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I’m not even sure where to begin with this one.

The video shows an upright walking primate. Which most likely is a human, but just to give the people who filmed this the benefit of the doubt, I’m posting it here on GT.
At first glance I thought it was a baby gorilla, as they are known to walk on two legs for short distances. After watching the creature move about and duck behind a tree, it looked like a person wearing either a costume or ghillie suit.

This video was shot in a camping site near Osawatomie, Kansas.

Also, it doesn’t help that the guy making those ridiculous comments sounds like Seth Rogen.

  • bigpunkdrummer

    I can’t make any promises, but I’m pretty sure I could make a better video with a fur jacket (fake fur, of course), and a broom stick.

  • Henry

    Looks like a ghillie suit. Whether the family knew this or not …. I cannot decide if the family is
    A: very smart and were faking the inane conversation and ridiculous camera work as a parody of the usual big foot video, or
    B: exactly as dumb as they sound and just happened to see a guy in a ghillie suit.

    But then I have to wonder why a guy is walking around in a ghillie suit which lends weight to option A, but I am finding too hard to believe these people are that smart.

    Oh I think my head is going to esplode.
    If I spontaneously combust, please put my story on GT.

  • Digicom

    The camera shakes so much because the “dude” filming this “history-making” footage…

    (A) is unable to film, talk and pick his nose at the same time.

    (B) is upset that even his six-year-old kid doesn’t seem to be buying this staged event.

    (C) can’t decide whether to film his friend in the rented gorilla suit or the summer foliage (thankfully, he somehow manages to capture both).

    (D) picked the wrong day to stop doing meth.

    (E) All of the above.

  • M

    We probably have all that shaky tree video because the “bigfoot” probably tripped and fell on its a** whilst trying to walk in its costume. Just hate it when they don’t get these things tailored!

  • Ramon

    @paranormal puppy

    Well, i watched the video without sound, and even then it looked horribly fake.
    Is the government trying to cover up the real video’s from Big Foots maybe? ;0)

  • paranormal puppy

    As with the problems we have now with ghostly evidence the line between faked and real evidence becomes blurred when there is a lot of evidence that is hoaxed is introduced in other words hoaxes can become smoke screens.

  • Deuce

    Obviously a suit. Look at how big the wrists are. Bad suit at that.

  • “That’s not a deer!”

    Ya think?

  • Zenith

    lol. “It’s not a cow!”….No shit! Idiots.

  • Chupacabra

    Can’t a bigfoot take a shit in the woods without some dick pointing a camera?

  • Danielle

    It still dumbfounds me that no one filming these “creatures” know how to get it in frame. It’s not that hard to hold the camera still… or at least point it in the right direction! Seriously? Bigfoot is not gonna be up in the tree, people.