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A recent video was uploaded to YouTube which supposedly shows the flashing lights of a UFO off in the near distance. The video was uploaded by user Kimdragon1. It was recorded in Santa Catarina, Brazil, on June of 2011.

Uploaded by kimdragon1 on Jun 13, 2011

A simple vista parece un avión con tres luces pero lo extreño es que apenas se mueve y vuela muy bajo…

At first it seems an aircraft with three lights but extrenar is that barely moves and flying very low …
-source: YouTube

At first glance I thought the lights could be easily explained. Fire trucks on a local hill, is what I thought these flashing lights were. Then after a few more seconds of the clip rolling and I see that these lights dip way down low in the horizon. Going past down the telephone pole cables we see in the background. The strange lights seem to descend while traveling slightly to the left.

A few more seconds (or minutes) later, the craft ascends higher than before and travels a bit to the right on the horizon. Strange indeed. That made me change my mind about fire trucks being responsible for the lights. What truck moves in such manner on a hill? I’m not sure what these lights which were filmed in Santa Catarina really are. It could be something man made. After all, don’t all terrestrial aircraft have flashing red and blue beacon lights? You’re probably thinking that right now, but let me just ask you this:

What craft maneuvers in such manner? You can rule out a helicopter since the lights are too spaced out. This looks bigger than a helicopter.

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    @ RednGreen

    There doesn’t have to be any personal attacks in your message for Scientia to see them. Half of the debates I’ve tried to carry out with him/her/it end up in some garbled form of arguement where his/her/its responses reference things never before said in either of our posts, and with a sense or paranoia.

    Still, I wholeheartedly applaud your attempt at exploration of the ideas presented.

  • Scientia

    Valkyrie, it just happened. I think the posting feature of GhostTheory is one of best I have seen. It’s easy to put information up and looks good on screen and when I did a search on UFOs it was one of the first sites that was listed. Apart from some of my posts which have gone ‘missing’ (which is why you haven’t seen me around as much – and also because I have been actively involved in Phase 2), technically GT is a very good site for fast interactive communication. Stories are also interesting. I’m curious to know who the owner(s) is.

    I know my work has driven traffic to GT and hopefully (if my posts are published) that should continue to increase eyeballs in the future. Quid pro quo. I don’t think its time for ‘the reveal’ just yet so no will not be doing that on YouTube.

    To the pack RednGreen, sloinker and Whipthorn as I have said before to Whipthorn quote “I am just an ordinary person like everybody else and I don’t classify myself as UFO fanatic, narcissist, [crazy], insane, mentally impaired, psychotic, delusional, lunatic blah blah blah”. Governments have acknowledged the existence of Extraterrestrials but that doesn’t seem to make much difference to the opinions of ‘the pack’.

    Unjustified name calling, personal attacks and impersonations don’t add value to the comments even though the posters think they are clever in doing so – but in reality they are not because the public can see through them and denies them the satisfaction they seek.

    Hopefully, you will all be able to see my analysis on the Extraterrestrial Arecibo reply which should be posted very soon on the “First Proper Crop Circle Appears in the UK” thread.

    The BEST Thing Humanity can do is get EXCITED! Confidence is HIgh!!!

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    Scientia, I agree, the posting feature here at GT is the best. No need to sign in and remember a password, or sign in thru facebook or twitter like some sites, or do any math… You’re one of the more unique ones out there, I think that’s why man of us get frustrated. I know I get exasperated just because I want answers! But I guess we’ll have to let the phases run their course. I have to admit I’m a bit nervous what will happen at the end…

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    hmmm. should’ve been “many” of us. left out the “y”

  • Scientia,

    I own GhostTheory and perform the backend administration as well as write for GT. Scott is one of our senior writers and contributor. There is also Gary Popella who is a writer but has been busy with life and work, so we rarely see him on GT.

    The reason some comments “disappear” is because Scott and I started to moderate the comments a bit more now. We never try to moderate GT, but there has been a lot of complaints and I’ve seen discussions run off topic. Insults, redundant posts that irritate people….those are the things we started filtering out.

    So lets keep chats clean, on topic and intelligent.

    Hmmm….maybe we should put up a “Help Wanted” sign for new GT writers.


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    @ Javier

    Where do I send my resume? 🙂

  • whipthorn,

    There will be a $100 applicant fee by the way. Did I say 100? I meant 300.

    honestly, we might start looking for more writers in the next following months.


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    I might have to pay that in pennies, shipped by way of Catmandu. And COD. But I’m sure I can afford it. 😛

    Let me know if I can help out in anyway, besides just commenting on posts.

  • whipthorn,

    Sure. You’ll see the post on GT when we announce it. Since you’ve been a long time reader, I’m sure you know our format by know.


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    Of course! I’m looking forward to the announcement Javier.