valkyrie

    Yup, there it is. Great.

  • Valkyrie

    Scientia you’ll be so sorry if the aliens make a crop circle with me, MY face on it. Ha ha.

  • RednGreen

    Welcome back Scienta!

  • paranormal puppy

    Hi Scientia I am going to ask you some questions Please understand these are questions and not a way to put you down I want to know more thats all

    If the aliens have enough advance technology to contact us why would they not do not do this seriously instead of crop circles IE radio transmissions or alien envoys?

    If they are truly trying to send us a message why are they including a sense of humor surely they must know that we are not an accepting people and making jokes would make us believe less not more? How could we take them seriously?

    I believe the last video you linked us to was proven to be faked so how can it be used for serious evidence?

  • paranormal puppy

    One more thing expert Lucy pringle said this

    ‘The latest circle is a floral pattern, I’ve never seen this before. There’s never been one identical to another.’
    If this is true why wouldnt the aliens repeat the formation until we got it in our thick skulls that they are trying to send us a message.

  • sloinker

    Maybe the aliens are idiot savants? Perhaps scientia is an alien?

  • Valkyrie
  • Scientia

    Just a post to see if this will help to show the page for my DNA post which seems to be missing.

  • Scientia

    The following two posts are a resend (with minor edits) of my comments of July 15, 2011.

  • Scientia

    I refer to my previous post.


    The 5 elements that are found in DNA are Hydrogen (H), Carbon (C), Nitrogen (N), Oxygen (O) and Phosphorous (P) all of which were set out in both the Human Message and the Extraterrestrial Reply (the Communication). The Communication also provided the atom composition of the four nucleotides found in DNA.

    A nucleotide is a molecule comprised of the following smaller molecules: (i) a phosphate molecule; (ii) a deoxyribose molecule; and (iii) a nucleobase. The phosphate molecule is considered a chemical ‘salt’, the deoxyribose molecule a ‘sugar’ and the nucleobase a ‘base’. The four bases in DNA are Cytosine, Guanine, Thymine and Adenine.

    The bases have the following properties:

    Cytosine: 12 atoms (4:H, 4:C, 3:N, 1:O) with a mass of 57 amu (atomic mass units);
    Guanine: 15 atoms (4:H, 5:C, 5:N, 1:O) with a mass of 77 amu;

    Thymine: 14 atoms (5:H, 5:C, 2:N, 2:O) with a mass of 65 amu; and
    Adenine: 14 atoms (4:H, 5:C, 5:N) with a mass of 69 amu.

    Note that three of the above bases have 5 Carbon atoms and only one, Cytosine, has 4 Carbon atoms. The bases naturally pair with Cytosine (c) and Guanine (G) forming one ‘base pair’ and Thymine (T) and Adenine (A) forming the other. The cG base pair contains 27 atoms in total and the TA base pair has 28 atoms. What this means is that there is a base pair cG with an ‘odd’ number of atoms and a base pair TA with an ‘even’ number of atoms!

    The ‘odd’ and ‘even’ base pairs are an interesting and very useful fact but what is even more intriguing is when you calculate the mass in atomic units of the base pairs you get 134 amu for each base pair.

    The DNA sugar and salt have the following characteristics:

    Deoxyribose: 13 atoms (7:H, 5:C, 1:O) and a mass of 45 amu; and
    Phosphate: 5 atoms (4:0, 1:P) and a mass of 47 amu.

    We now have all the constituent parts to determine the total number of atoms and atomic unit masses of both nucleotide pairs. The nucleotide pair containing the cG base pair has 63 atoms and the nucleotide pair containing the TA base pair has 64 atoms. Similar to the base pairs, there is an ‘odd’ and ‘even’ nucleotide pair and each nucleotide pair has an atomic unit mass of 318 amu.

    From a stability perspective the atomic unit masses are very important as they allow very closely ordered arrangements of the molecules. The ‘balanced’ atomic unit masses of the base pairs and nucleotide pairs together with the closely matched atomic unit masses of 45 amu for the DNA sugar and 47 amu for the DNA salt means that the DNA is a relatively stable molecule from a horizontal (X), vertical (Y), and axial perspective (Z).


