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November, 1989. Belgium is amidst a ‘UFO wave’ that begins in late November and seems to end in 1990, with a photograph that one man claimed to have taken of a hovering UFO. The photograph was to become one of the most controversial UFO photographs of all time. A triangle shaped UFO with bright orange lights was photographed in April of 1990 by a young eighteen year old man who goes by “Patrick”. It was to be printed in books and shown in lecture circuits around the world.

Two decades later, Patrick, is now more mature and seems to have changed his mind about the story. The story that puzzled many experts from across the globe. It turns out, that Patrick hoaxed the photograph that night by using polystyrene to build the UFO model. Then, with the help of friends, he strung it up and under the cover of the night, snapped the now infamous photograph. This is according to AFP News and “Patrick”.

The “Belgium UFO Wave” was an unexplained event in which several Belgian citizens  reported to the authorities a triangle shaped UFO hovering through the sky. The reports were so many, that the police captain had to place a call to the military about the mass number of sightings which threatened the citizens. It’s known that the military sent two F-16s out to investigate the reports and one of the pilots reported that his radar locked in on the object. It resembled a diamond shape on the radar screen. Before he could get closer to the object, it picked up incredible speed and flew out of the radar’s range.



BRUSSELS — An unidentified flying object photographed high in the Belgian sky that puzzled even NASA scientists turns out to have been a fake made out of foam, the man behind the hoax said Tuesday.

Though scientists pored over the picture of a triangular-shaped flying saucer with four lights, allegedly photographed in April 1990 by a young worker, the mystery remained intact until the man’s revelation on the RTL-TVI network.

Made of polystyrene in a matter of hours and photographed that night, the picture was released after several sightings of UFOs over Belgium in 1989 and 1990.

Then aged 18, the man identified only as Patrick said he and a few friends “made it, painted it, hung it up and then photographed it”.

The photo was the sharpest available to experts in a two-year period in which thousands of people across Belgium reported UFO sightings.

Several days after its release, a Belgian airforce plane was ordered to hunt down the UFOs across the country, but to no avail. Some believed the UFOs were new stealth fighters being tested by NATO.

“It’s too easy to fool people, even with a cheap model,” said Patrick, adding he had decided it was time to come clean.

-Source: AFP News

  • Tara

    If this picture was a hoax, it still doesn’t explain the testimony of many people who claimed to see it. If what they saw was this guys fake flying saucer what about the military’s pilots who picked it up on radar? are they all in on the “hoax” too? I think this needs to be addressed. just because one guy say oh yeah its a hoax you can’t dismiss everything else. that makes no sense. this went on for a year.

  • djkoz78

    What I don’t understand is why people would try to hoax something like this? Like are you that bored? And the people who have legitimately seen UFO’s it makes them look unreliable or like a nut. It spreads misinformation. I wish idiots out there would stop either claiming it as a hoax if it isn’t or stop actually faking stuff like this to get attention from people. HEY LOOK AT ME I WANNA BE FAMOUS. I SUCK because my life is SO boring I need to try and pull something like this off. It wastes time money lots of resources it muddies the water and makes trying to get the truth even harder. I wish they would bring charges up on people like this if they were in fact the people who hoaxed this. It’s a huge waste of time you’re not just playing a prank on your friends or family you’re trying to deceive the world and get money or fame and possibly wasting tax payer money because sometimes an investigation is involved. Maybe a month in Jail will stop would be hoaxers from trying to get some attention.

  • Stuntman Mike

    The picture is a still taken from a video tape.  This much can be proven scientifically.  Did “Patrick” fail to mention this?

  • Guppyman85

    Putting a foot in the ass of anyone who hoaxes ufo’s should be standard operating procedure.  Too important of an issue to put up with lame idiots intentionally trying to mislead people….who does he think he is, the U.S. Government?

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