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The following was sent to me by GhostTheory reader ‘elhombre‘. Molebka, Russia, has been called the latest UFO hot spot in the world. Others, believe that this place is much more than just an UFO magnet. They believe that Molebka could be an anomalous zone. What makes it so are the reports of balls of light, crop circles and strange electromagnetic fields that are scattered alongside the village.

Because of this, the first ever statue of a full alien being was unveiled to the public. Marking Molebka as an official UFO hotspot. Official to Ufologists that is. This statue is around two meters tall and is sculpted after what the public has accepted as being an alien being. Very cool!

If you’ve never heard of this place, then you’re not alone. Molebka has recently been springing up in the news with impressive footage of UFO phenomena. Check out the latest of these videos:


Russia’s first ever statue of an alien has been unveiled near the city of Perm, in the Urals. It marks the site of the most frequent UFO sightings in Russia.

­The wooden statue, almost two meters tall, was erected at the entrance to the village of Molebka. This place was not chosen accidentally as it is considered one of the most popular UFO hotspots in Russia, Itar-Tass reports.  Many believe that UFOs land there more often than in other places. The so-called Molebsky triangle was discovered in the 1980s.

“This is Russia’s first monument to a UFO,” the news agency quoted Nikolay Subbotin, the head of the Russian UFO Research Station (RUFORS), as saying. The monument with characteristic alien eyes was done by a local skilled craftsman, carver Viktor Sazanov, and cost local authorities 45,000 rubles (about US$1,600).

Subbotin said that now local ufologists are thinking of opening a UFO museum in Molebka with an observatory shaped like a flying saucer.  They want to send the proposal to colleagues in the US city of Roswell, the most famous zone among ufologists.

The “first contact” has already been established, as guests from Roswell attended the festival of creativity and design called “Fact and Fiction of the Molebsky Triangle.” — source: RT News

  • Lindsay

    what a wasteeee

  • Valkyrie

    El Hombre, what an awesome find!! If that video is to be believed, the sphere’s movement is truly bizarre. I’d love to hear more about the phenomenon at this place.

  • Uncuplicum

    Hey all,
    On the 2nd video titled, “Ovni Ufo in Molebka Russia T3M 24 July 2011 Part.3”, the round hovering object in the sky “looks” exactly like a helium balloon being yanked a few times from a string. You can see it happen several times, most clearly at time: 1:43. It seems that the wind is blowing from left to right and the string attached to the balloon is being let out. At time: 2:29 it looks like the sting attached to the balloon is being pulled inwards against the wind.
    What do you think?

  • Valkyrie

    Uncuplicum, I think you’re right, why didn’t I think of that?! Sigh, I want to believe so badly…

  • Ramon

    Interesting thought, Uncuplicum.

    And why does the vid not show the disappearing of the ball?

  • Uncuplicum is correct. Definitely a balloon riding the wind. You can even see, when it “flies” to the right (closer to the treeline, go figure), that it dips down — typical movement for a balloon filled with helium.

    For those of you who may still think it’s an alien craft… Go get a helium balloon (they’re cheap..$1), play with it on a day similar to that in the video, and record the results from a similar distance/angle.

  • Ramon

    I always love it when this Jaime Maussan claims all kinds of shit without the slightest proof. “intelligent movements”.. lol? When i throw a boomerang, it also looks incredibly intelligent…

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