    The RNA molecule is comprised of a different DNA pentose sugar (ribose) and uses Uralic (U) in the place of Thymine for its base pairs. The atomic composition of Uracil and ribose are as follows:

    Uracil: 11 atoms (3:H, 4:C, 2:N, 2:O) with a mass of 57 amu; and
    Ribose: 14 atoms (7:H, 5:C, 2:0) with a mass of 53 amu.

    The ‘lighter’ UA base pair consists of 25 atoms and the ‘heavier’ cG base pair has 27 atoms as in DNA. So there are two ‘odd’ base pairs in RNA. As ribose has an additional Oxygen atom when compared to deoxyribose (de-oxygenated ribose) it means that the total atom count for the UA nucleotide pair is 63 atoms and for the cG nucleotide pair is 65 atoms.

    The UA and cG base pairs do not have the same atomic unit mass with the UA base pair being atomically ‘lighter’ by 8 amu at 126 amu when compared to the cG base pair of 134 amu. Interestingly, the phosphate molecule’s atomic unit mass of 45 amu is also 8 amu ‘lighter’ than that of ribose at 53 amu. The atomic unit mass for the UA nucleotide pair is 326 amu and for the cG nucleotide pair is 334 amu.

    The difference in atomic unit masses of UA when compared to cG and the RNA salt when compared to the RNA sugar would explain why RNA does not have the same stability as DNA in its form.


    What is also very interesting is that the received radio Extraterrestrial Message in line three of block 25 the numbers 12 and 15 are considered to be in the set JAV. Line four in the same block contains the numbers 63 and 64 and 65 and again these numbers are in the set JAV. These consecutive lines appear to be a reference to the number of atoms in the c and G bases which have 12 and 15 atoms respectively and the number of atoms in the nucleotide pairs in DNA and RNA which can only be 63, 64 and 65 atoms. The set JAV in general appears to be applicable to DNA and RNA mathematical calculations!

    Note that the cG nucleotide pair is found in both DNA and RNA although the number of atoms is 63 in DNA and 65 in RNA.

    The fact that reference is made to the number of atoms in the individual c and G bases is important and it implies directional properties to the partial constituents found in both DNA and RNA. This means that the ‘starting’ strand of DNA and RNA is important in calculations.

    Note that the set JAV also contains positive integers including 0 but does not contain negative values or fractions. The operators used for the set JAV are addition, multiplication and exponentiation but NOT division or subtraction. The following link provides details of the source documents from the NSA detailing the Extraterrestrial Message.

    The fact that the Extraterrestrial Message contains a mathematical reference to DNA and RNA is super important. You heard it here FIRST!


    During the writing of this post a two-part ELM or Extraterrestrial crop formation was reported in Alton Barnes in the UK on July 4, 2001.


    The first part of the formation consisted of 4 stylized scorpions at 4 vertices of an underlying Pentagon. The scorpion is an arthropod with a 3-segment body and my interpretation is that the 4 stylized scorpions cleverly represent Cytosine which as mentioned above is found in both DNA and RNA. Cytosine has 4 Carbon atoms and 12 atoms in total. The 4 stylized scorpions also look like the letter C.

    The second part or completing the pair if you will is the addition of the 5th stylized scorpion which now represents Guanine which has 5 carbon atoms and 15 atoms in total. The strong claws of the stylized scorpions are also in the shape of two mirror images of the letter G. In addition, the stepped pyramid which is composed of 13 sides or parts is a reference to deoxyribose which has 13 atoms. When the top starting circle is added to the stepped pyramid it becomes 5 levels and this is probably a reference to phosphate which has 5 atoms.

    There are also 5 arcs around the central circle pentagon. If each arc is considered the partial circumference of a circle, then 5 circles can be drawn from the arcs with each circle containing 2 stylized scorpions. When adjacent circles are considered then one of those scorpions is common to both circles so that there are 3 scorpions in two adjacent circles. If the connecting stepped pyramid and starting circle is repeated by the number of starting circles in the formation at the points between the arcs then you get 5 times 3 which is 15 stylized scorpions and this can represent the number of base pairs in a DNA double helix.

