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Just to make things clear from the beginning, this post isn’t about the popular rock band “The Foo Fighters”. So don’t expect to see the musicians flying in a UFO or something crazy like that.

The term ‘Foo Fighters‘ is an aerial phenomenon that originated during the WWII era. Allied pilots reported encountering luminous objects tailing their aircraft or zooming past them while at high altitudes. These reports were taken seriously by the American Air Force, who studied the photos and reports . There are several photographs in existence today that were taken by the pilots during their flights. The photos show bright “globs” of light following the airplanes while in formation. One of the most famous photographs shows two foo fighters following closely allied planes.

Although many pilots reported seeing these strange UFOs following them, the government never released any official documentation on the reports.

A recently uploaded video to YouTube shows similar objects like those WWII ‘foo fighters’ flying at amazing speeds across the dark Colorado skies on September 5th, 2011. YouTube user MagnetFlipper recorded the objects with crystal clear focus and uploaded the video in order to get answers. What are these strange globs of luminous lights that fly in formation in this video?

Full source: YouTube

These are very strange UFO’s flying over southeast Denver Colorado, on September 5, 2011 I have filmed and recorded this…

This was made by using a Xenonics Corp. “SuperVision” device, they make.
“Nightvision” device is a digital (star)light amplifier. Its hooked up to a Sony digital Handicam, that records HD video. (more info below)

UFO’s are fly overhead here in south Denver. I film at night from 2:00 am to 4:am as it is very dark by them, I like to have a Moonless sky for the best contrast. As always I have no idea as to what these objects are!!!

What I show very real, what I have recorded is NOT FAKE !! DEAL WITH IT ON YOUR OWN TERMS !!

Supervision a starlight amplifier that amplifies light and allows you to see a very dark sky, it’s like daylight, except you can see all stars. Please see the equipment on my channel there are two video clips on that..

  • Ramon

    I understand. 🙂

    I don’t claim to be a bird watcher or specialist in migratory birds, but it is a possibility you cannot rule out. These birds are very high up, fly fast and also form V shapes or lines (they follow the slip stream of the first one). Another effect of IR night vision photography is the images are often over-exposed on the hot spots (hence: birds/ufo’s), making the estimation of the size of the objects difficult if not impossible. It is a white blob.

    But hey, i do also would like to see alien crafts! Don’t get me wrong here. But IF you cannot rule out eath-based explanations, why would you look at aliens?

  • easier

    At the end of the day you cant tell what the lights are which of course makes them UFO’s, they could be birds, they could be a lot of things.

    The article was interesting and as always its nice to read peoples interpretations of what they think the lights might be.

    No need for people to be rude in their comments however, it would be nice to think people can be critical or give an opinion without stooping to that level.

  • terry the censor

    I vote birds.
    I hate IR — obscures strips details of the objects so anyone can project their presuppositions onto them. UFO buffs should totally disregard IR videos.
    (I should note a true religious nut would have said “flying nuns.”)
    @evil e
    Birds don’t follow our rules of what formations they should fly. Here’s a video where they fly in a line and in V-formations.

  • Anonymous

    Speed is relative, depending on distance from the camera. For an advanced civilization capable of interstellar if not intergalactic flight, they are not very good at formation flying.

  • steven

    ahhh, my ex was a religious nut, she used to hate me going on about ufo’s, used to love winding her up,lol,, anyway she said in religion you either believe in 1 or the other cos there is no mention in life on other planets in the big book of god,,and if there is 1 day proof on life on other planets then it proves theres no god.. myself i dont believe in god, i think he was made up for people afraid of death and to make it easyer when you lose loved ones..i dont slag people off for believing him, each to there own, but its all down to religion why we have wars.

  • steven

    wether or not them things flying are birds or ufos it dont really matter, there is something flying about that we have not been told about, could be these discs that are ment to of been created in area 51,,the scientists there could easy of made some kinda anti gravity craft by now cos its there job every day, but i dont know why they would be hovering over towns, if you study ufo’s a lot you will know by now that they are orange/yellow crafts, look just like them chinese lanterns in the dark, but twice the size of a helicopter, and silent, anythin else and its probably not worth a second look.

  • Steven,

    What is your Ex’s logic? Why would extraterrestrials be mentioned in the Bible? Is there a need for it? I say no. I’m sure there’s plenty of stuff God didn’t tell us in His Word. To assume that if it’s not in there it must not exist is just projection of opinion.

    By the way, has she ever read Ezekiel?

    As for your theory, it’s a common one among nonbelievers. The truth is there are many Christians in the Bible that were tortured, stoned, beaten, many times to death. Fear of dying is human nature and it doesn’t matter if you believe or not regarding that fact.

    Many wars in history had nothing to do with religion. War is more about power and greed than anything else.

    Have a nice day.

    I still don’t know if these are birds or something else. This one is a good mystery.

  • Lindsay

    womp womp wompppp

  • steven

    i would like to believe in god, im very open minded,,iv even sat there and listened to what she had to say, but i dont believe in things till i see them for myself..not sure if she’s read Ezekiel, might give her a bell in a bit,

  • Mitch

    Scott makes some good points huh Steven? I believe in God, Jesus and that the Bible IS what God wants us to hear him say to us, and also have seen UFO’s really clearly up close. I haven’t ‘lost’ my faith either. (Is it REALLY possible to lose faith once saved???) But your comment about “If there’s life on other planets then there’s proof there’s no God” is a pipe dream of every scoffer. They NEED proof Steven. I already SEE the proof there IS a God, and when I read the Bible it’s obvious he’s has this to say to us. It’s ugly I know. But it also says that “All the worlds were created for him” so one must define ‘ALL’ here. Most bible teachers that haven’t seen UFO’s don’t believe in ’em. They say ‘ALL’ the worlds is in reference to Heaven, Hell and the Earth itself. But nowhere does the bible allow Hell or Heaven to be called a ‘World’. But it is possible to look at history as another world. Preflood etc… But it does NOT null the idea there ARE other planets with people. And maybe the bible doesn’t mention them because maybe they never do make contact!!! Also, just because one can prove UFO’s exist does not mean they have to be of another planet. Maybe they are from here in another demention or from under the sea. They also can be a secret technology hidden from the general public, but it does not mean God doesn’t exist.