The Southeast Paranormal Investigation and Research Team of Pennsylvania, or S.P.I.R.T, claim to have captured evidence of ghosts. A bold claim if I may interject. Apparently the team was the first to investigate the historic John Harris home in Harrisburg Pennsylvania and as a result, they claim to have captured strong evidence that proves the existence of ghosts.

What is the proof? well team members took a photo in which supposedly shows the ghost of a young women that used to reside in the home.

The image above shows what the teams claims to be a “Ghost face”. A horrible piece of evidence if you ask me. I mean come on…isn’t it obvious that this might not be the face of a ghost, but more like the face of one of the investigators?

What do you guys think? Could this be the face of a ghost or just some bad photography and bad investigation?
In all honesty, I think the investigator were firing the camera away and managed to capture an investigators face with some motion blur. BAM! instant ghost to the untrained eye.

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  • Justin

    This is the real “spirit” group that Rebecca is a member of FYI: NOT that other S.P.I.R.I.T. group that you incorrectly linked her to.

  • Justin,

    You are right.

    An article I was reading linked to the wrong website. How many “Spirit Paranormal Groups” is there?

    My apologies for this mistake. I should’ve double checked the links.

    Post corrected.


  • Justin

    No problem, it happens 🙂 Just didn’t want this poor girl to have a bad rap in the field as a result. That would not be fair.