    Note that deoxyribose has 5 carbon atoms and this could be represented by the underlying pentagon. So the PENTAGONAL nature of LIFE really stems from the Carbon atom.

    The second July 4, 2011 formation has a ‘hexagon’ inscribed within the far large circle pointing towards the DNA ‘Pentagonal Scorpion’ formation.


    This ‘hexagon’ represents the Carbon atom which has an atomic number of 6. The code which again is clever is a cascade of one number overlaid over another number. There is only one way to read the numbers in the code and that is by starting at the Carbon end and when all possible numbers are extracted from the cascading numbers you get 3.26925360 which is a number correct to 8 decimal places. When the ‘double starting’ circles are taken into account, which are on either side of a ‘negative’ sign, you get the numbers plus or minus 3.26925360. When I did a Google search on the positive number there was only 1 result. That was an XML (Extensible Markup Language) file that detailed the 15th point of the Longitudinal Y Co-ordinates -3.26925360E-04 of the computed phonon modes of a Raman spectroscopy for the mineral Disthene (Al2Si05).

    The actual ‘interactive’ page which it appears uses data from the XML file allows you to visualize the atomic displacement patterns corresponding to each phonon. The page is from the WURM project whose ‘aim is to build a freely accessible web-based database of computed Raman spectra for minerals.’ Note that Density Functional Theory is used in the computations.

    My interpretation is that this is confirmation from the Extraterrestrial people of a 15-base pair per turn DNA double helix which should be able to be determined in a Raman spectroscopy. There should also be more of this kind of experimental and computational data on physical systems being provided to the public and governments and science organizations should be assisting in gathering, computing and publishing this type of data.


    Interestingly, the number Phi (1.61803399) to 8 decimal placed was correctly encoded in an ELM or Extraterrestrial crop formation that appeared in Wiltshire in the UK on the June Solstice in 2010. It was positioned next to a group of about 1,000 trees which had been previously planted in the shape of a ‘heart’ by a local resident. It appears that the placement of the crop formation next to the ‘heart’ was to indicate that it was ‘Sent with Love’.


    The link below provides a DNA sequence of 2700 bases which includes the AMY 1 gene of Arabidopsis Thaliana, a flowering plant from the mustard (Brassicaceae) family which is used in plant and organic genetics as a model organism because it has a fairly compact genome of about 157 million base pairs. There are 1693 ‘even’ base pairs and 1007 ‘odd’ base pairs and the percentage of ‘even’ base pairs to total base pairs (2700) is within 1.46 % of 1/Phi. If a weighting of 2 is given to the ‘even’ base pairs and 1 to the ‘odd’ base pairs the total is 4393 and this number divided by the number of base pairs (2700) is within 0.56% of Phi.

    It appears as though areas of high gene expression have higher concentrations of one type of base pair as compared to the other and it appears as though the overall relationship in genes in very much related to Phi.

    The series 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144… has been discovered by many cultures in the Universe and from a human perspective it appears as though the Indians were the original publishers of the sequence which in Europe was attributed to Fibonacci. The sequence comprises of an even followed by two odd numbers. In the above series zero is considered even. So to get an even number in the series you add the two previous odd numbers and to get an odd number you add the previous even and odd numbers.

    The fastest way to get to Phi is to divide 1+v5 by 2. Note that Phi is closely related to the number 5 and can even be calculated using the addition, multiplication and exponent operators which expressed in ‘fives’ is 0.5+0.5* (5^0.5). In the Extraterrestrial Message the square root of 5 is contained in the set JEV which itself contains the set JAV.

    The number Phi is closely related to organic life and in any organism typically represents itself in the form of a Fibonacci number. In people you have 5 fingers on each hand and 5 toes on each foot, in sunflowers you have two interlaced spirals, clockwise one of 55 seeds and counter-clockwise of 89 seeds, arthropods have either 3 or 5 body segments etc.

    The reason there are 4 bases in DNA (c, G, T, A) and RNA (c, G, U, A) is because they form natural complementary nucleotide pairs cG and TA in DNA (63 and 64 atoms respectively) and UA and cG in RNA (63 and 65 atoms respectively). These can be considered as binary pairs and one can apply mathematical principles to DNA and RNA such as odd and even functions.

