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“Flying Humanoids” reports are the type of stories that you like reading in some outdated and obscure Reader’s Digest booklet. At least for me, I become enthralled with the possibilities of flying human-like creatures —like the Mothman— being reported throughout the skies. Recently these types of reports occur in the south western United States and parts of Mexico. I’ve written about the “Mexican Man-bat” before, as well as other flying humanoid sightings. The following comes from and tells of an incident in 2009 in which a family of three witnessed a flying humanoid, complete with wings, gliding through the Texan sky. Strange? You bet.




Full story: SA Current

Recently, I received an unusual report from colleagues who belong to a leading UFO organization. My associates had been contacted by a San Antonio family who claimed to have had a remarkable sighting near their home in the area around a local airport.

According to their account, it was during April of 2009 when the incident occurred. At the time, the lady of the household was standing in her driveway having a conversation on her cell phone, when she happened to glance up and spotted what appeared to be a huge, dark winged man gliding through the air! Startled and amazed, the woman ran into her house and yelled at her husband and son to come and take a look. All of them were in full agreement that they were in fact watching what appeared to be the form of a man-bat flying by. The strange figure eventually disappeared out of sight. Regrettably, to date the family in question has been hesitant to conduct a personal follow-up interview with me or any other investigators. Perhaps they merely imagined the whole thing, or made it up … or maybe they have come to realize that some subjects are better left alone.

As incredible as it sounds, there have been other documented reports of similar winged humanoids throughout South Texas. According to a newspaper article that appeared in the Houston Chronicle on June 19, 1953, three residents of that city observed a manlike figure perched on the branch of a pecan tree. The Houston Batman as he became known, was apparently adorned in a black paratrooper costume, complete with attached wings and knee length boots. But the strangest attribute, according to the eyewitnesses, was the fact that the batman emitted a dull, gray glow that faded out right about the time he vanished from their sight.

Stories about winged humanoid creatures can be found throughout Texas and Mexico.

In Rio Grande City, there were rumors of a man-bird that haunted the roof of a local tavern during the 1970s, and Robstown near Corpus Christi has a local legend about the pájaro hombre.

In November of 2007, a San Antonio man named Frank Ramirez appeared on a local news broadcast and stated that he had encountered an enormous, winged humanoid on the city’s Southside one evening.

Those who study such phenomena have suggested these may be inter-dimensional time travelers or the like. What do you believe? Are these merely tall tales, or is something taking place that is beyond our comprehension?

— Ken Gerhard

  • Lindsay

    lmfao…stupid texans. sounds like an episode of supernatural.

  • Ashma

    yeah but supernatural is an awesomme show (:

  • Lindsay ain’t lyinggg :):)

  • Jill

    In Mexico, the flying humanoid is believed to be a witch, like on a broomstick. I think folk beliefs are a waste of my time, but when they’re mixed up with @$%*ing moth man!? I’m not even going go read this one.

  • Joe the Waiter

    Interesting story but just another anecdotal subjective account of ‘something’ that could be explained if we had more information. If this was 2009 and presumably the cellphone had a camera or even a video capture function why wasn’t any footage taken or pics captured?.

  • Rodriguez

    I strongly believe I saw this flying humanoid. One night, I stepped out to stretch my legs and looked up to the stars when I saw what I thought was a low flying cloud. But it was a weird shape, like a boomerang. My first thought was that it was a UFO, but then I saw what appeared to be legs. It was a really brief thing that I did not have time to process what exactly it was I saw. When I tell people about it, they always ask me what I was smoking, lol, but I really did see this. The closest I could get to an explanation was that maybe I saw a group of birds flying together in formation, but whatever it was made no sound, and it still doesn’t explain what the legs part could have been. They looked like human legs.

  • Daniel_blakely82

    ive seen the same thang in kuntucky around march 9-16 of 2009 then i saw it again in march 15-20 of 2012 i dont know what it is and nobody believe me but i can say for sure it is humanoid the frist time i saw it thire was a full moon and thire was 2 of them if you wont you can find me on facebook as diablo_daniel666.   not sure on the exact day i saw thim but i do believe you…

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