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Words fail to describe the amount of awesomeness that the above crop circle shows. I mean seriously…what’s more badass than a humongous crop circle that depicts the proverbial alien smoking a pipe? Covering a large section of a corn field in Wiltshire, England, the crop circle appeared overnight a week ago. Showing the stereotypical image of an alien smoking a pipe with what appears to be an aura around its head, this image leaves one to speculate who created it and just what is the alien smoking.

Hordes of people have traveled to England just to witness the amazing artistic creation that so far no one has claimed responsibility for.



Full source: ThisisWiltshire

HUNDREDS of people from all over Europe descended on the Cherhill white horse after a mysterious crop circle – featuring an alien smoking a pipe – appeared in a corn field below the monument.

The bizarre creation appeared in the early hours of Wednesday last week.

Since then, enthusiasts have travelled from as far away as the Netherlands, Austria, Scandinavia and Germany to see it.

Theo Wierdsma, a Dutch primary school manager, who also lectures in crop circles and phenomena research, travelled to England with his 21-year-old son Justin to look at the many crop circles in the West Country.

Mr Wierdsma, 55, said: “I have been coming over to England every summer for the past eight years to look at crop circles.

“We came here in Calne to look at one in 2006 as well.

“I don’t know if this one might be a hoax but I think from looking at the shape of it that it is a real one. I have thought they were a hoax before and was wrong so it is very interesting.”

Local small aircraft clubs have been assisting the tourists by taking them above the crop circle in planes and microlights to film and take photos of the phenomenon.

The farmer has also allowed them to go inside the circle to do tests and take pictures.

Mr Wierdsma said he will stay in Wiltshire for another week to study other crop circles.

He added: “Next spring we will see for sure if this was a hoax or not because, if it is real, there will be a ghost of it still in the crop.

“I have seen some amazing things in my time and this is one of them.

“I think there is a big magnetic field around it and we have sensed some radioactivity in the air.

“After eight years of doing this, I don’t believe it is people making these, it is alien activity.”

  • Scientia

    The Extraterrestrial Living Matter (ELM) formation mentioned in the above article is part of a series of formations created by the Extraterrestrial people which represent certain attributes of the Moon-Earth system.

    A pinnacle of these Moon-Earth system formations is found in the Temple Farm ELM formation which was created on Sunday, August 7, 2011. My comments and an image that I prepared on this formation are found at the end of the page in the post linked at:


    From my post you will see that the Temple Farm ELM formation provides the following information:

    (i) 365.35 days – the orbital period of the Earth for 1 orbit of the Sun;

    (ii) 354.63 days – the orbital period of the Moon for 12 orbits of the Earth to the same phase; and

    (iii) 4624 kilometers – the barycenter between the Moon and the Earth as determined from the center of the Earth.

    Some of the main points from my post are set out below.

    Earth Year

    The ACTUAL orbital Earth year duration value provided by the Extraterrestrial people implies that it is natural for the ‘seasons’ to cycle through the year at a rate of approx. 0.107 811 days per orbital Earth year rather than to have them at set periods as they are presently in a tropical Earth Year.

    The dates for the equinoxes and solstices would vary with each year and the ‘seasons’ would cycle through different months of the year repeating approximately every 3,389 years.

    If the actual orbital Earth year duration was to be implemented in a calendar then the value of 365.35 days would result in 7 leap years in every 20 year cycle. The first 6 leap years would be triennial (occur every 3 years) and the last leap year would be biennial (after 2 years). The leap years would be years 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18 and 20.

    Lunar Year

    The ACTUAL orbital periods of the Moon-Earth system as provided in the Temple Farm ELM formation enables the calculation of a synchronization value to within 0.007 216 % for 136 Moon orbits in 11 Earth years which has over two times better precision than the present Metonic cycle synchronization value of about 0.015 749% for 235 Moon orbits in 19 Earth years.

    Note that the closest of the Extraterrestrial people live on the Moon and it appears that they are the ones who created this crop formation.

