Marble Mountain Bigfoot Footage

I find it exciting when some GhostTheory reader contacts me via email with a subject line that reads “Have you seen this?“. It’s almost always something good. I always expect something extremely interesting story-wise.

Such was the case when Bruce K. contacted me a few days ago. In his email, he asked me if I had ever seen the video analysis of the Marble Mountain Bigfoot footage, and what my opinion was on this piece. Well I’ve never really heard of such footage existing, but with a name like “Marble Mountain” it sounds like a winner, right?

Well I followed Bruce’s instructions on how to find this particular video analysis. An analysis of a video that I’ve never even seen. I figured I would be lost from the get-go. That wasn’t the case. The guys over at Finding Bigfoot and BFRO made sure to do a good job in showing the original footage and comparing that, to their own well annotated analysis. So to say the least, I was surprised at myself for having not heard or read anything about the Marble Mountains bigfoot video.

The original video was shot in July of 2000. A group of Church goers had made a trip to the Marble Mountains and were filming something they had stumbled up while hiking. A very rustic quick-shelter that was built using nearby items. As the group examines and films the shelter, they joke about the possibility of it being a bigfoot shelter. Someone then exclaims to have spotted bigfoot in the faraway distance. On top of a mountain ridge. As the camera zooms in, we see the figure moving quickly across the mountain top and into some trees. Up until that point, they are all joking –or maybe they were serious?– about bigfoot. So there’s no conclusive evidence that what they filmed was a bigfoot. Just a tall silhouette off in the distance. Then BFRO examines the footage.

The BFRO team found the exact location of the original sighting point. The mountain ridge where the silhouette was spotted could be seen through the camera’s zoom. Everything seemed to align perfectly, frame by frame, old footage to new footage. Although 15 months had passed since the sighting, much of the foliage around did not seem to change much. Allowing the team to send one team member out to the exact point in the far away ridge to do comparison shots.

To which I believe was a job well done. The comparison of the tall silhouette witnessed by the group of church members and that of the BFRO member was eerily different. Using natural markers like tree branches and large stones, the team put forth strong results in proving that this was no ordinary tall human. From their tests, the silhouette witnessed had to have been at least 10 feet in height. As it’s shows in the video below:

I think this is a very well analyzed video which has me convinced that whatever this creature was, it was a very tall, tall creature.

Bigfoot? Erroneous debunking? Or just a very tall person? What do you guys think?