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With a title that reads “UFO or Meteorite”, it’s easy to see how alien and UFO rumors begin. Posted on YouTube is a video that was shot in Cuernavaca, Mexico, on June 29th, 2001.

The video is by far one of the clearest and most beautiful filming of a meteorite falling towards earth. With such long trailing tails of fire, you really can’t help but imagine this thing bring from a different planet.

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    I am starstruck that Javier hangs out with Barry Taff. Seriously, two people that would be invited to my paranormal dinner party right there. I think this belongs to another post… but I’m way off kilter tonight. Exhaustamatated.

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  • Ramon

    Where in James Randis post is a rude comment? I cannot find it.
    I am open minded, but i am slightly biases towards “bullshit”. This is because i have just seen to many hoaxes. No one can disagree when i say that the majority of the ufo video’s on youtube are not alien. I am not saying that all of them try to scam, but a lot of them do by using cgi for instance.
    Now, a lot of times people will say “yeah, but what if 1% is real?”. This is such a stupid idea. It would be the same as thinking that 1% of magicians is real. There is just no justification in thinking that because there are so many videos, there MUST be at least a few real aliens in there.

    I am not ruling out real ufo’s or sasquatches, but up till now i have not seen any good evidence. Yes there are enough stories and pictures and such but they don’t prove anything.


  • Esto no es un meteorito. Es un avión a gran altura reflejando los rayos del sol al atardecer.La velocidad lo comprueba.Un meteorito que entra en la atmosfera viaja a una velocidad entre 30 y 40.000 millas por hora y el tiempo de visualización es entre 5 y 9 segundos.Cualquier otro objeto que se vea a gran altura y moviendose a mas de esa velocidad no es un meteorito.Un avión se mueve a una velocidad de crucero de 1000 millas por hora.También puede ser basura espacial de desechos de la Estación Espacial Internacional o de un satelite que ya no está en uso y se ha permitido que caiga de su orbita y penetre en la atmosfera.

  • This is not a meteorite.This is an airplane or space trash entering the atmosphere.A meteorite travel at speed of 30 to 40 thousands miles per hour when penetrate the atmosphere.The visual time is between 5 to 9 seconds.The cruise speed of an airplane is 1000 miles per hour and usually takes between 20 to 30 minutes to cross the sky.

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    Wasn’t Taff the guy who investigated one of the big Poltergeist hauntings?

  • BPD,

    He investigated “The Entity” case as well as the “San Pedro Haunting” case. Those would be the two major ones.


  • George

    Yeah, It’s a jet if you ask me, something with four turbines. You can see them individually on the close zoom, and the “Flames” are contrails, a flame would be moving slightly, this has a consistent pattern and stays in place for quite a while. The last give-away is the space in between the contrails, if it were a meteor or this gap wouldn’t exist, there would be one unbroken trail.

  • Did they find the crash site? The IDENTICAL so-called “comet” was also was filmed coming down in Georgia on 7-7-2011… check the films…

    Also the same day this one was coming down in Mexico (June 29th) one was coming down in Greece (also to the exact dimensions of this structure) coincidence? These were all ancient pyramid (or megalith) sites, also coincidence?

    Just an exactly the same size comet as these others?

    Was it a coincidence there was a huge avolanche under the sea in Cornwall also was on June 29th? Bringing the waterline down by 50 meters, and followed by an electrical tsunami?

  • Valkyrie

    This is an f-ing awesome video, and the guy filming it was good– not a Shaky McShakerson that we get w/ so many videos. BTW, the text says it was 2001, but it should be 2011, right?

  • sloinker

    Once it reaches altitude it will transition to a scramjet mode of propulsion. Aurora maybe.

  • Ross Marsden

    This is a contrail, lit underneath by the setting sun.
    Nice steady hand there, Mr Video.
    The date should be 2011, as Valkyrie says.
    Do the right thing.
    Fix your article and fix the date.