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Nick Redfern writes in his blog about a strange message he received from researcher and author, Stan Gordon.
Mr. Gordon wrote to Nick to tell him a strange story from a person who claims to have encountered an odd animal near Pittsburgh.

The creature was not recognized by the witness, although she’s familiar with the local wildlife. From reading the description, I immediately thought about the coyotes affected by mange that were spotted in Texas and believed to be a Chupacabras.

The image above is of the mangy coyote that was mistaken to be a Chupacabra. Could this be an explanation as to what the person saw that morning?

Full source: MonsterUSA

Nick Redfern’s: “There’s something in the woods…”

Weird Creature Report

Researcher and author Stan Gordon – about whose work you can learn more at his website, – sent me the following yesterday afternoon:

Odd 4-Legged Animal Observed Near Pittsburgh

On June 18, 2011, a witness reported the observation of a very strange animal not far from Sharpsburg, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Pittsburgh near the Allegheny River. It was about 8 AM that morning as the witness stood on her back porch and observed an animal unlike anything she had ever seen before.

The witness is quite familiar with the wildlife in the area such as coyotes, and even fox. Her comment to me was, “This animal was so bizarre.” The animal was observed as it cantered down a road just a few yards above her nearby roadway. The woman explained that this animal’s movements were not that of a trot or gallop, but an actual canter like that of a horse.

The animal stood about 2 feet tall, and was “too big, for a cat”. The witness also stated that it was not a dog, and didn’t move like a fox or a coyote. The animal, which was observed for about 45 seconds, was estimated to weigh about 35 pounds and was about 2 ½ feet long. The creature was very thin and streamlined, but did not look to be starving or emaciated. The animal looked either hairless, or had very short hair about 1/8 inches long. The entire body was of a pale tan cream beige color. The witness explained that the color was not a pink fleshy color, either.

The observer was able to see a pointy snout and pointy ears as well, and it had a cat-like face. The tail, which was about as long as the body (2 ½ feet), was hairless and skinny. The last 6 inches of the tail curved slightly upwards. The creature moved about 75 yards down the middle of the road, then moved to the right side toward a guard rail. It then changed direction and went to the left where it went into a wooded area. A dead wild duck was reported to have been found mutilated a few days later in the same area.

The witness went on the Internet to try to identify the animal in question. She came across a website with photographs depicting a strange creature which had been killed in a western state known as a “chupacabra.” She said what she saw looked very similar.

  • torchkc-that is true. Bobcats are big. And I’ve seen some pretty oversized domestics too! Maine Coons! So big (and fluffy and adorable!)

  • bigfootlives

    i think that’s a victim of rapistberger if it’s a female! don’t people know a dead coyote with mange when ya see one?