The Strange Case Of Indrid Cold. Alien From Planet Lanulos.

Posted by Xavier Ortega | June 12, 2011 31

Taunia Bowman, holding a photo of her father, Woodrow Derenberger.

Sometimes when someone witnesses strange lights in the sky, they wouldn’t think twice about telling their friends or anyone from the media of what they had seen. This lack of carefulness could very well be detrimental to the witness’ mental health and could affect those around them.

Such was the case of sewing machine salesman Woodrow Derenberger, who in November of 1966 claimed to have encountered an alien being on a lonely stretch of road on interstate 77 near Mineral Wells, West Virginia. Derenberger’s claim was at the time something sensational. He claimed to have met and to have interacted with an alien being from the planet Lanulos. His story was corroborated when the local paper also released reports from multiple witnesses who all saw strange lights in the skies around the time Derenberger claimed to have had the encounter with the alien creature.

The story became a big deal overnight. Soon after, many other witnesses came forward under the cover of anonymity and talked about the lights and the strange alien creature. The media had blown up and this all became national news. So much interest, that even a book was written called “Visitors from Lanulos”. These media reports influenced John Keel to write the book “The Mothman prophecies”. Which later became a major Hollywood movie.

It appears as though Derenberger might have paid a high price for the notoriety. The continuous media invasion on their private life and the constant ridicule the family received was enough for Derenberger’s wife. She left her husband and took their children with her.

Taunia Bowman, Derenberger’s daughter, has taken the task of writing a book based on her experiences.

“Out at our farmhouse I was scared to go to sleep at night because there were guys with guns in the trees wanting to see what was going on and wanting to see the spaceships,” – source:

Of course we learn that part of the reason why Derenberger’s marriage fell apart wasn’t all due to the alien sighting but because of the extra marital affair he was having behind his wife’s back.

By coming out and writing the book, Taunia has opened old wounds in the family. Something her other siblings are not too happy about.

But what about the alien?

According to an article written in October 1966 by Ray Palmer in the Flying Saucers Magazine, Derenberger’s wife talked about her multiple encounters with the alien. According to her, the alien was called Ingrid Cold. A “space brother” and time traveller.

“They aren’t making contact only around here,” Mrs. Derenberger told me. “They are doing this all over the country. But they find the people in West Virginia more receptive.”

“It was at that second meeting, the night of November 4, that Cold told me about himself. He’s from a planet called ‘Lanulos,’ located near the galaxy ‘Genemedes.’ They have woods, streams, fields, oceans, the same as we do. They’ve taken samples of our vegetation, our animals. Ours are much like theirs. Cold is married, his wife is named Kimi and he had two sons at that time. Has three children, now, one was born right around Christmas time, a little girl.”

“They’re Time Travelers,” Mrs. Derenberger injected.

“That’s right,” Woody said. “In the fourth dimension. One reason they can’t stay here too long at a time is because they get younger down here instead of older. Their life span is 125 – 175 years, but if they stayed here too long I think they’d go back in years and possibly forget how to manipulate their craft.” -source: UFO Mystic

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  • Taunia Derenberger Bowman

    Hi nicely done but as a courtesy you could have let me know. Anyone who wants to find out about the revised Visitors from Lanulos book (mainly eyewitness statements, etc) or my book, can contact me on facebook under Taunia Derenberger and @Indrid Cold I disagree I liked the part about my dad in Eyes of the Mothman which I also have copies for sale. Javier, I forgot about the quote from my mom and only one sibling is upset with me. Although he’s upset because they printed his and my moms names when I asked him not to.


  • Thank you Mrs. Bowman. I will certainly check out “Eyes of the Mothman.”

    “See you in time…”

  • Scientia

    LOLOTFL. This story is just a fantasy and apart from the other people saying that they saw lights in the sky, it has no basis in reality. The quote about being “Time Travelers” is very funny.

    From a SCIENCE perspective there is NO such thing as time travel. Any theory, including general and special relativity, that allows for or implies manipulation of time or the possibility of time travel is nonsense.

