Another “Chupacabra” In Texas? Come On…

Another “Chupacabra” In Texas? Come On…

Why would…who would…how does… Forget it. Just call my Sisyphus.

Here is another dissemination of truth from media. Although the article points to it being a mangy coyote, the way it’s presented (especially the video) it seems like everyone at ABC news is baffled by this.

Texas has produced tons of photos and reports of an ominous creature that is said to be the Chupacabra for several of years now. The reports with carcasses or photos always turn out to be a mangy coyote or wild dog.

But since this is out in the internet, and many people think it’s real, here is the story:

Let’s get something straight: There is no real evidence that the mysterious chupacabra exists. Researchers say it’s an urban (or rural) legend, like Bigfoot or the Loch Ness monster.

Not even Jack Crabtree, a retired wildlife biologist from Lake Jackson, Texas, says he believes it. And he has the pictures to prove it.

On July 4 and again two evenings later, Crabtree and his wife, Linda, said they saw a slow-moving, almost hairless animal near the creek out back of their house in Lake Jackson.

“It was immediately clear to me it was a coyote with a severe case of mange,” said Crabtree, a 24-year veteran of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. (Sarcoptic mange is a condition caused by parasitic mites that can cause an animal to lose its fur.) “It was obviously sick.”

Linda, a retired teacher, took some photos, and Jack passed them on to the local newspaper “with tongue in cheek,” he said. Apparently the paper thought he was serious. The photo ran on the front page with a headline about a reported chupacabra sighting, and soon reporters were calling from Houston, about an hour’s drive north.

“I’ve been amazed with the fascination people have with chupacabras and other mythical animals,” he said. “I’m really not a believer in chupacabras or Bigfoot or the Abominable Snowman.”

–source: ABC News