Video: Chupacabra Trapped and Released?

Video: Chupacabra Trapped and Released?

Are we finally witnessing the fabled Chupacabra?

Cheverly, MD is the site of Prince George’s Hospital Center where smokers who must go into nearby brush to get their daily fix started seeing this strange animal during their smoke breaks. They were so intrigued that they baited it in and trapped it.

I think we can all agree that this strange hairless animal does look like the same one that’s been witnessed quite a lot over the past few years. The only problem is, it doesn’t look all that ferocious to me. In fact, this alleged goat sucker looks quite docile and meek. Frankly, it’s almost anticlimactic. Change the tail and it could almost pass for a fawn on a quick glance.

So often we’ve heard horrific tales of this creature stalking farm animals and sucking their blood. Witnesses claiming this is an animal straight from Hell. In fact, you can go down to South America and find people who are terrified to even speak its name.

However, what we seem to have here is a timid cross between a Coyote and a Fox. Why it is hairless is probably the biggest mystery. Whatever it is, there seems to be more and more of them showing up around the US.

Now the biggest question, with such a perfect opportunity to study this hybrid freak of nature, why trap it and then release it? Then again, it seems easily caught so I wouldn’t be surprised to see it caught again.

If I were to be pressed to make an ID, I’d say it’s a hairless Fox, possibly from mange or just some type of Fox offshoot. The only drawback to that is Foxes are not often seen and in fact they keep as much distance between themselves and us as possible.

I guess I’ll leave it up to the GT faithful to decide.

Chain-smoking employees at Prince George’s Hospital Center captured a hideous, hairless creature — a chupacabra, some say — in the woods where the exiled smokers congregate. And then, unbelievably, they let the rare specimen go, depriving it of years of torture at the hands of scientists.

They had spotted the animal — which has drawn comparisons to a deer, dog, rat, kangaroo, and fox — several times near the Cheverly hospital, and last Thursday decided to lure it into a cage with chicken and leftover Chinese food. They named it Prince Chupa, after the legendary chupacabra — Spanish for “goat sucker” — which probably doesn’t exist, but would make the world a more exciting place if it did.

Before a biologist could take a DNA sample, though, these tobacco addicts let the Cheverly Chupacabra go. How unfortunate. It should’ve been donated to the National Zoo, where it would’ve become their most popular exhibit, or at least held until Gawker could get a first-hand look. Those guys are obsessed.