I grew up in rural NWPA, surrounded in forest. I took an early interest in cryprozoology and sharks and have read many books on various crypto subjects such as Bigfoot and Megalodon over the years. I am not a professional writer or a journalist, but I do the best I can. I have a quirky, obscurely dry and sometimes sarcastic sense of humor than can get me in trouble. Some love me and some hate me, but I am who I am.

Chalk up another television network UFO this year as a UFO makes an appearance during a Fighting Irish football game in NBC.

It was during the first of two weather delays that several fans in the stadium noticed several UFOs flying above the stadium.

A clip from NBC, who was there covering the game shows the UFOs clear as day.

I’m not even going to venture to guess what these are but I’m sure the GT faithful have an opinion. Well, maybe one guess. Could it be balloons released by the fans that got caught up in the storms wind currents?

With a little change of pace, here’s the story from a Yahoo sports writer:

Someone spotted a UFO during the Notre Dame weather delay

By Chris Chase

If you believe one conspiracy website, the oddest thing that took place Saturday at Notre Dame Stadium weren’t the hundreds of lightning strikes that caused a pair of long weather delays or the fact that the Fighting Irish got worked by a second-rate team from a third-rate conference. It was the presence of extraterrestrial life hovering above the stadium.

Amateur skywatchers noticed a number of unidentified flying objects circling the stadium during the first weather delay. This clip, taken from NBC’s broadcast, proves beyond a reasonable doubt that wacky conspiracy theorists are proficient at uploading video to the Internet.

Cue the “X-Files” theme while I make a few observations:

1. You know what flies around huge, enclosed stadiums when the wind is whipping around during a thunderstorm? Everything. Programs, ticket stubs, popcorn containers, hot dog wrappers, napkins, the band’s sheet music, copies of “Infinite Jest” that were brought to the game by a freshman attending the football game ironically; you name it. There are literally thousands of better explanations for what that little white thing was than a UFO.

2. The UFO was voted No. 23 in this week’s coaches’ poll.

3. Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly is considering starting the alien occupants of the vessel at starting quarterback this weekend against Michigan.

4. Is it coincidence that the UFOs flew over South Bend when Eastern New Mexico University in Roswell, N.M. had a home football game the same day? The same day people!

5. If the aliens were looking for intelligent life they were unsuccessful, likely because they were unable to discern why NBC would continue broadcasting games of a team that hasn’t won a major bowl game since 1990.

Source: Chris Chase Yahoo Sports

By the way, those who are offended by Chris Chase’s commentary, don’t worry too much. She isn’t well liked by those who frequent Yahoo blogs/articles.

  • noway

    I dont know, I still say this is the nost logical argument for UFO’S and 2012. http://www.cafepress.com/raunchygear.493306439
    I think this explains it all

  • Joe

    You should contact http://www.wndu.com/. They are the NBC affiliate that broadcasts the game locally in South Bend. They would probably get a kick out of this.
    I live directly south of the stadium about 5 minutes away and was skywatching during the break but did’t see anything. Maybe it was ND’s spirit leaving the stadium.

  • Phil

    It’s very clearly an illuminated bug flying too fast for the camera to catch in 1 frame. The voiceover calls it a “rod,” which is something as easily debunked as an “orb.” Fact or Faked season 1 even debunked it, and they believe quite a lot.

  • bokaboom

    looks like a rod chasing another smaller rod, You can almost make out the weave fins that common for a Rod

  • Dan

    I live in the South Bend/Niles area. Not far from ND. I was canning my garden products and not watching the game. The storms were of the strangest kind. My dogs were going nuts. My Dalmation was under my feet in the kitchen. I am NE of the stadium. The storms stalled just south of my house. There they gained strength. The thunder was constant and growing. I called my mom and dad in Jones MI. They were already in from the fields. The growing thunder was that loud. Even my neighbors were coming out into the road and yards. The air was dead. We have all lived here for a long time. Never have any of us witnessed the strange weather like this year. Then late that night I saw some strange stuff in the sky. Good luck everyone.

