Santa Catarina UFO Video

A recent video was uploaded to YouTube which supposedly shows the flashing lights of a UFO off in the near distance. The video was uploaded by user Kimdragon1. It was recorded in Santa Catarina, Brazil, on June of 2011.

Uploaded by kimdragon1 on Jun 13, 2011

A simple vista parece un avión con tres luces pero lo extreño es que apenas se mueve y vuela muy bajo…

At first it seems an aircraft with three lights but extrenar is that barely moves and flying very low …
-source: YouTube

At first glance I thought the lights could be easily explained. Fire trucks on a local hill, is what I thought these flashing lights were. Then after a few more seconds of the clip rolling and I see that these lights dip way down low in the horizon. Going past down the telephone pole cables we see in the background. The strange lights seem to descend while traveling slightly to the left.

A few more seconds (or minutes) later, the craft ascends higher than before and travels a bit to the right on the horizon. Strange indeed. That made me change my mind about fire trucks being responsible for the lights. What truck moves in such manner on a hill? I’m not sure what these lights which were filmed in Santa Catarina really are. It could be something man made. After all, don’t all terrestrial aircraft have flashing red and blue beacon lights? You’re probably thinking that right now, but let me just ask you this:

What craft maneuvers in such manner? You can rule out a helicopter since the lights are too spaced out. This looks bigger than a helicopter.