Belarus Now Reporting Unexplained Sounds

Posted by Xavier Ortega | August 23, 2011 22

The landlocked country of Belarus has joined its neighbor to the south, Ukraine, in reporting weird & unexplained sounds that appear to be coming from the earth or sky. If you’ve been following my recent posts here on GhostTheory, you will remember that there have been several countries who have began reporting strange sounds emanating from the skies and at times, small vibrations or tremors coming from the ground.

Uploaded earlier this month to YouTube, my fellow amateur journalist Scott M. sent me this link which show a video recording of these strange sounds that we’ve been reporting. Not a lot of information is given by the person who uploaded this video except that is was filmed in Gomel, Belarus. The sounds from the video match what others have reported in the Ukraine and other parts of the world. At this point I’m not sure if all this is a hoax, but it’s starting to freak me out.

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  • OK, since Javier is busy getting ready to leave on vacation I’m going to post the paste of resistance that combines the eerie sound with a UFO sighting. Don’t kill the messenger!

  • Henry

    People should not be allowed to buy cameras!
    Without reference it is impossible to tell the difference between the camera moving and the object changing orientation.

    It is a very similar sound, I agree, but it could as easily be a combination of industrial noise and traffic. Again the recorder gives no frame of reference as to location.

    Still I am not finding any English language media on this. Sorry I don’t speak much of any other language and since most of the world does speak english, even if as a second or third language, and most nations have english language media of some sort and certainly have branch offices of english language media then it is not unreasonably to think there should be some media coverage on this.

  • Ramon

    The vid from Belarus does show a large factory nearby though.. ?
    I have mixed feelings from this claim of strange sounds. If the sounds were realy that loud, many many people would have heard it and reported it….

  • Ashiana

    As a child, I lived close to several factories and heard lots of different noises I couldn’t identify. I believe these sounds are coming from the factory.

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