UFO Passes Path of Passanger Jet

UFO Passes Path of Passanger Jet

This footage was uploaded to youtube yesterday. It shows what appears to be a cigar shaped object passing in front of an airliner.

This one has potential as I am stumped to come up with any explanation for this video. In fact I tried and tried to freeze on the object close up but it was going so fast I just couldn’t do it.

Below you will see several views of the incident brought to us by UFOGlobalRC1. While he claims to have uploaded it before, I’ve never seen it and we’ve not posted it on GT. Frankly, I don’t care if it isn’t new, I find it to be one of the best UFO videos I’ve ever seen if it’s real.

As you can see, the object comes out of the clouds moving so fast that it actually drags a cloud ring along with it.

This ain’t no bird everyone, nor is it and insect. Is it all just a CGI hoax? It’s so difficult to accept these “too good to be true” videos these days. I certainly hope it’s authentic but you can never be sure.

For those that have seen this before, I applaud you.