    Binary is the most efficient method for encoding information. Nucleotide pairs are considered nature’s Organic Binary and are constituted in DNA and RNA in what appears to be Phi like series.


    The Extraterrestrial genome number of 4,294,966,110, mentioned in my previous post, apart from being wholly divisible by 15 is also wholly divisible by 6. Telomeres which are located at the ends of the DNA molecule take the form of 6 base pairs TA, TA, AT, Gc, Gc, Gc which repeat (Telomere pattern). One turn of a 15-base pair per turn DNA double helix will repeat the Telomere pattern 2.5 times whereas two turns of the same DNA double helix will repeat the Telomere pattern exactly 5 times. So in a 15-base pair per turn DNA double helix the Telomere pattern completely repeats without breaks every two turns.

    If the DNA double helix is 10 base pairs per turn then 3 turns or 30 base pairs would be required to completely repeat the Telomere Pattern without breaks. If the DNA double helix is 10.5 base pairs per turn then this would require 4 turns or 42 base pairs. If the DNA double helix is 11 base pair per turn then 6 turns or 66 base pairs would be required. As 12 base pairs per turn is not considered a viable option, consequently two turns of the DNA double helix is the minimum number of turns for the Telomere pattern to completely repeat and this is ONLY found in a 15-base pair per turn double helix!

    Note that the Extraterrestrial genome number is also wholly divisible by 30 which would suggest that the DNA double helix must have an EVEN number of turns. Therefore, the Extraterrestrial people’s DNA genome number is probably 524,280 more base pairs than the human genome number. This additional 524,280 base pair number is the closest number to 524,288 which is wholly divisible by 30 (two turns of the DNA double helix) and is also the Extraterrestrial person’s genome number less the ‘enhanced’ Human person’s genome number.

    One final point on Telomeres is that if a weighting of 2 for an ‘even’ base pair and 1 for an ‘odd’ base pair are applied to the Telomere Pattern then a value of 1.5 is obtained. This value is half-way between 1 and 2 and would explain why this region is ‘neutral’ from a DNA perspective.

    So again, you heard it here FIRST!

    I will let people in the IUPAC know of the above so that it can be incorporated into the knowledge base.

    The BEST Thing Humanity can do is get EXCITED! Confidence is HIGH!!!

  • Scientia

    Thanks Valkyrie and RednGreen for the warm welcome. I can’t wait to start reading some of stories that I have been missing.

    Interestingly, on July 13, 2011, the same day as my Arecibo reply post, three new ELM or Extraterrestrial crop formations appeared in the UK. Two double spirals and an interesting 3 circle formation appeared at Stonehenge which was mentioned and photos linked in by Valkyrie. It is almost like an acknowledgment receipt that ‘The Experiment’ has been ‘received’. When and if the requested information is provided by the Extraterrestrial people we will just to wait and see. 🙂

    @ paranormal puppy – it take two to tango. Both parties have to want to meet and make it happen. When the Arecibo message was rebroadcast the first part of the reply came back the following year 2000. The main part of the reply came the year after that 2001 and the picture of the Extraterrestrial person holding the CD the year after that 2002.

    I am sure that the Extraterrestrial people have tried to make ‘official’ contact with humanity. The Extraterrestrial Message whose radio signal apparently was received almost 54 years ago was only released in April of this year, 2011. It is only now that everyone seems to be ready to take it to the next level.

    The reason they included a joke is because humanity started it with the ‘super-human’ DNA. If you don’t make it a joke and take the human message seriously it would be perceived as a very poor attempt at deception. So it has to be seen as a joke and the Extraterrestrial people responded in kind.

    The pods that created the Extraterrestrial crop formations are real and so is the video. You can see it for yourself. If you want to find out more then do some research. It’s all on the Internet.

    The reason the Extraterrestrial people don’t tend to repeat things is because it gets boring doing the same thing all the time. Variety is the spice of life and by doing things differently it allows you to understand more about the Extraterrestrial people.

    Thanks for the questions.

    The BEST thing Humanity can do is get EXCITED! Confidence is HIGH!!!