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If there is one thing GhostTheory readers know about me, is that I hate despise paranormal reality television shows. I do. And I say that wiith a total and utter passion. I tend to write less about these shows nowadays.  After awhile, it just begins to feel like a Sisyphean task.

There’s this new show though; and this might just end up being the crème de la crème. Not in any good way of course. Telemundo’s sister network ‘Mun2’ or Mundos (worlds) –which is a clever play on the name TeleMUNDO– is now promoting their new paranormal show called “From Beyond”.


From Beyond, a chilling new reality series featuring a young psychic medium AJ Barrera and paranormal investigators Christian Vera and Ramiro Ramirez who investigate and document paranormal activity in Latino communities in and around Los Angeles.  Throughout the 13 episode unnerving series, the ghost hunters take viewers on a personal journey into hauntings, urban legends and ghost stories proving that the paranormal needs no translation.  For more information, visit: — Mun2


The three person paranormal crew consists of a “ghost hunter“, a “medium to the rockstars” and a producer.


Intuitive A.J. Barrera has helped thousands of people worldwide by sharing with them his experience of The Beyond, giving them an understanding of what spirit communications is all about. A.J. is one of the youngest and most accredited Latino mediums in the industry, with a roster that includes his own radio show on the CBS Radio Network, “Breakthrough with A.J. Barrera, appearances on KOST 103.5 Angels in Waiting and Radio Medium on KBIG 104.3.

Due to A.J.’s amazing reputation and credibility, the media coined him as The Medium to the Rock Stars and Celebrity Psychic Medium to the Stars. Through inspiration and intuitive counsel, A.J. helps people to expand the limits of their own consciousness, explore their inner-guidance, and experience the awakening of a Soul Discover



I’m not so sure A.J. “manager” to freak out his female companion, Christian Vera. She’s fully aware of the frightening events that unfold before the young Latino viewers, after all, she is the writer and producer.

Christian Vera is a national television host, correspondent, writer and producer based in Los Angeles, California. Her experience covers all aspects of media, news, politics, entertainment, fashion and music. She can be seen on CNN en Español and on “ABC’s On The Red Carpet”. She is also a writer and producer for the national award winning show American Latino. Christian has been seen on the Emmy Award-winning television show LatinEyes TV, and also breaking entertainment news on E! News Now as well as on the red carpet reporting live for KTLA in Los Angeles.Currently, I’m in mun2’s new paranormal reality series, “From Beyond” where I brings a critical eye, always looking for a logical explanation and asking the questions the viewers are thinking.



The show is written and edited in such ways that it’s clear what the producer’s intentions are: To get the short-lived attention of today’s kids. So they default by adding “spooky” sounds and fake EVP whispers and noises. Which brings me to our last From Beyondcrew member. Ramiro Ramirez.

For 15 years Ramiro has experienced personal encounters with the paranormal. He has found a better understanding of what spiritual movement is through his association with 3am Paranormal, a team of respected investigators who have been carefully examining paranormal activity throughout the U.S. for over 22 years. From Fairhaven Cemetery in Santa Ana, California to Private residencies in Guadalajara, Mexico, Ramiro continues to bring pure respect and intentions when conducting professional investigation. Ramiro is a certified EVP/ITC audio analyst who has investigated hundreds of locations throughout the country and over seas.


What’s worse is that I couldn’t even bring myself to watch an entire episode. From the moment A.J. Barrera butchers the pronunciation and use of the words apport and “repport”, to minutes later when the show added a ghostly exhale effect during an EVP session, I clicked it off. The show is riddled with a lot of ghostly sound effects and catholic symbolism to appeal to the young Latino crowd. It’s a shame really, because a more interesting show would focus on what scholars think the paranormal is, and how we go about quantifying the unexplained. Instead, we are left with kids running around in the dark with night-vision cameras pantomiming their confrontations with the unseen spirits.

Who cares though. Do the fans of these shows really care about critical thinking or fringe science? I’m not saying that their audience is composed of mindless zombies, but what I am saying is that these young viewers really can’t be bothered with research and proper scientific conduct. I do want to believe that their audience is more demanding and could see through the smoke and mirrors — and sometimes sound effects– But, alas, browsing through the From Beyond website, I’m reminded why I consider writing about paranormal reality shows a Sisyphean task:


You can watch the full first episode of From Beyond here.

