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Scott Corrales from Inexplicata reports on a strange and scary report originating from Suncho Corral, Argentina.
According to the local residents there, a strange “dwarf” or “gnome” type of being is terrorizing them by meticulously following them and pummeling them in an unprovoked attack.

I did say that this was a strange report, right?

As a few reports begin to trickle through the media, hysteria is always around the corner. Much like the gnome. Except for the fact that hysteria doesn’t jump out of a street corner and start pummeling you. As far as I know. I know Argentina has had a myriad of reports on gnomes, imps and dwarfs in the past few years but none like this. According to the original source of the report (Rosario3) there have been several victims of this “striking gnome” and have described it as a short creature with large pointy ears who wears a very large hat.

Could this be something paranormal? Or could it be explained away by some lunatic getting drunk and scaring people?

Full source: Inexplicata

Argentina: Residents of Santiago [del Estero] Terrified by “Striking Imp”

Local residents state that the small creature appears in dark places and pummels people. Police has issued a statement asking people not to walk alone in the dark.

Do imps exist? It seems that they do in Santiago del Estero. According to residents of Suncho Corral, there appears to be a creature that hits people. Locals have taken to calling it “the dwarf”, and police have cautioned people to avoid walking alone at night.

The Nuevo Diario de Santiago del Estero newspaper reports that residents of Suncho Corral allege that the imp appears in the pre-dawn hours, adding that it also attacked a child on its way to visit a friend’s house.

Another local was startled by the creature as he went for a ride in his bike. The creature supposedly wore “an enormous hat and had large ears.”

Father Juan Cruz Fariña of the San Miguel Arcangel church believes that it could be “a product of magic” and if so, “The Church could attempt an exorcism in an effort to expel demons from the possessed body.” However, he explained that “nothing about this case suggests a possession. It could be many other things, such as fanciful imaginings or confusion by the people of Suncho. I therefore ask everyone to take matters calmly and above all, to have faith in God. There is an explanation to all phenomena.”

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