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I like how Hollywood sees success in some movie formula (Blair Witch, Paranormal Activity) and rehashes over and over and over again. The other day I watched 8213: Gacy House and I felt that although it was kind of terrorizing at parts, the whole plot and execution of the movie was premature. It lacked depth and character development. Not that I’m a Hollywood writer or anything, but that’s what I picked up. It’s as if whoever wrote the film wanted to capitalize on the ghost hunting boom and paranormal activity success.

Well the Weisntein Co. is betting that their new paranormal project will bring them loads of money. Set to be released on January 27, 2012, The Amityville Horror: The Lost Tapes is yet another movie based on the popular Amityville Horror franchise. The Lost Tapes is the story of newly found footage in the Amityville house à la Blair Witch style.

Full source: Hollywood Reporter

Dimension Films and Miramax are joining forces to produce the sequel The Amityville Horror: The Lost Tapes.

While Bob and Harvey Weinstein, who head Dimenson’s parent, the Weinstein Co., made an unsuccessful bid last year to buy Miramax, which they originally founded, from Disney, they subsequently struck a deal with Miramax’s new owners to partner on sequels and TV projects.

Dimension has acquired a new screenplay by Casey La Scala and Daniel Farrands, who are both set to direct the movie, which will begin filming this summer for a projected Jan. 27, 2012 release.

The original Amityville, which hit theaters in 1979 and was based on supposedly true events, has spun off a series of sequels and DVD titles. Dimension rebooted the title in 2005 with a remake called The Amityville Horror.

The premise this time will be built around “found footage” discovered through an investigation into the haunted house. Jason Blum, who has had success in the found footage genre with the two Paramormal Activity movies, will produce along with La Scala and Daniel Farrands. Bob and Harvey Weinstein will serve as executive producers.

Bob Weinstein and Miramax CEO Mike Lang announced the project Sunday in Cannes.

“We are thrilled to return to the mythology of the Amityville Horror with a new and terrifying vision that will satisfy our existing fans and also introduce an entirely new audience to this popular haunting phenomenon,” Weinstein said.

  • Carlos

    I am sure the owners of the house just love that Hollywood can’t keep itself from making these movies. When the remake was made, there was very little effort to remind folks that “The Amityville Horror” was a hoax cooked up by the Lutz family and Butch DeFeo’s lawyer. There were no demons or boogeymen. Just money to be made and an insanity defense to use. So I don’t expect this time to be any different.

    When the legend becomes fact, print the legend.

  • moe

    the lutz family passed a lie detector test regarding the hauntings. fact

  • Henry

    A lie detector will register that you believe something to be true, not that it is true.

  • Frank

    Why does everyone take at face value that the Amityville Horror was a hoax. I have been researching this story for years and I am very convinced that what the Lutz family went through was real and there are many people who can back this up. I just can’t stand the fact that some people because of reading one or two things on the internet are so assured that this family that went through “horror” just made it all up. In fact, there is an upcoming movie that is being put out by Chris Lutz (the son of Kathy Lutz) called “My Amityville Horror” that will end up shedding alot of light on all this hoax crap and what really happened.

  • Sahara

    They say if you read or watch the video above (Which yiou can’t and go figures.. Get it ? Because of the things that go on in the house, you can’t view it. That’s why Youtube won’t let you see it.) you will die… Or write a book about, you will die… My theory…………..<///3

  • Chelsea

    Oh god. I watched 8213: Gacy House and was excited, thinking it would actually be a good movie. I was sorely disappointed. Bad acting and horrible directing aside, it could’ve been a potentially good movie… It did give me a few chills (the scene where they are debunking the shadow on the bedroom wall, I was watching it and my daughter had been playing with a balloon and came and got in my lap. New balloon. No holes. When they mentioned debunking the ghost and the balloon popped. Scary shit, right there) but other than that, it was mediocre at best.

    Amityville is extremely overplayed and quite honestly, I will be quite pleased when Hollywood tires of its story line.

    But DAMN was Ryan Reynolds sexy as a crazy possessed father.

  • Pissed

    2011 amityville is the last shit! It has absolutly nothing to do with the old movies! I do not know what or better who had the crap idea to make the film in blair witch style. But he was simply drunk!
    Crap crap crap!
    I closed the movie after 5 minutes.