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The Puyehue Volcano in Chile is an active one. During a June 5th, 2011, the volcano began to send massive plumes of smoke up into the atmosphere as thunderous lava spat out. During the awesome display, someone managed to capture what they believe to be a UFO near the erupting volcano.

The website has the photos and link to a YouTube video that shows the location and close up photo of the strange object seen by many hovering about as the thick plume grows.

Although the photograph is interesting to say the least, like many UFO photos, this one too, is inconclusive.
According to, many locals did see strange light and objects around the volcano as it began to erupt.
Chile has had a lot of UFO sighting in the past few years, so no doubt that this image is something strange. Could it be something from out of this planet?

  • Sean

    UFO? I think that’s the Millenium Falcon!

  • Ramon

    It will forever be an ufo, until eternity..
    Until we can go back in time, there is no way to say what it is/was.

    Beatiful picture by the way. I wonder what the exposure time was. Probably long.

  • Matt

    If that’s a UFO – then what are the other 8 black orb shapes in the picture.

    you didnt see them?

    Have another look – is there more or just a light effect.

  • Lindsay

    strange, yes. but it could also be something that erupted out of the volcano. it’s just strange to me that a “ufo” would hover around an erupting volcano.

    but yes, beautiful picture.

  • Kat

    It looks like Ron Weasleys flying car from Harry Potter to me..

  • Lars

    Hmmmm Helicopter or UFO, well it could be a Helicopter but at the moment it is a UFO because UFO means unidentified flying object, not little green men in flying machines, as of course the author is trying to imply.

  • james smithq

    its Tony Abbot Flapping his ears lol

  • Muddy

    If we had the ability to visit other worlds we would no doubt be interested in events like this.

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  • Scientia

    Reminds me of the Star Trek: TNG – Arsenal of Freedom episode where the Minos’ cloaked planetary sentry is drawn into the atmosphere at speed so that its turbulence gives away its position.

    Looks like the same thing is happening in the photo only the volcano may be providing some of the speeding ash/gases.

    Photo looks real and conclusive.

  • Nobbles

    The volcano obviously gave birth and that’s the baby babby.