The Flash: Canada/France/Hawaii Telescope – July 30

The Flash: Canada/France/Hawaii Telescope – July 30

If you hang around here enough you soon realize that many of my articles come from picking up on things that much of the mainstream passes up.

This article is no exception as I happened upon a strange video on Saturday evening (Aug 27). I happen to click on a video entitled “What The Hell Is This” and began a 2 hour study on, you guessed it, trying to figure out what the hell it was.

Suffice it to say I never did figure out what it was but one thing I can say, I was fascinated by it.

The three videos I am presenting will show a mysterious flash. This strange occurrence seems to happen over top of the cloud layer. However, this location may be just an illusion.

When freezing on the flash a strange orange circle appears with almost a cotton candy looking layer around it. For the life of me, I’ve never seen anything like it before.

Below you will see three distinct views of it. Both are from video link up with the Canada/France/Hawaii Telescopes.

In this video the anomaly is visible @ 0:53

Here is still another view @ 1:21

And finally a third is visible @ 0:17 – 0:18

These were all recorded on July 30, 2011. So we can assume it’s the exact same occurrence. In fact there are several videos on Youtube regarding this subject.

Is this a celestial body of some sort? Is it a UFO? Maybe we have an astronomer out there who can explain this further.