Friday Video: Unsolved Mysteries – Men In Black

Friday Video: Unsolved Mysteries – Men In Black

Hey guys!

It’s “Friday Video” time again. Just wanted to update you guys on a few things: I’ve been working on some minor upgrades to GhostTheory. A new database server will help with the slow load times, so you should start seeing improvements with GT’s response time.

I’m working on a piece with Dr. Barry Taff on the Entity case. It will focus on the before and after of the famous case and should be up here on GhostTheory within the next few days so be on the look out.

In the mean time, enjoy this upcoming Unsolved Mysteries episode.

The infamous men in black. You’ve heard the stories about people who witness strange aerial phenomenon only to be visited by men in black, minutes later. The visit is never pleasant, but threatening instead. The stories of these types of encounters remain the same. The visits from these men in black are quick and to the point. The mysterious men in black always warn the terrified witness that if they talk to anyone about what they’ve just seen, well let’s just say that a ‘colombian necktie’ is child’s play for them.

Do these men really exist? Are they even human? If so, then who do they report to?