I grew up in rural NWPA, surrounded in forest. I took an early interest in cryprozoology and sharks and have read many books on various crypto subjects such as Bigfoot and Megalodon over the years. I am not a professional writer or a journalist, but I do the best I can. I have a quirky, obscurely dry and sometimes sarcastic sense of humor than can get me in trouble. Some love me and some hate me, but I am who I am.

I have to preface this by stating that I am posting the following video against my better judgment. Then again, I don’t have any better judgment, so here goes!

Youtuber suesill1 is making the bold claim that she has video of real live aliens. Apparently these aliens were sunbathing on Ikley Moor recently and sue just happen to be there, or she got the video from someone else who just happen to be there. Unfortunately she’s not supplying much in the way of narration.

Rather than entertain everyone with inappropriate comic relief, I’m going to just get right to it.

So, what do you think GTers? Has Sue collected the evidence that verifies alien visitation or is she just trying to build page views and subscribers?

I’m trying desperately to finish this article before I end up insulting this video and doing irreparable damage to Sue’s mental state.

OK GT readers, I respectfully relinquish the reigns to you.

  • Yea Joe, I remember that sighting. Probably where Sue got the idea.

  • Jimmy

    Out of curiosity, what’s the title of the background music heard in the “Aliens on Ilkley Moor” vid?

  • @Jimmy, I wish I knew. And is it an organ and theremin? It is SO entertaining!!!

  • LeaLlama9

    Those look a lot like the inflatable aliens you win at the county fair.

  • ophu

    PBTHBTH! Hahaaaahahahaa…


  • glustora

    ummmmm…….. it’s obviously a bird. Cant you see that???

  • mark

    Totally ridiculous, highly advanced creatures hiding behind a rock!