    Lunar Periods

    As previously mentioned in my other posts, the Extraterrestrial people created the above Cherhill White Horse ELM formation of July 27, 2011 of a stylized Extraterrestrial person smoking a PEACE pipe with 28 circles of various sizes encompassing the person as photographed in the above article and in the following link:


    The numbers 27 and 28 provide the rounded integer values for the nodical, tropical, sidereal, and anomalistic periods of the Moon as determined by human science.

    The synodic period could be represented by the Rivar Hill or West Woodhay Down ELM formation created on July 29, 2011. It was created two days after the Cherhill White Horse ELM and has 29 circles in an ‘S’ shaped design. It appears as though the circles in the design emanate from the ‘Sun’ and move over the Earth with a Full Moon at the Equator. See link below.



    The value for the ‘gravitational center’ of the Moon-Earth system or barycenter is 4624 km from the center of the Earth. It appears as though the Extraterrestrial people were referencing this value which is located in the Wikipedia page for ‘The Orbit of the Moon’ as detailed in the link below. Scroll to the ‘Path of Earth and Moon around Sun’ section at the end of the page.


    Molecules and Circles

    The Roundway Hill ELM formation of July 23, 2011 is of a Carbon based molecule which appears to be Melatonin (a supplement that helps people sleep) and is shown in the following link:


    The Extraterrestrial people in this formation are indicating that the pattern of distribution of atoms in a molecule is best represented, as the formation name suggests, in a ‘round way’ or circular pattern.

    The Etchilhampton ELM formation was created two days after the Roundway Hill ELM formation on July 25, 2011 as photographed in the link below.


    The formation is of a hexagonal design within a large circle that has 3 levels of light and dark hued squares at its circumference. These squares are circular grid markers setting out a circle that is divided into 216 equal sections.

    The number 216 is the smallest sum of 3 cubed integers which equals a cubed result: 3^3 plus 4^3 plus 5^3 which equals 6^3. The factorization of 216 is of 2 cubed integers: 2^3 times 3^3. Note that the number 5 is a factor of 360 but NOT a factor of 216. The factorization of 360 is 2^3 times 3^2 times 5.

    It appears as though the Extraterrestrial people in the Etchilhampton ELM formation are indicating that from a physical perspective it is more useful to divide the circle into 216 sections (or degrees) rather than 360 degrees (or sections) as per current human science and mathematics.

    There you have it.

    Note that it is a FACT that Extraterrestrial people EXIST and the US Government through the NSA has CONFIRMED it in its disclosure of documents.

    The BEST Thing Humanity can do is get EXCITED! Confidence is HIGH!!!

  • Henry

    Okay, lets say all your claims are true.
    The aliens are not giving us any information we do not already possess, and none we cannot calculate for ourselves. AND doing so in the most obscure and inexact manner possible, additionally in a manner vastly open to significantly different interpretations.

    What is to be gained by such vague attempts at communication except to increase questions about their supposed existence rather than clarify any such information?

  • Scientia

    Your distinct lack of intellectual horsepower is appalling. I reject all your previous criticisms including your name calling and your deluded classification of my comments as religious and pseudoscience and of me as some kind of ‘believer’ or ‘martyr”. Your arrogance and conceit is deplorable. You are nothing more than a common bully and for all intents and purposes you are just another a**hole.

    Again, your comments are IRRELEVANT to the article. The public know what is true and what is not. You do not speak for the public or humanity. You are in FACT a DECEIVER and a neglectful waster of people’s time for your own self-promotion.

    You are WRONG in your statement that the Extraterrestrial people are “not giving [humanity] any information [that it does] not already possess, and none [it] cannot calculate for [itself].”

    The information provided by the Extraterrestrial people is NEW. The values for the actual orbital Earth Year and orbital Lunar Year, as per my above post, are not values determined by humans. If humans had the ability to determine these values they would have already done so. Just like the 15 base pair per turn DNA helix and the correct order of the Periodic Table of elements which I decoded and verified. I claim only what I have discovered. I was the FIRST on the planet to discover what I claim. You on the other hand are a jealous miserable waste of space.

    Not everyone can decode their messages. It takes time, effort, intelligence and understanding about how information is conveyed. It is clear that you do not have the required knowledge, skills or ability.

