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Yes, you read that right.

The town of Bolungarvik has been experiencing a rash of unexplained rocks and dirt that rain from the sky, bombarding the town and scaring its residents. Although the local government believes a rational explanation can be attributed to the falling debris, locals believe that supernatural forces are behind the attacks. Elves and “hidden folks” are to blame.

Icelandic folklore is riddled with tales of the “wee folk” so it’s no surprise that locals, becoming fed up with the non-stop bombarding, took matters into their own hands.

Recent construction of a new avalanche defence barrier required the dynamiting of local land, something said to be a big no-no in the land of elves. In the folklore, any disruption to the harmony of nature must be balanced out and carried out respectfully. I know that in Iceland, some people believe in the powers of ley lines and they are said to be used by elves, gnomes and fairies. Obstruction to these lines or paths could bring havoc to a person’s life.

The residents of Bolungarvik did not want to wait for the government to step in. Some residents took it upon themselves to sing songs and give offerings to the wee folk. In efforts to appease their wrath.

It is hoped that elves and hidden people around the north-western Icelandic town of Bolungarvik will start to calm down again following their recent dangerous pranks and humans’ subsequent efforts to appease them.

Local residents sang songs and said prayers in honour of the peeved hidden folk and elves this week in an effort to smooth ruffled feathers. Dynamiting began again midweek following a nasty incident, reported here, where rocks and soil rained down on Bolungarvik.

Some people pointed the finger of blame on angry elves who had finally snapped. The dynamiting for the town’s new avalanche defence barrier comes less than a year after a new road tunnel through the Oshlid hill was completed — neither of which with the prior blessing of the hidden people.

Seers requested the Bolungarvik municipal government make a full apology to the hidden people and elves for the disturbance the avalanche barrier and tunnel have caused them. The council failed to see the potential quirky PR value and refused to co-operate — saying that there must be logical explanations for the recent spate of accidents and breakdowns. Some locals then took matters into their own hands; making up their own peace offering.

“I have now been asked by both elves and men to broker a compromise here, and I hope that this song will suffice,” said Bolungarvik musician Benedikt Sigurdsson. All heavy machinery at the site was stopped while the ceremony went ahead, and pre-school children and other interested residents gathered round to show their support.
-source: Icenews

  • Jenfaer

    bpd…i thought that was hobbits. 😀

  • Genesic

    This reminds me of an amusing Destination:Truth episode from Season 2 where they went to Iceland to investigate elves. Some of the people swore up and down that they had seen them and a couple even claimed to interact with them and have meals at their houses! haha
    Apparently the president’s house is just open for random public visitations as well. They country looked beautiful and actually made me kinda want to visit. Wouldnt mind bumping into a couple elves so long as they werent throwing rocks at me,lol.
    These stories are always fun. Keeps that child-like sense of wonderment an imagination alive in me. 🙂

  • Goirish

    I think none meant ” elves don’t real”. Keep up the great work Javier. You’re still appreciated by all of us and we “get” you.

  • Goirish,

    Thank you for the kind words.

    I’m working on rearranging my schedule so that I have more time to write on GhostTheory. It’s been busy.


  • RednGreen

    @Goirish- LOL Been awhile since anyone’s busted that one out! Nicely done!