  • sloinker

    Here is what Dr. Phil has to say about zak

    DR. PHIL MCGRAW: Welcome to my special episode today. I’m having a popular television personality on. He doesn’t know why he’s here. It was my hope to do a sort of intervention for him and confront him about some concerning behaviors. I’m sure ya’all will give a welcome to tonight’s guest, Zak Bagans (claps as Zak struts onto the stage, pumped up and instigating the crowd for louder claps and hoots).

    DR PHIL: Please, have a seat, Zak. Well, you’re quite the accomplished young man.

    ZAK: (bobs his head) Well, I work with what I have, Dr. Phil. (pumps up)

    DR. PHIL: Well, I’m just a country boy and I have to tell you that I like to look at things one step at a time. Say the cows get out of the yard, you gotta find the cows and bring them in first before you fix the fence, right?

    ZAK: (puzzled expression)

    DR. PHIL: (refers to card in his hand). Season one it would appear that every orb you captured was a spirit manifesting. Season two, every place you were was the portal to hell. Season three, you were getting possessed a lot. Season four, you’re getting touched in private places.

    ZAK: (snorts) Yeah, I guess we’ve had a wild ride on “Ghost Adventures.”

    DR. PHIL: (frowns) Or is it just you having a wild ride, Zak? I’d like to point out a few conditions and you tell me if any of them sound familiar. Body dysmorphic disorder?

    ZAK: Huh?

    DR. PHIL: (looks him up and down) That’s when you don’t see your body realistically and keep pushing it to get to some unobtainable shape or size.

    ZAK: (shakes his head in confusion) Oh, I know just where I’m going with my guns (shows his muscles). I’m taking these babies to the limit. Sure, they’re small now, but they’ll be big beasts when I’m done. (slaps one of his biceps and then whimpers)

    DR. PHIL: Gender confusion?

    ZAK: What?

    DR. PHIL: That’s where you aren’t quite sure if you’re gay or straight. You may say one thing but act out another.

    ZAK: (shocked) Dude! I am so hetero. Oh, well, you know I admit the male ghosts seem to want to touch me a lot, but I’m not saying I like it. And once I did call an incubus to come and sex me up, but dude I totally didn’t know he was a dude. There was a time in the shower room at an abandoned prison when I thought I could feel how one of the men felt when they were having sex, but I’m not saying it got me all worked up. It just kind of felt…goofy and (blushes) naughty. (snickers)

    DR. PHIL: Narcissism?

    ZAK: (opens mouth but Dr. Phil interrupts)

    DR. PHIL: That’s when you think that everything that happens and everything everyone else does is somehow related to you.

    ZAK: (snorts) Well, you guys did call and ask me to come on the show, so the show is about me. And all these great people out here (waves his hand towards the audience) are here to honor my hard work as a serious ghost hunter. The camera man is watching me very closely and the makeup girl did lean over me to put on my powder and I could see her cleavage. She totally wants me. By the way, do you have number? These lights up here are aimed at me and everyone is watching me and you’re asking me questions, so this is kind of like Zak’s day, right? So, yeah, it’s all about me. Isn’t it supposed to be? (chuckles)

    DR. PHIL: Paranoia?

    ZAK: Paranoia? Wait, that’s when you think people are out to get you?

    DR. PHIL: (nods) Or spirits are out to get you.

    ZAK: Sure as hell they are! The minute I go into a haunted place, I’m telling you, they listen to everything I say, they can hear my thoughts and fears, they follow me everywhere and try to touch me. They want to jump inside me and talk through me. Yeah, the spirits are out to get me, man!

    DR. PHIL: Split personalities?

    ZAK: (crinkles his forehead).

    DR. PHIL: That’s when you suddenly become someone else, speaking differently, acting differently.

    ZAK: Oh, possession! Yeah, I’ve done that dude. It’s scary shit!

    DR. PHIL: Schizophrenia?

