Friday Video: Boggy Creek II MST3000 Style

There are times when I look back on the fond memories of my youth and times I even remember those fond memories. Luckily, this is one of those times.

I first saw The Legend of Bogey Creek with my best friend, I think we were around 11 or 12 which makes sense since the film came out in 1972. It was on at the drive in that summer and my friends parents took us to see it. There was plenty of anticipation as we amped up on candy and soda as we sat on our sleeping bags in front of the family pickup they had. Of course we were also quite aware that we were exposed on both sides and this drive in was cut into a swath of land butted up against the Allegheny National Forest. We were literally surrounded by mountains of forestland. What better place for a giant crazed monster to hide while waiting for an opportunity to grab two young boys.

The night air was cool in those days in NWPA and as we settled in to watch the film it wasn’t long before we had forgotten our typical Drive In antics. We were unusually focused like a laser beam on what we assumed to be a docudrama of 100% real origin! I mean, it had to be real! After all, they said so, didn’t they?

Actually the film is loosely based on the Fouke Monster, an alleged Bigfoot creature that has been seen in the Fouke, Arkansas area since the 50s. Charles B. Pierce a salesman from Texarkana used an old movie camera and $100,000 he borrowed to make the movie. Instead of seasoned actors and film people he used locals from the area, mainly high school students to get the film made.

The Legend of Bogey Creek has grossed over $20 million dollars since it’s release and has become a cult classic in America.

Unfortunately or fortunately (depends on how you look at it) this is not The Legend on Boggy Creek. No, it’s Boggy Creek II and to make it more interesting it’s done MST3000 style! Yippee!

Since nobody really cares about the actual film I won’t get into all the particulars about it. Suffice it to say those kooky characters from MST3000 can make any film worth watching. Yea, it’s in 10 parts! So what’s your problem? It’s not like you have something else to do, right?