  • Lindsay

    phil- fact or faked is a joke


    That wasn’t debris. That object was on course straight away and then took a 150 degree upwards redirection. Debris would be flying all over erratically. Something is going to happen big time in the year 2012. I personally don’t believe it will be the END of the world but rather a major occurrence that will impact everything we’ve come to believe in as a race on this planet. Something WICKED this way comes.

  • Greg Williams

    It’s a BUG

  • Objective Science Teacher/Veteran

    It was a dogfight. I hope we won. In the meantime, something is definitely headed our way from the southern hemisphere. Three objects. Deny all you want, if that makes you feel better or smarter.

  • Thanks, Scott, for the kind post. You are also right about the increasing incorrect usage of the term. That’s why I prefaced my comment with “…it won’t make any difference…”
    Sloppy references just make it even more difficult for this topic to be taken seriously.

  • Ken

    Ive seen these balls/ufo’s they are real and in fact are balls not bags or birds these are solid balls that can change direction on a dime.I dont know what these are but i do know they are real.

  • lisa

    On Sept. 4,2011 at 11:10pm I witnessed 3 large “fireballs” floating just above the treetops near my apartment in Sterling Hgt.,Mi. Just south of Lakeside Mall. I would say they floated from North to South, then after a minute of watching, they seemd to go east while gaining altitude until i could no longer see them. They seemed to be in a triangular formation, but not connected to each other and produced no sound. My sister who is living with me also witnessed it. I looked up weather balloons, etc. that could be floating around but nothing looked like these 3 large “fireballs”. On Sept. 11th around 10pm my daughter and friends witnesssed 2 orange “fireballs” in the area of Chesterfield Mi. She definately believes me now, but won’t talk about it anymore because it scares her. . I think it’s awesome!

  • Pizza the Clown

    I totally agree with Lindsay on the “Fact or Faked” program. Another Sci/Fi program wannabees. What we need is a REAL certified and registered informational program which address’s the Truth that UFOS are real. They are just “unidentified” most, incorrectly cross over between a sighting and an actual vehicle as one in the same,they R NOT. Those who have had the opportunity of a “close encounter of the 1st kind” throughout there life they will be believers always looking up. The others will continually doubt,question, be skeptic’s and make fun of the true believer’s,those of us who have truly experienced this phenomena. There are those who make comments on the Mayan 12/26/2012, stating it is the “end of time” “the end of the world.” Let me ask, has anyone actually seen and read the transcribed definition and meanings of the Mayan glyphs? If one has the actual transcription I would love to read and see it. I believe in EBI’s, UFOs,USO’s only because I’ve actually seen them in operation. Show me the Mayan Glyphs with an intelligent factual definition of their meanings. End of times….NO! End of an era….possibly. Changes are happening everyday all around the globe,we see more today due to our new age technology’s in the media.The only End of Times I would like to see is the End of all the BS we continually are fed from our government.Not the President cause he doesn’t know, ask Clinton,Carter,etc. It’s those hidden “agendarist’s” who need to be exploited as they have exploited us eg; tax’s.. Can you find them? Doubt it. Show me the Glyphs?
    A.Rescigno,(Pizza the Clown)
    A futurist,a believer, we are not alone!

  • josh

    I’m going to enjoy the day these things land and people start digging holes to hide in. you know the stupid people will freak so bad. i buy popcorn each week now that the increase in sightings is getting more intense. i got some wine and I’m ready to see all the press proclaim they always new these were aliens but had to make fun of the subject out of fear of losing their job.

    mean while i wanna watch how ougovernmentnt try’s explain why they hijacked history to keep this secret. oh the day,if it happens will be glorious so glorious.first thing i want do is sock bilNyeye in the ear for saying he always knew that something was visiting us.good time will be had soon i think and hope.

  • Pray2yourGod

    Its a couple of empty cotton candy bags..NEXT