    ZAK: Schizo, huh?

    DR. PHIL: (raises his brow) Thinking you hear and see things that aren’t there.

    ZAK: (mouth hanging open). I only hear shit that’s there. Well, sometimes I hear it on my crappy little cheapo digital recorder, but it’s really clear what it says. It’s talking to me, but I just can’t hear it when it’s talking. And, I do see shadow people and shapes but it’s just that the camera can’t film them. They’re there, I tell you!

    DR. PHIL: (nods and sighs) Bipolar disorder with mania?

    ZAK: Dude, I’m completely lost. (shakes his head)

    DR. PHIL: When your moods go from very depressed to very excited and feeling euphoric.

    ZAK: (laughs) That’s every hunt, Doc. I go from the really dark place waiting for something to happen and then I just get all excited because we finally got action. I feel invincible. It’s like I can do nothing wrong. I don’t want to sleep. I talk really fast. I get awesome ideas and want to act on all of them at one time. (voice raises)

    DR. PHIL: You poor boy. It appears that you have met the criteria for quite a few disorders. It looks like we’re going to have to send you to the asylum. (stands up and waves on two orderlies in scrubs).

    ZAK: (jumps up and down and laughs and claps). Oh yes! Trans-Alleghany, I hope. That place rocks! Are we bringing the crew too? I usually like to work alone. Just lock me in for the night.

    DR. PHIL: (puts his hand on his shoulder) Yes, son, we will be locking you in.

    ZAK: Good cause I want to be able to say I made it through the night without escape.

    DR. PHIL (nods to the attendants who take his arms). You won’t escape. I promise you.

    ZAK: Dude, you are the shit! Thanks, man! (laughs hysterically as they take him away).

    DR. PHIL: I’d like to thank the audience for not encouraging him. I don’t envy the psychiatrists who will have to manage his moods and his unpredictable nature. Well, be sure and be with us tomorrow when we talk to George Clooney about his newest movie and his love life. That’s gonna be fun! (walks away to take his wife’s arm and walk off as the audience cheers)

  • Lindsay

    oh sloinkerrrr

  • BeaBea

    Sloinker clearly missed his calling . . .

  • Brad

    What does Dr. Phil interviewing Zak have to do with “From Beyond”?
    I watched the first episode with the lady and her daughters with the Shadow man in the garage. I wanted to get a feel for the cast and how they operate and it looked pretty normal, interview the client and ask about the problems, then do some investigating. I kind of like that they ask the client to be part of the investigation, it lends to the results no need to waste time reviewing and re-hashing everything. They were there for it. I would like to see the end result, it felt like they went in and confirmed and confronted some sprites and made several contacts, then just left. Like ok your right there’s some strange stuff going on in your house for sure and we all know it now, Good bye and good luck! What about after care and helping calm the house down and even rid the house of the sprite(s). I would have hated to be in the house after all that activity. Then they show the cast out front doing a cleanse with sage to make sure they don’t take any bad mojo with them home or somewhere else. I am on the fence so far but they have my attention for now.

  • sloinker

    I actually got that Dr. Phil interview off the net…..twasn’t from my hand.

  • Jon

    haha oh geez I thought that interview was real for like the first half of it. Do not take that as an indication of my gullibility. Thanks for the replies guys

  • anthony rojas

    Good show
    I loved it but ull need some one like me n that show cause ill b walking n the rooms by my self

  • lc

    Ok. Im basically done. ABSOLUTELY DONE !!!

    This para show sucks, its horrible. Not to say I dont believe in the para. But this show is horrible. In fact, all the para shows are terrible.

  • comment

    This show is soooo fake & really lame. CANCEL!

  • Sophie Anne

    Oh, jeez, I can’t believe I stumbled upon a site for a skeptic. I can feel my IQ dropping. Your ability to ignore the fact that there is actual evidence of the paranormal is astounding.

  • Anonymous

    omg aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa so scary when is the new from beyond

  • awsome when is new from beyond bloody mary

  • Carmen Damocles

    At least this keeps up the continuity of paranormal reality. Though I guess pretty much every topic has been used in such shows.