    Time is REAL. It is measurable just like the other 3 physical dimensions length, width, and height. Time like the other 3 dimensions cannot be changed in reality. So that means ‘time dilation’, ‘length contraction’, ‘wormholes’, ‘blackholes’ etc do NOT exist in reality. LOL. Again, you heard it here FIRST.

    Gotta love TIME.

    The BEST thing Humanity can do is get EXCITED! Confidence is HIgh!!!

  • Nover98

     well i can change my longitude, latitude, and altitude according to my will. but i cannot change where i am on a timeline. if the dimensions are the same, why can’t I?

  • Indrid Cold's Dentist

    Wow, Scientia, you are grossly misinformed. All the current models proposed by physics have a place for the manipulation of time. It is typically as a reaction to another event that puts in motion a series of changes to the way gravity, time and space behave such as after a massive super nova, or per your post the allegedly fictitious black holes (which are actively studied, I’m sure google will provide you with many answers to that if you do a little searching for yourself.) which have a mathematical basis for not only being real, but have further mathematical consequences on what you believe are static states. Static states are in fact the minority in physics and slowly being chipped away through contemporary experimentation. We are at the infancy of our understanding of what the universe is, let alone being able to make concrete statements that definitively prove or disprove the concepts that you are purporting to be fantasy. Time, as has been proven so many times (how many times will I mention time…) is also not subject to any static states throughout the universe. What applies in our spot of infinity (not to be taken literally before anyone drops their troll bomb on that) does not apply exactly as such somewhere else.

  • Ryan


    the story sounds like a fantasy, for sure. but what you are saying about dimensions not being manipulated in “reality” is pure hogwash. seriously. Time is measurable, but not by clocks… all they measure is other clocks. blackholes don’t exist? really? even though we know where they are, and can measure the radiation emit? people that like to run around and make outrageous claims like you are doing make the internet worse… or wait lemme guess… the internet doesnt exist either.

  • Henry

    Scientia, your analogy that time is like the other three measurable dimensions is flawed since we can travel is those three dimensions, as well, those three dimensions are manipulated by gravity, it is just not perceptible by us because we are equally manipulated. While you are correct that time travel is not possible through a wormhole (a shock wave builds up before an object traveling through a worm hole that causes the wormhole to collapse before you emerge from it) you are entirely wrong about their existence. And time dilation has been proven and is measurable, which is not to claim that it can be manipulated to our advantage.

    Nor, as you typically claim, are you the first to have made any of these statements, nothing could be further from the truth.

  • Inspector Gaget

    Scientia time is relative. We simply can not travel fast enough right now to make a difference. But experiments have been done to prove that time is relative. The same kind of clocks used to keep world time were used in an experiment in which two clocks were set to zero and began recording time. One clock was left on the ground and the second was put on a plane that then flew continuously around the earth for several days I believe. They used refueling planes so that the plane could remain in motion. They landed the plane and took the time off both clocks. The one on the plane was seconds shorter than the one on the ground. Because one clock was in constant motion time went slower than time on the ground. Yea seconds accumulated over days not very practical as a means of anti aging but it proved relativity was true. Now we need to figure out how to travel at the speed of light or even half of it would make us very fast. It isnt time travel either it is simply slowing time for those in motion.

  • Skyking812

     What kind of effen plane can “fly continuously around the earth (sic) for several days”?  Was there in-air refueling?

  • mt1358

    read and you will see that this was said

  • George Edward Purdy

    @Inspector Gaget, I think you’re making a reference to experiments with atomic clocks where they are synchronized and then moved to different elevations to determine if time passes at a different rate at different elevations, suggesting that time is affected by gravity. The closer you are to a strong source of gravity, the more gravity should affect time. Bob Lazar offered this in support of his claims that alien vehicles use gravity amplifiers to warp spacetime to shorten travel between distant points, allowing for faster-than-light travel.

  • David Lloyd

    World of extreme strangeness.

  • jonathan hawker

    shouldnt telling this story to children be considered some sort of perverted illegal activity?

  • Joseph Singer

    Interesting- I’d not heard of this particular sighting before

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