    You have to ask the Extraterrestrial people why they create crop formations to convey information. You are again WRONG in saying that these formations convey information in the “most obscure and inexact manner possible”. These are MASSIVE public displays that are very exacting in their design. Depending on the design, people consider them as art, or a lesson in understanding, or a way to convey information, or a dialogue.

    The gain from Extraterrestrial people’s crop formations is obvious to those who understand that Extraterrestrial people exist. By your own sordid admission, you do NOT accept that Extraterrestrial people exist. The information from the Arecibo Reply crop formation is just one example of a substantial amount of important information being conveyed.

    Again, it is a FACT that the Extraterrestrial people EXIST and the US Government has CONFIRMED it. The NSA in its Technical Journal published an Extraterrestrial Message which contains the true order of the periodic table of elements which I decoded, verified and sent to the IUPAC and the UN Member States. That is a FACT. Eleven Governments around the world have disclosed their files on UFOs and Extraterrestrial people. Another FACT.

    Until you accept the FACT that Extraterrestrial people exist there is no point in engaging in a rational discussion with you. Just keep rehashing your worthless old bullsh**. The public knows you as a despised DECEIVER.

    You will be scrapped into the annals of history without as much as a mention, you dull, witless and false charlatan.

    The BEST Thing Humanity can do is get EXCITED! Confidence is HIGH!!!

  • Henry

    What am I promoting?
    Now take a look at your own posts if you want an example of self promotion.

  • lunatic

    been a lunatic i have decoded crop circle messages it is as follows do not tamper with seeds which were given to you do not modify them to a point where you are loosing original seeds once you find that you were wrong there is no way to go back dont destroy native people they are keepers of your future once you rich the level to understand it if not you will go up in smoke like pipe and your planet will be ready for us to inhabit you have been warned not to worship money which will phase you out of existance your planet was not designed for share holders get out from tall buildings back to country life dont lose contact with animals you and your soil will not prosper without them and stop chemicals before is too late dont dispose earth minerals or shift to another place as they are exactly placed in harmony with your life source sun in order to orbit tilt and keep harmonious distance from sun we have learned our mistakes before you even existed now you are aiming your telescopes at our mistakes use only whats renewable

  • Jon

    awesome paragraph dude, no need for commas or full stops 🙂

    i agree with you though

  • redbirdbkv

    This Crop Circle depicts an Alien smoking a Pipe with Smaller to Larger circles around its head.  If Aliens did create this Crop Circle I believe its showing an Alien smoking a pipe with what Im assuming is Marijuana.  And the circles going from smaller  to larger represent the Aliens ideas or knowledge getting bigger over time.

  • redbirdbkv

    If Aliens existed, which I believe they do.  They would be far more advanced than us.  They would have the technology to travel from Solar System to Solar System, and probably lots of other technologies Humans can only Dream about.  At this time currently we have discovered or engineered over 100 Elements on Planet Earth.   But could you imagine the possibilities of other Elements we dont know about in Outer Space?   Think of how many Stars (or Suns) are in the Universe than the number of Planets that go along with them.   The possibility for Elements in Outer Space is endless.   Its just up to Humans to travel to them, find them and engineer them like we have done on Earth so far.

  • Jazz Harry

    Seven years later it is confirmed. This is a hello from the annointed one getting high as hell and transmitting his happy munchy thoughts into the human consciousness, lol!

    Especially, the idea that marijuana is no big deal. See, Canada just legalized the recreational sale of it if I understand what I have read in the news correctly. California obviously doesn’t give a rip, Colorado is loving it, DC is cowering from it, most of the rest of the states are taking it as medicine and the rest of the world is wondering what the hell is going on, lol!

    Let’s get this party started LMFAO! And to all you posers and buttholes who oppose it, too bad!

    I hope this crop circle is real, because if it is it is hilarious and shows that our alien friends have a sense of humor too. Otherwise, to the men that made it…it is funny just the same.

    Oh, and to the pendantic weenie complaining of grammer and punctuation in a thread about a pot smoking alien…hahahaha!