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Atlantic Shores, Barbados. Apparently a “sea monster” has washed up on the shores of this small community in Barbados. The “monster” was found on the Silver Sands beach in Christ Church.
Residents were baffled at the strange white blob that came up to the shore. Many of them, had previously seen this blog floating near the shore, and one person thought it could be a man.

One woman, who did not want to be identified, said she noticed something was floating in the water from Friday night.

“I thought it was a man,” she said.

“Then, as I watched it, it looked like a very tall mound of seaweed.”

However, the woman said after she had observed it, she realised it “was definitely something dead”
-source: Nation News

When the authorities were called in to investigate, it had been washed back into the sea.

Of course, when I hear stories about a washed up sea monster and am presented with photos like the one above, I can only be reminded of the infamous St. Augustine Monster photo from decades ago.
Strange rumors began after a massive white blob was found washed ashore in St. Augustine, Florida, in 1896. For decades, people believed it to be a real monster from the depths of the ocean. When some of the stored samples from that creature were recently analyzed, DNA proved it to be just a blubber of fat from a sperm whale. Because you know, fat is not soluble in water so it floats.

Needless to say that what we might have here is just another case of whale fat being mistaken for mythological creatures.

  • bigpunkdrummer

    I think a iceberg melted and a Wampa washed up. (Another reference for fellow my Star Wars lovers)

    From a logical stand point, I say flubber, skin from a large dead fish, discolored coral/seaweed…hell, it even looks like it could be a net full of tiny fish.

    Too bad they couldn’t DNA that sucka!

  • Nobbles

    Whale blubber.

    Or, you know, it’s something we’re all thinking. You know, you know?

  • LeaLlama9

    It looks like a beat up, decomposing whale or a portion of one.

    How many times now has it been that mysterious washed up monsters turn out to be a decomposing raccoon with mange or a decomposing shell-less turtle or something? Considering how popular CSI is, people don’t understand the forensic effects of water on a dead body. Not that it’s 100% accurate, but closer to reality than a monster washing up on shore.

  • kapow

    It’s the stuff perfume is made of ambergris

  • Sean

    I’m just glad to see that the CSI team is on the case. I’m sure the guy in the photo will have it figured out in no time. And by “figured out” I mean he will label it as being “not of this earth” or some such nonsense.

  • whipthorn

    I’m with kapow on this one. Ambergris.

  • LeaLlama9

    @Sean: All while the Who are playing in the background